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Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet

Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet

Sad to say, but a good number of people suffer from sweaty feet once in a while. Indeed, often the situation may be less with your sweaty feet requiring necessary foot care and a pair of slippers to have your feet at comfort. 

However, solving feet sweat with the right slippers and good hygiene is more than a daunting task for others. It’s often an embarrassing dilemma with the typical assumption that some people can do very little about having sweaty feet. Or isn’t there?

There is little shame in having sweaty since everyone runs into this problem time and again. Unfortunately, not everyone has a great pair of sweat-absorbing slippers to cure sweaty feet when it happens. Yes, you had that right. There are actual specially-made slippers that will help lessen the sweating tendencies and buildup on your feet. Such slippers even come with design advantages exploring moisture-wicking capabilities to keep the slippers cool and free from feet odor.

What Are the Best Slippers for Sweaty Feet

As it stands, there are plenty of moisture-wicking slippers which promise good airflow, comfort, stability, and sweat-free footwear. Such a scenario makes slipper buying a tricky situation considering there are no one-size-fits-all kinds of models. Also, footwear is subjective, and the preference varies depending on the individual.

Still, we sought to compile the best slippers for sweaty feet, helping counter sweaty feet, odor, and discomfort. Each moisture-wicking slippers on our list make the cut with excellent aspects such as

  • Being comfortable and cozy
  • Being adaptable to both indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Having varying styles
  • Being slippers with feet stability, form, and fashion

The Winner 

RockDove Women’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper – Best Overall Slippers


  • Waffle-like construction from cotton 
  • Memory foam interior sole
  • Durable rubber soles 
  • Slip-on style 

Glerups Unisex A-10 Slipper – Best Unisex Slippers 


  • The use of eco-friendly dyes ensures durability.
  • Felt uppers of premium wool provide ultimate comfort.
  • Made adaptable for winter months
  • Upper and insole textile with moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Synthetic outsole provide  longevity.



  • Unisex sizing might be a problem.
  • Less than durable upper wool lining

RockDove Women’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper – Best Overall Slippers

The Glerups Unisex A-10 Slipper is your great all-around pick as one of the best slippers. For starters, the Glerups slippers come with unparalleled construction using premium materials all around in the models. First, these slippers feature premium wool blends with the uber-soft Gotland wool coupling up with 100% natural Merino wool to form the upper structure.

The Gotland wool is most vital on paper since it combines premium softness with antimicrobial and natural insulating properties for ultimate comfort and protection. 

The construction quality also cuts above the rest, with the Glerups offering a waffle-print rubber tread which makes it easier for you to break into the slippers. But with these slippers, you also get to choose the exclusive styling depending on your user preference. 

In case of exclusive indoor use, we would suggest going for the calfskin sole, made for house use. For both situations, the natural gum rubber sole fits since it allows you to walk around the house and make grocery runs still wearing them.


  • Memory foam insole for perfect comfort
  • Durable sole with anti-slip grips
  • Waffle knit design improves breathability.
  • Easy care with the machine-washable option


  • Easily worn-out foam
  • Possible wear and tear with cotton fabric top


Rockdove slippers have a reputation as great outdoor slippers with alternatively useful indoor use. Here, the pair comes with memory foam construction with rubber soles at the bottom and fabric(95% cotton, five spandex) for the top side.

You can expect these Rockdove slippers to be a good option as a standard remedy for dealing with the feet sweat. The construction, for example, comes with a convenient design with the back-end bringing out that comfy slip-on style for all-round use. 

Also, you can count on the construction to offer extra comfort fitting considering the memory foam is soft for the insole mold. This is also a great feature since it allows for more effortless machine wash to keep the materials without odor and fresh.

As among the recommended slippers, the Rockdove slippers pack that waffle knit upper design which is helpful due to its utility. The design makes sure there is extra breathability with more versatility for odor-resistant capabilities.

HomeIdeas Men’s House Woolen Fabric Memory Foam Anti-Slip Slippers – Best Slippers For Men

The Homeideas woolen slippers are a simple male design pair of slippers finding great use in the house or running short errands out and about. The pair are the perfect companion for all guys looking for slippers in winter, autumn, or even summer use. Still, the women’s version on offer, so ladies also get to enjoy the comfy and breathable nature of these Homeideas slippers.

So, how do these slippers stand out from the rest? Well, nothing beats the feeling which comes with the Homeideas woolen slippers use for sweaty feet. For example, customers get to enjoy a simplistic open-end construction that is great for faster slip-on style and foot breathability. 

You can also expect the wool fabric to play a hand in keeping your feet drying with the soft and comfortable layers ensuring a proper degree of ventilation.

Inside, it’s more comfortable with the Homeideas store having these slippers with extra layers for the interior lining. First, there is the 5mm memory form with a similar layer of high-elastic sponge underneath. 

On the third lining is another 7mm of high-elastic sponge heel plus another 4mm EVA cushion which acts as the final lining. All these pair up with soft TPR soles to secure your feet and provide a light anti-static walking experience.


  • Temperature-regulating rubber sole
  • Elastic support and cushion for less foot stress
  • Slip-on design for easy maintenance and wearing
  • Extra interior filling layers for enough foot support


  • Thin footbed despite the memory foam

ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Comfort Coral Fleece Memory Foam Slippers – Best Slippers For Ladies

One of the best slippers for sweaty feet also happens to be these Ultraideas Women’s Coral Fleece slippers. They are among our best looking and feel picks for all the mons and ladies looking for the best sweaty feet slipper solution.

As you will find out, the primary construction makes these slippers a force to reckon with in the slippers market. First, the upper and lining design feature the premium fleece construction that offers that extra comfortable slipper-wearing experience. The ultra-soft plush fleece also makes these slippers perfect as easy slip-on design models with soothing comfort.

Under the fleece construction, a layer of high-density memory foam insole lines the inner sole as a means to mold the slipper to your feet. Besides this, the foam also comes in handy in helping the slippers keep the shape even after prolonged use.

For durable use, Ultraideas Women’s Fleece foam slippers also throw in a flexible rubber sole with anti-skid grip capability in the bottom texture. If you like it, then count on the sole to be versatile enough to also secure your footing on slippery floors around the house.


  • Fleece construction for ultra-soft quality
  • Durable rubber sole with anti-skid grips
  • Microfiber coral velvet construction
  • High-density foam use for soothing comfort
  • Perfect match for women of all ages


  • Poor stitching
  • Huge disappointment with outdoor use


LE KAPMOZ Women’s Boiled Wool House Slippers 

As the name suggests, these moisture-wicking slippers by LE KAMPOZ are made from pure 100% Merino wool which is boiled to be extra soft. The highlight with such an approach is to enable the sweat-fighting capabilities to go the extra mile of moisture-wicking ability by making it highly breathable. As such, this makes the LE KAMPOZ Wool slippers an excellent option for someone having sweaty feet for all-year-round.

Like any other premium slippers, these versions are also rubber-coated with anti-slip outsoles for outdoor use, almost like shoes. In case of outdoor spills, know these slippers again come with waterproof soles, which counter any chances of you slipping around and getting your feet wet.

Unlike other slippers, these wool options pack a latex insole rather than a memory foam design. Such a design on this LE KAMPOZ House slippers means your feet contour to the slippers to ensure you get that cozy fit


  • Classic slip-on style with arch and heel support
  • The use of premium natural wool makes excellent breathability.
  • Boiled Merino wool use ensures better odor-resistant and moisture-wicking capability.
  • Handmade rubber outsole for versatile gripping


  • Stiff fabric makes it less cozy
  • Less-than durable soles

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​Acorn Women’s Spa Thong with Premium Memory Foam – Best Breathable Thong slipper

Even from afar, you can quickly tell the Acorn women’s spa thong slippers are made as a plush alternative to the standard indoor thong slippers. Here, the design as a thong slipper starts by providing an airy construction with the flip-flop design allowing your feet and toes to breathe without cramping under layers like a slip-on.

Another great selling point for these Acorn slippers is the type of materials used to ensure you stay cozy. For this, the Acorn brand provides a multi-layer cushion insole as a proper footbed to give foot and arch support while walking. The foundation is also built like a decadent layer cake with a super soft and plush spa-like terry layer on top for ultimate comfort.

Despite being flip-flop slippers, these Acorn slippers offer great grip superiority with waterproof capabilities alongside them. The rugged rubber outsoles are indeed the perfect fit for anti-skid capabilities with enough stability around all grounds.


  • Flip-flop style design for ultimate breathability
  • Open-toe style with soft plush spa terry lining
  • Available in over 20 shades, types, and sizes
  • Anti-skid features for enough walking stability


  • Slippery fabric
  • The soft outer fabric is prone to shedding

Nootkas Men’s Felted Merino Wool’ Astoria’ Mule House Slipper – Best Premium Slippers

The Nootkas Men’s slippers are another great pair of non-sweat slippers offering a cut above the rest with premium quality and materials from the foundation. True to this, the slippers are our only suede sole versions making it among the best slippers for sweaty feet.

As per the brand, the premium quality starts with warm felted wool, which comes in handy in several ways. First, you can expect it to be cozy enough with the thread felted, providing even superior comfort and warmth compared to boiled wool. The soft wool also goes beyond offering warmth and breathability, with the construction not sensitive to your skin when worn.

The suede sole also plays a role in giving you the luxury of a barefoot feel even though the structure looks like a shoe. In particular, the flat padded bottom running across encourages easy break-in for natural foot movement inside. 

While it seems like a daunting task to get good slippers, our article piece gives you beforehand knowledge of what’s worth it. Fortunately, we hope it saves you the time and hassle of having to try out all kinds of slippers to find the best kind. Just be sure to leave enough room to experiment and try out a couple of the designs available. 


  • Flexible interior with a barefoot feel
  • Moisture-wicking slippers with the felted wool
  • Handmade premium natural materials and stitching
  • Flat-padded bottom brings a natural foot feeling


  • No arch support
  • Lacks an insole
  • Not machine washable


Shopping For Moisture Wicking Slippers? Here’s What To Consider

  • Slipper Material 

The slipper material is always the first consideration since it makes or breaks the best slippers’ quality to deal with the condition. You should go for a breathable fabric and boost your feet plus ventilation to the best capable level. 

For the market, cotton and memory foam offers some of the best material you can pair up and get good breathability for your feet. Moreover, premium slippers even use boiled wool to reduce the chances of bacteria or odor buildup alongside keeping your feet dry. Other slippers control sweaty feet using breathable waffle-like material, which can be memory foam or standard cushion.

For the top designs, slippers also vary with typical materials, including cotton, suede, or leather, to make them stylish for wearing outdoors. Premium slippers ideal for adults even goes further to use sheepskin plus stiff soles, which offer the ultimate support and traction like a shoe. 

  • Moisture-wicking capability

While the best slippers for sweaty feet can keep you dry, it takes more than that to get the best results. On paper, most slippers will only have materials that are breathable and comfortable enough to keep your feet dry. However, take into consideration that other premium slippers go to the extent of having moisture-wicking properties. Such slippers offer the best protection since they absorb moisture from the feet hence keeping them dry. Alongside this could also be odor-resistant properties that save you from having embarrassing smelly feet. 

  • Slipper Type 

Unfortunately for slippers, there is a fair amount of designs and shapes all available for you to choose from and use. In any case, you can expect designs to include

  • Slipper boots– come with a boot-like design that can cover your feet up to the mid-shin region. Other setups also include ankle boots, which are great for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Slip-on – slip-ons are the most common, with the design open-heeled to make it easier for you to wear or take-off.
  • Thong slippers- thong slippers have a flip-flop design which is typical of casual wear. The design is often a combination of a flat sole held together by a Y-shaped strap between the toes. 
  • Open-back slippers– the closed-back design allows for you to secure your feet and avoid them from slipping outside the slipper when walking.
  • Open-toe slippers – have an opening on the front end.
  • Slipper socks- a hybrid combination of socks and a slipper, with the only difference from regular socks being the gripped soles and thicker construction.
  • Clog slippers- these slippers borrow the clog-shoe design but focus on comfy footwear and are made slippers.

Also, consider that apart from the design, the best slippers for sweaty feet also differ for age or gender. Several options are made only for men, women, or kids with other slippers for orthopedic patients, pregnant women, or people with health conditions.

While there is soo much to choose from, the goal is to get a slipper that is comfy in style, airy, effortless to slip on, and has excellent support for your feet.

  • Slipper weight

Another element often overlooked is when purchasing women’s slippers for sweaty such a condition is the weight of the design. The essential point here is that weight plays a significant role in either making the slippers effective or not for your sweaty feet. 

Consider that a heavy slipper with more layers can end up making your feet more sweaty, even with moisture-wicking capabilities or comfortable soles. Thus, a lightweight slipper is a go-to design that should be your first choice in mind.

  • Slipper Use 

The slipper design also harbors more emphasis on how you get to use your slippers. You have to consider that most of the best slippers for sweaty feet are made for indoors, for starters. Still, other slippers made for indoor and outdoor use allow you to run errands in the house and outside. Simultaneously, you are sure to find a good fit for your benefit; it’s wise to always check with the manufacturer’s recommendation on the slippers’ best use case scenario.

  • Washability 

Chances are your slippers will get dirt and need cleaning once in a while, like any other shoe type. However, the best slippers for sweaty feet are a particular case considering the material which is breathable, odor-resistant and has moisture-wicking elements. 

Here, your best bet is again to read the manufacturer’s instructions to know whether your slippers are machine washable or need a hand wash. Remember, keeping the slippers fresh and clean also improves longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Even Know Its A Slipper?

As you already know, there are all sorts of slippers available for sweaty feet. While there can be plenty, the opinion is that the right slippers for sweaty feet should always be:

  • Comfy
  • Breathable with odor-resistant materials
  • Light in design
  • Moisture-wicking elements
  • Anti-skid outsoles
  • Effortless to wash and use

In general, these features should be a rule of thumb when picking the best slippers for sweaty feet and distinguishing between a slipper from a shoe.

Can Slippers Make Your Feet Sweaty?

Yes, slippers can make your feet sweaty depending on several factors. First, the slipper type might be a compact design which at times does more harm than good for your sweaty feet.

Besides, not all materials in use for the best slippers for sweaty feet have a sterling reputation. Your feet’ condition can fail to match a particular generic slipper depending on your situation, making them more sweaty. Unfortunately, there is no way telling but through trying out the best models available.

How Can You Get The Most Out Of Your Slippers?

You can also end up sweating from wearing your slippers if the condition is more immense than expected or the type does not blend with your feet. But to avoid or reduce such scenarios, you can always do due diligence before having to wear your slippers. Some of the great tips you can use include.

  • Using antibacterial soap to wash your feet
  • Applying anti-fungal or foot powder daily to keep feet dry
  • Reducing the amount of time wearing shoes or slippers while indoors
  • Wearing socks, slippers, or shoes with fibers that don’t trap moisture

What Are Other Ways To Get Rid Of Sweaty Feet?

While there is a daily routine to avoid sweaty feet, you can also consider these tips when looking to end your problem in the long-term. Here, you can consider

  • Rotating shoe pairs or slippers each day
  • Allowing your shoes and slippers to dry out before wearing them again
  • Wearing well-fitting shoes with good breathability material like nylon mesh
  • Carefully considering the socks material plus fitting