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Are Adidas Superstars Good For Skating?

Are Adidas Superstars Good For Skating?

The Adidas Superstars are famous footwear on our streets. Though the brand became more popular in the 2010s, it was established in the early 1960s. The shoes, first nicknamed the shell toe, were initially designed for basketball players. Back then, they were revolutionary shoes that every pro-baller wanted to get their hands on and feet in. Later in the 1980s, the shoe became more common among the hip-hop group known as Run D.M.C leading to their everlasting popularity.

Perhaps the Adidas Superstars are very common footwear in our streets because they go with literally everything. They allow you to dress casually without looking like a nasty hobo. For instance, if you are going out for an official meeting, you can put on your pair of classic blue jeans, a blazer, and slip-on Adidas Superstars. The shoes can also be worn with a dress and still bring out the super awesome looks. They have an endless list of pairing options. It doesn’t matter the type of looks you want to achieve. Either casual or intelligent, you will always look good wearing your Adidas Superstars. However, many are still wondering if the Adidas Superstars are suitable for skating. If you are one such person, then this article is for you.

Are Adidas Superstars Suitable for Skating?

Adidas is well known for making some of the best skating shoes. One such shoe is the Adidas Superstars. Besides being durable, the Adidas Superstars are comfortable and super protective, making them one of the most preferred choices for beginners and advanced skaters. Additionally, being a stylish shoe, they have paved the way to combining sport and fashion.

What Makes  Adidas Superstars Good for skating?


Skating requires a highly comfortable shoe that can hold and offer support. Engineered for sports and as a lifestyle sneaker, the Adidas superstars provide an abundance of comfort to skaters. They feature low-cut structures that give more comfort to your ankles and have a lace-up closure that provides an adjustable fit. Furthermore, due to the grain leather on their upper construction, your feet will always feel good in them. Their insole, known as the OrthoLite Sockliner, also offers additional breathability and cushioning to your feet. Hence, you can enjoy a soft touch all day long while you are skating. 

Rubber toe cap

Another exciting thing about the Adidas superstars is their toe cap. Made with durable leather material, it provides your toes with sufficient space when wearing your Adidas superstars. Additionally, these rubber strips offer protection to the high-wear areas of your shoes. Thus, your shoes will have a longer lifespan and will keep your feet protected when skating.

Lace-up closure

The Adidas Superstars feature a lace-up closure that comes with high-quality lace. In addition, The feature allows you as a skater to adjust the fitting properties to your suitable levels.

Adidas Superstars are low-top shoes

Being a low-top shoe, the Adidas Superstars are among the skating world’s flat standard models. Due to their low cut, these models are usually lightweight. Though you will lose the padding around your ankle favoring material and less weight, there is no need to worry. Thanks to their highly developed insole, the dampening and cushioning will still be maintained.  

Outsole made of rubber

The outsole is an essential feature of any good skating shoe. It should care for all your wishes for flexibility, stability, and grip and while resisting abrasions. To achieve this, the Adidas Superstars feature an outsole made of rubber, making it a suitable shoe for skating.

Vulcanized soles 

One of the most significant advantages of vulcanized soles is that they are thin. Hence, skate shoes with a vulcanized sole will have high flexibility and a lightweight resulting in an incredible board feel. In addition, unlike cup soles, vulcanized soles have distinct rubber components that are merely adhered to each other and are attached to the upper part by a narrow rubber strip. That means you can start skating immediately after getting your shoes without breaking them first. The Adidas Superstar Vulc ADV is one of the Adidas Superstar shoes with a  vulcanized sole making it the perfect kick for skating. 


Skating constantly subjects your feet, joints, and ankles to excessive stress. In addition, complicated tricks like jumping stairs and gaps can cause much impact to your feet. As a result, skating shoe companies try to equip their shoes with different forms of upholstery. The Adidas Superstars often padded in the heel area, sidewalls, the tongue, and even other places to prevent injuries and ensure comfortable skating.


Durability is a crucial determinant of how fun your skating will be. Thus one of the essential features of your skating shoes is their outer material. Some Adidas Superstars are made of suede, making them rigid. Furthermore, it becomes stretchier and softer with repeated wear, allowing you to choose a tighter-fitting shoe and then break it in to achieve a perfect fit that is molded perfectly to your foot.

How to prevent your Adidas Superstars from Wear and Tear when skating

To enjoy your new pair of Adidas Superstar for a long time while skating, below are a few tips for you:

  • Ensure that your shoes are neatly laced

Neatly lacing your shoes will prevent slipping and tripping. Though the chilled look and the feeling of loose laces are enjoyable, both your joints and shoes will suffer from it. Always keep them tightly tied. It will offer protection to the outer sole and interior of your Adidas Superstars as well as to your bones.

  • Properly tie and untie your shoes 

Avoid slipping off your shoes without untying them. Through doing so, you will maintain the padding reinforcement in the heels.

  • Use waterproof spray 

Using the conventional waterproof spray will lower the demands on your Adidas superstars in lousy weather. Besides ensuring that your shoe material is protected, it also ensures that your feet remain dry even in wet conditions.

  • Apply glue to the exposed areas

Shoelaces will easily tear due to frequent contact with the grip tape on your skating board. The use of adhesives such as glue will help in preventing that.