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Can You Wash Crocs?

Can You Wash Crocs?

For daily activities, Crocs have become famous footwear due to their comfortability and lightweight. After wearing your Crocs while playing in the field, working in your kitchen garden, going to the market, or even taking your usual nature walk, they will require cleaning.

Can You Wash Crocs?

We get asked this question all the time. And the answer is that yes, you can wash Crocs. But you should know that they’re not as easy to clean as non-rubber shoes, which means that a Croc’s footbeds with need extra care.

This article will take you through the various methods you can use to clean your crocs.

Washing Rubber Crocs

  • Rinse your crocs with water.

Before deep cleaning your rubber Crocs, it is advisable first to rinse them with regular water. It will help eliminate the first layer of dirt, leaving you with the parts that require scrubbing.

  • Add soap to water in a bucket.

Pour or squirt a small amount of a dish detergent or mild soap in a bucket containing some warm water. You can also use a sink in place of a bucket. Mix your soap and water well. The mild soap ensures that your Crocs don’t get damaged by harmful chemicals, while the warm water helps break down the dirt on your Crocs. If you are dealing with some extremely dirty Crocs, you can use bleach. Fill the bleach’s container cap with bleach and add it to water.

  • Soak your Crocs in the sink or bucket while you are scrubbing

Put your crocs in the sink or the bucket once you have a soapy mixture and allow them to soak. There is no specific time for which they are supposed to soak, but ensure that they remain in the water for the entire time you will be scrubbing.

  • Use a rag or a scrubbing brush to scrub off dirt

Scrubbing using a brush or a rag will help you wipe off the dirt and may take some time, depending on how dirty your Crocs are. A toothbrush can access the inner parts of the vent holes and other places that are hard to reach. 

  • For the tough stains, use the brand name magic eraser or a generic

If dirt particles on your Crocs aren’t washing off, the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers might be of great help. They are designed to wash out tough stains and only require water for them to work. Rub them over the tough stains until they disappear.

  • Rinse your Crocs off and let them completely dry.

Once you are done removing the dirt on your Crocs, use plain water to rinse them before drying them with a towel. You can also air dry them.

Cleaning winter linings

  • Chose your preferred absorbent powder to help remove the dirt.

To remove odor and minor dirt stains from the sheep-like lining, use an absorbent powder with a color similar to the lining on your Crocs. The absorbent powder will help in oil and dirt absorption from the lining while getting rid of the bad smells

  • Sprinkle some powder onto the winter lining.

Ensure that the linings are evenly covered. Turn the Crocs around your hands to cover the linings from various angles.

  • Allow the powder to sit for some hours before shaking it out.

After a rough three hours, shake the powder out of the shoes. You can do this over a sink or a trash can or shake the Crocs out outside. Use a vacuum hose or a handheld vacuum for the particles that are not coming out. A wire wool brush is also valuable for this step. It helps in fluffing the lining of your Crocs back up. Always make sure to brush in one direction to prevent curling of the sheepskin.

  • Dry clean the sheepskin lining if necessary

A washed sheepskin will never look the same again. Thus washing it with water should be avoided in all by ball possible ways. If it is filthy, have the lining dry-cleaned by professionals. That way, you will maintain its original texture.

  • If you don’t want your lining dry-cleaned, then hand wash it.

If your lining requires cleaning, but you cannot afford to take it to a dry-cleaner, then you hand wash it. Essential to note is, it won’t have the same looks again. Soak your lining in warm water mixed with sheepskin shampoo, and then rinse them in a bucket of regular water before air-drying them.

Scrubbing the canvas Crocs

  • Start by removing the laces and soaking them in soapy water if need be.

For the Canvases with laces, start by removing the laces and putting them in a sink or bucket with soapy water. Rub the shoelaces with soapy water, and before hanging them to dry, make sure to rinse them with plain water.

  • By use of a toothbrush, gently scrub suds into the Canvas.

Using a household cleaning toothbrush or any small scrub brush in your home that has been dipped into the soapy water, scoop some suds. It is critical to test a small portion of the material before scrubbing the whole shoe to ensure the fabric doesn’t get ruined. Scrub your Canvas gently by use of the toothbrush till you get rid of all the dirt.

  • To remove the tough stains, use a laundry stain remover.

The laundry stain remover helps eliminate any spots that are not getting cleared by the toothbrush technique. It is essential to follow the instructions on your stain remover, but ensure that you allow it to sit on the spot for about ten minutes before rinsing it out.

  • Use clean plain water to sponge the Canvas Crocs.

Dip a sponge or a cloth into some clean water. Before sponging your Canvas Crocs, ensure that the sponge or the material is not dripping by wringing it. Sponging will help clear out the suds.

  • Absorb the excess moisture using a towel.

It is essential to pat your Canvas Crocs using a towel moments before air-drying them. It helps in the absorption of excess water. Once your shoes are clean, please place them in a warm area to air dry them.