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Levis Boots Vs Timberland

Levis Boots Vs Timberland

When you hear the names Levi and Timberland, you most probably think of the two best brands as far as casual outfit aesthetic goes. In this article, we will be comparing Levis Boots vs. Timberland to see their similarities and differences.

But why these two in the first place? Timberland is one of the most reputable brands for boots ideal for just about any occasion. Levis, on the other hand, has also secured a place in the people’s hearts with their affordable, comfortable, and durable products.

We will put one of Timberland’s leading products for a more detailed comparison: a 6-inch boot against a worthy counterpart, Levis boots. Read on to find out if there’s really a winner and which one suits your interest better. But before we get into details, let’s take a quick look at the overview of both brands.

Levis Boots Vs Timberland: The Comparisons

Levis Boots Overview

Levis is an internationally known brand that started as a denim and jeans clothing company. The quality and comfort level of their products was a huge success, which allowed them to venture into deeper waters and branch out in terms of product lines.

Their take on casual outdoor boots is the Harrison R boots, which always have been in demand no matter the season of the year. They hit the market with their popular wheat Nubuck color. And considering the quality and piece of this new entry, these Levis boots gave the Timberland boots a run for their money.

Timberland Boot Overview

Timberland is arguably the most popular outdoor footwear brand from the moment they hit the market. They have some of the industry’s most iconic boots and have secured excellent customer support by giving people what they want. One of their most loved boot styles is the 6-inch Premium Boot, which has garnered massive popularity since first introduced nearly 40 years ago.

As Timberland rise to popularity, brands like Levi have introduced a tough competitor with their Harrison Boot. Despite the fact that they offer the classic Wheat Nubuck color option, these two boots look almost identical when it comes to style.

The 6-inch Premium boot, which we’ll compare with the Levis Harrison R Boot, is one of Timberland’s best-selling boots, rightly so. It has incredibly durable materials, not to mention the impeccable style that other brands have borrowed.

Perhaps the most notable difference between Levi ad Timberland is the price. The most premium Timberland boots retail between %150-200, whereas the Levi Harrison boots come in at around 1/3 the price. With the huge price difference, you’d expect to find an obvious disparity between the two boots. However, at a closer inspection, we were surprised to find very little difference between the Levis Harrison and Timberland 6-inch Premium boot.

Levis Boots Vs Timberland: Construction

Both Timberland and Levi boots feature a seam-sealed construction that ensures waterproofing and overall sturdiness of the boot. This stitching allows the boot to remain waterproof in all angles while improving the general solidness and durability of the boot. Similar to the more pricey counterpart, Levis Harrison boot is waterproof, thus ideal for use in the rain and snow, without worrying about soaking feet.

Speaking of the construction material, there’s very little difference between these two boots. Suede Nubuck is utilized on the uppers, and similar quality leather is employed for the padded ankles. You will also find a padded leather footbed inside of both boots.

One thing that Timberland Premium boot has over the Levis Harrison is the PrimaLoft insulation, designed to help with cold-weather wear. Levis boots lack this added insulation.

Levis Boots Vs Timberland: Quality

Both the Timberland 6-inch Premium and the Levis Harrison boot are comparable enough as far as quality goes. In fact, one could not tell the difference between the two models if not their respective logos on the ankles. Despite the large price disparity, both products are really close in materials, stitching, and construction.

Levis Boots Vs Timberland: The Outsole

The outsole of the Levis Harrison R boot is made of synthetic material. Under normal conditions, EVA, PVC, and other artificial materials make up synthetic soles. The soles are non-marking, meaning they don’t leave marks on the floor, though they might be slightly slippery right from the box. But some natural wear and tear will help improve the tricky side.

Timberland boots, on the other hand, are designed with rubber outsoles- a natural material, very durable, and comfortable. However, they might fall short on the benefits after constant and prolonged use. They are considered waterproof, but they tend to crack if you dry them too fast.

Levis Boots Vs Timberland: Color Options

When it comes to style and color options, Timberland wins, especially with their special additional seasonal shades. Currently, there’re more than 15 different Full-grain and Nubuck leather colors to choose from.

Levis boots, meanwhile, have the basic covered in terms of style, but they lug behind in comparison to Timberlands. So if you’re looking for more timeless colors like wheat, brown and black, you will have no struggle spotting their admirable boots stocked by retailers. Another excellent option is the Levis Harrison LE; it features full-grain leather uppers rather than Nubuck suede.

Levis Boots Vs Timberland: Price

The main difference between Timberland and Levis boots is their prices. While Timberland prides itself on being a top-of-the-line brand that offers premium products, premium durability, and utility, Levis boots come at a price that’s on the lower range, certainly much more budget-friendly than the Timberland boots.

Despite the high cost, you can be sure to get the best quality boot with Timberlands. After all, the brand has already secured its fair share of the market. Otherwise, the Levis boots take the crown where the price is the subject.

The Bottom Line

All things considered, the Levis boots vs. Timberland is practically the same item. The main differences to consider are mostly aesthetics. If you can’t overlook those special edition colors and the notable Timberland logo, then you’ll be wise to go with the Timberland 6-inch Premium boot. It’s time-tested footwear and equally iconic. But where logos and special colors aren’t really important, you will be better off with the cheaper Levis Harrison boots.