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Why Are Crocs so Expensive?

Why Are Crocs so Expensive?


The popularity of Crocs is rapidly increasing among shoe lovers. Some are loving them for their flexibility, while others are loving them for their comfortability. Crocs have a characteristic shape and design. Many people love them for this unique design. You might be wondering why Crocs are so expensive? The only way to answer your question is that crocs are worth the price.

Crocs shoes are non-identical to those that other brands produce. Both their material composition and design are unique. Additionally, Crocs shoes are more durable than different shoes and remain functional for a long time. Hence they provide functionality and longevity. Though Crocs have been deemed expensive, the services they offer are worth the money.

Reasons why Crocs are so Expensive

Crocs are unisex. That means that both men and women can use them. Additionally, people of all ages can wear them. They have a unique structural design inspired by Italian design. So, why are Crocs so expensive? Without wasting time, let’s dive in and see some of the few reasons that make Crocs so expensive.


The first thing everyone looks for in a shoe before purchasing them is whether the shoe is comfortable. Any Croc user that you may come across will tell you that they don’t wear Crocs because they want to be fashion-forward; instead, Croc shoes are the comfiest. Their simple design makes them the perfect shoe for anyone, especially the people that love the functionality. 

Designed with many holes on their upper side, Crocs allow air to pass through your feet, giving them a ventilated and massaged feeling. The characteristic feature will enable you to get through a busy day without any blisters or aches. Many Crocs fans also agree that Crocs are suitable for outdoor adventures due to their comfortability. Slipping them on and off is easy, and one can always hose them off when they are dirty. Though they are easy-going shoes, compared to flip flops, they are more pliable and durable. You can wear them at any time and in nearly all situations. Even when it is raining, the shoes are so reliable.


Crocs are one of the most reliable shoes. That is so because, as mentioned earlier, Crocs are helpful in almost all situations. You can wear them in muddy, dirty, watery, or even dusty areas. Washing them is easy, and no special spray is required to clean them. As compared to other shoes, Crocs require minimal maintenance since they do not get torn apart easily. The material used to make them is also robust and pliable, thus increasing their reliability.

Additionally, the exceptionally light shoe has a massive area in the toe that allows for plenty of room in the front of the foot, notably for persons with abnormalities of the bone like hammertoes and bunions. The shoes are also reliable for diabetic patients since they allow for proper circulation, minimizing the risk of open wound and sores infection.


If you are one of the people with a unique fashion taste, you will definitely like Crocs. Their unique design borrowed from the Italian design includes pores on the upper and front parts of the shoes.

Lately, Crocs are no longer house shoes; they are a fashion statement. You can either love or hate them. To some, they are just plastic slabs while to others like myself provide unconstrained comfort where style is cast out to hell. But, just like any other fashion, crocs have attracted a cult following in the previous years. Those living by them swear by them.


Crocs last for a long time since their material does not wear away quickly. So you can use them for walking or even running. They are also suitable for the occasionally hard work in the mines and fields. Though they do get affected by a few substances in our surroundings, their soles are perfect, allowing them to maintain their good condition for close to five years.

Easy to take and off

Crocs do not require you to use your hands to get them on your feet. You only slip them on standing up, and off you go. Though they have a rear strap, you will seldom use it. 


One might wonder how expensive purchasing shoes can save them money. Though Croc shoes are expensive, unlike some shoes from other brands selling at the same amount of money, they last longer. Their longevity will save you a considerable sum of money that you could have used in buying shoes after every five to six months.

Roomy and Secure

One of the many things you will probably like about crocs is the room they offer and its wide feet. But, they will stay in your feet and will not slip off. They will remain on your feet better than the flip-flops. 

Easy maintenance 

Most expensive shoes from famous brands will require frequent high maintenance, which can be costly. On the other hand, Crocs are low-maintenance shoes. They do not need you to have many things to maintain their suitable condition. They require some washing with water and soap or other cleaners in your household. Then wipe them off with an unused towel. Their color shouldn’t worry you too, for they do not discolor easily.

Ergonomically Designed

The ergonomically designed Crocs ensure that you enjoy the utmost comfort when wearing them. The design also ensures that you do not experience any muscular discomfort or pain when wearing Crocs. Many physicians will hence recommend them to their diabetic patients as diabetic footwear. Therefore, Crocs are among the best ergonomically designed shoes in the world.

Final take

Apart from the just named factors, many other reasons can justify the high price of Crocs. Much effort applied ensures that their consumers are safe and comfortable while using them. The shoe also has fantastic utility and offers a satisfying experience. You can wear them in the house or while going out for adventures as casual shoes. In conclusion, Crocs are fashionable, reliable, efficient, and durable.