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Do Crocs Make Your Feet Sweat?

Do Crocs Make Your Feet Sweat?

There is no doubt that Crocs are super comfortable. However, many Crocs fans will agree to the fact that Crocs can make your feet sweat. Some people may not experience it since the number of sweat glands in the feet differs from one person to another. So, don’t be surprised if your friend doesn’t get sweaty feet while you do when you put on crocs.

Do Crocs Make Your Feet Sweat?

The truth is that when you wear any pair of shoes, Crocs or not, your feet sweat. his is because our bodies have a strong tendency to regulate temperature (regardless of whether we are wearing shoes or not). Your body will always try to keep your internal organs at a constant temperature and sweating is one way for it to do so. The more you sweat, the more heat your body loses and hence cools down.

Why do Crocs Make your Feet Sweat?

Many people indeed have an abnormally large number of sweat glands in their feet. It can contribute to their feet sweating excessively in Crocs. However, it might not be the case for those with normal feet. Below are some of the reasons why your feet might sweat whilst wearing Crocs.

  • The material used to make Crocs, that is Croslite, is rubber-like and nonporous; hence nothing can escape.
  • Putting on Crocs is like encasing your feet in a rubber box, especially if it is solid.
  • Since Crocs are nonporous, they don’t allow free air circulation leading to hotness. Additionally, your sweat becomes trapped and can’t escape
  • Everything will suddenly feel wet, and if the sweat sticks to the rubber, it will cause an odor

What can you do when Crocs make your Feet Sweat?

Crocs can make your feet smell. The smell can be due to hygiene, your feet, or even as stated earlier, the material used to make Crocs. If your feet happen to sweat due to wearing Crocs, they can cause a foul smell. Below are a few things you can do if Crocs make your feet sweat.

Wear socks

Not all people will agree with this method. However, it does work. The main reason for the disagreement is that some people do not use the proper socks to combat this. You should wear socks that can absorb moisture and wick it away. The wool socks are the best. They absorb moisture and wick it away, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Wash your feet and crocs

It may seem easy, but many people neglect it most of the time. Regularly clean your Crocs with bleach. Also, try washing your feet often during the day, especially when it is too hot.

Spray deodorant

Deodorant works to prevent your feet from sweating. You can also try the anti-fungal cream.

How can you Prevent Crocs from Making your Feet Sweat?

It is a fact to say that our feet have many sweat glands per inch compared to any other body part. Below are some various ways that can prevent your feet from sweating due to wearing Crocs.

Avoid very tight Crocs

Very tight crocs are not comfortable on your feet. Also, they increase the chances of your feet getting sweaty and sloshy when worn. It is advisable to use Crocs that leave space around your feet. It allows the free flow of air and lowers the temperature of your feet.

Apply foot powder

Foot powder helps absorb moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry.

Use antiperspirant

It is highly effective for individuals with chronically sweaty feet. It works by blocking your sweat ducts, thus preventing your feet from becoming sweaty.