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House Shoes Vs Slippers

House Shoes Vs Slippers

You may have heard about the benefits of wearing house shoes but have trouble deciding what kind of pair would suit you and your home style. Perhaps, the most effective way is to try various styles, but since we’ve been around our homes for quite a long time, our choices basically come down to either house shoes or slippers.

Aside from bunny flip-flops and plain socks, cozy house shoes and slippers can take you from your bedroom to kitchen, all the way to the mailbox without problems. Not to mention that some are great enough to take you through short drives without compromising your performance.

House Shoes vs. Slippers: Difference

When staying indoors, we usually tend to love having a pair of shoes to avoid slippages and obvious injuries when doing daily chores. Whether that means wearing house shoes or slippers, you need to get the right footwear to ensure comfort and safety while in the house.

And since we can’t talk about indoor without thinking about slippers, this article seeks to discuss the various differences between House Shoes vs. Slippers. That way, you’ll be able to make the right decision as you think of investing in one.

The main difference between shoes and slippers is that slipper is light footwear made for indoor purposes. They are fuzzy, warm, and usually made with breathable material that makes them ideal for wearing anywhere, from the store around the corner to the mailbox. Unlike shoes, slippers generally don’t have the means of fastening.

House Shoes Vs Slippers: Flexibility and Construction

Slippers, in general, are both indoor and outdoor footwear, meaning you can wear them as you wish. House shoes, on the other hand, are strictly house shoes. They are made of soft soles that cannot bear rough grounds. That said, they are better than slippers when in the house when it comes to keeping the floor clean since you’ll hardly go with them outside. Besides, floors are cold, socks are slippery, and slippers are just expensive.

House Shoes Vs Slippers: Style

As mentioned, house shoes come in different styles and colors. However, the styles are not so many considering that these are strictly indoor shoes. Slippers, on the other hand, are offered in various styles, including clog, mules, boot slippers, and more. That means you can choose from multiple styles:

Sock Slippers: These are socks that are made to be a bit more durable than your regular socks. They are mostly made with thicker fabrics or linings with thin rubber soles or non-slip traction.

Evening Slippers: These are basically closed shoes. They are also called “Prince Albert and look like royalty when worn. It is an indoor footwear style that’s almost always made of velvet with leather soles. These shoes usually have a monogram or custom initials printed in shiny embellishment or embroidered in gold or silver threads.

Slipper Boots: Slipper boots look like outdoor boots but are actually made for indoor use. They usually have thin and soft rubber soles. They also come with soft and furry lining and are generally preferred by women and children.

Novelty Slippers: This type of slipper is made for fun and creative uniqueness. It is usually inspired by things like stuffed animals, cartoon characters, animal paws, etc. 

House Shoes Vs Slippers: Comfort

Both Slippers and house shoes are lightweight and comfortable. Perhaps this is why both men and women love wearing them for indoor jobs and outdoor activities. However, when indoors, house shoes are more likely to be more comfortable than slippers because of their soft soles; they’ll make you feel as if you’re not any shoes. Slippers, on the other hand, come with solid soles, which can cause discomfort when you’re wearing them in the house for the day. When it comes to outdoors, however, slippers are more functional than house shoes.

House Shoes Vs Slippers: Durability

First off, house shoes are typically made with soft materials, including soles. That means they’re less durable than slippers. They tend to wear out quickly, while slippers are made with sturdy soles for outdoor walking. On the bright side, considering that house shoes are meant for indoor purposes, they are safe from abrasion, contrary t slippers that can wear out quickly due to pressure outside.

House Shoes Vs Slippers: Cost

Coming down to cost, slippers are generally costly than house shoes. With their construction and functionality, slippers cost more than house shoes. That said, if you’re looking for shoes for indoor use only, you’ll be wise to choose house shoes; they are generally comfortable and will last a considerable time indoors.

House Shoes Vs Slippers: Soles

We’ve talked much about soles, but let’s add something: if you want a shoe for sleeping on the couch or walking around the house, you’d be better of with house shoes. Meanwhile, if you want to go outside, choose slippers as they’re designed with soles that are strong enough to provide reasonable traction during movements.


When we shelter in place at home, our feet tend to take a beating. Barefoot walking leads to cold toes and foot pains. And overuse will breed holes in your favorite socks. You might think of wearing outdoor shoes indoors, only that they’ll bring dirt as a potential germ vector. Considering all these, you might want to embrace the house shoes and slippers.

While most of us are still stuck at home, house shoes vs. slippers, once reserved for strolling around your house on a lazy Sunday, have become most people’s one-stop option. We all would love to get cozy and comfortable footwear. While both are great for indoors, be sure to get the right shoe, and you’ll never want to take them off.