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How to Remove Security Tags From Shoes

How to Remove Security Tags From Shoes


Understanding how to remove security tags off shoes is a rare skill. However, it is essential, especially if you happen to order or buy shoes directly from a store, only to reach home and find out that your salesperson forgot to remove the security tag.

It’s all right; friendly folks don’t shoplift. And removing a security tag from your shoes does not necessarily indicate negative things. Instead, it will save you from many troubles when using these pair of shoes outside your home. 

So, what are your options? Return to the shop and request that the job is completed right away? It might not be convenient for you all the time since it is time-consuming. Though it is the best way, you can easily remove the security tag from the comfort of your home. This article will discuss a few methods you can use to remove security tags from your home. But before we dive into the techniques, let’s first discuss the various types of security tags you will likely encounter on your shoes.

Types of Security Tags

Security tags are essential tools in retail shops. They help in lowering the shoplifting losses. They act like additional employees who watch over customers as they shop. Their sight will always make a potential thief think twice. So what are the various security tags you are likely to find on your shoes?

  • RFID tags

They are plastic tags with a radio identification chip. An alarm is activated when the chip crosses the detection sensor, alerting store staff to the theft. These tags come in various forms, such as golf balls, clamshells, and gators. The two sides of the tag interlock, making it harder for criminals to remove them. You may require different tools for the various interlocking clips.

  • Ink tags

They are mainly used on items that would be ruined if stained. Removing the tag without using the tools in the store will cause the vial inside it to burst, spilling ink onto the item. In some instances, ink vials are combined with the standard RFID to offer additional security.

How to Remove Tags From Shoes

As earlier stated, shoplifting is never a good idea. However, if you purchase shoes and realize that your salesperson forgot to remove the security tag, you can easily remove it without having to take a trip back to the store. If you are one of the many people seeking skills for removing security tags on your shoes without damaging them, just read through the easy steps below.

Hitting The Tag

-Gently pull the tag away from your shoes. Do this repeatedly until the pin loosen?

-Get a large nail. Make sure that it is bigger than the tag and that its head is wide enough.

-Pull the tag away from your shoes and hold its long plastic part to the side. 

-Repeatedly hit on the ink cartilage until it opens up without using too much effort. You may have to strike it twenty or more times before getting it right. If you hit it too hard, the tag will most certainly burst open.

-Once it is open, remove the silver paper lining, and below it, you will see a metal plate.

-Using a screwdriver, lift the metal arms that are holding the pin in place.

-Now, slide the pin through the free hole and remove the tag.

Freeze The Tag

-Freeze your pair of shoes with the security tag overnight.

-Rip open the security tag the following morning. You can use pliers, hand or band method that we will discuss later. The method is suitable for tags that have ink in them. In case of a mistake, the ink will not spill on your pair of shoes since it is frozen. For powerful security tags, this method is not useful.

Use a Screwdriver

-Place your pair of shoes on the floor with the ink cartilage pointing up. The ink cartilage is a portion of the plastic tag that protrudes. It is opposite to the pin.

-Place your thin flat head screwdriver on the raised square pyramid edges.

-Using force, press it down to pierce the plastic and pull it up.

-Continue popping up the plastic’s perimeter.

-Once it is open, get the silver paper lining out to visualize the metal plate below it.

-Using your screwdriver, free the pin by lifting one of the metal arms holding it.

-Now it should be possible for you to slide the pin through the hole to remove the tag.

Use rubber bands

-Place the ink cartilage of the security tag facing down.

-Cover the rest of your shoe using a plastic bag, leaving only the portion with the security tag uncovered. Covering ensure that in case of sensor cracks, the ink does not ruin the whole shoe.

-Affix a rubber band around the security tag’s pin to loosen it. It should be thick and large enough to be strong, though it should also be thin enough to fit around the tag’s pin.

-Use one hand to grab the large portion of the tag and pull the pin with the other hand. The pressure applied to the hook should be strong enough to separate it from the rest of the tag. Try using several rubber bands if one didn’t loosen the pin enough.

Burn the Tag

-Burn the tag’s dome-like part using a lighter. After a few seconds, the portion will catch fire since it is made of plastic.

-Chop the dome using a knife.

-As you continue with scooping, you will find a spring, and the tag will easily pop out

Using a Magnet

-Place the magnet on the table.

-Place the tag on the magnet with the bottom side down. 

-It is recommended that you hear it click. Then, you should be able to remove the pin by moving it up and down. And that way, you will have your tag out.