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Are Adidas Terrex Waterproof?

Are Adidas Terrex Waterproof?

You’ll never know in advance what the weather is going to throw at you, which makes your choice of footwear absolutely critical. You need shoes that are waterproof and breathable because of all the sweat that builds up. But one thing not many people consider is if they are actually waterproof and breathable?

Are Adidas Terrex Waterproof?

Not all Adidas Terrex shoes are waterproof. However, many of their models come in a breathable/waterproof GTX version. The world-famous sports brand has many styles designed specifically for hikers and mountain bikers. The Terrex-series shoes have a Gore-Tex lining that keeps feet dry and free from dampness even in the arctic winter. They also have an open mesh on the upper side that allows sweat to evaporate quickly and breathable mesh on the inside. With so many benefits, these shoes should be part of your hiking and biking shoe collection.

What Makes Adidas Terrex Waterproof?

In case you did not know, the “waterproof” feature of a shoe refers to how much moisture it can absorb and still remain comfortable. The main problem with the term is that it’s not very precise and implies that shoes will always be waterproof even when they are not. When you step into the Adidas Terrex Waterproof, the Gore-Tex lining helps keep feet dry. This makes these hiking and biking shoes perfect for hiking through snowy woods or going for a swim in a waterfall.

Adidas Terrex Trail Shoes

Adidas Terrex Two Parley

The Adidas Terrex Two Parley features a high stack height, an EVA midsole that is lightweight, and an outsole that is moderately aggressive for comfort and efficiency on long runs. Though it has a 1mm higher stack height, unlike the Terrex Two Ultra Parley, its midsole is firmer, making it more stable and energetic on technical terrain. The shoe also has the Adidas unequaled knit upper that utilizes the yarn from recycled plastics. In addition to being beneficial to the planet, the woven upper provides a stretchy, comfortable fit. Continental rubber used in other shoes is also utilized in the Terrex line outsole and seems to be well balanced as far as durability and traction are concerned. If you are in great need of a trail shoe that is lightweight and with a high cushion for workouts, races, and long runs, the Terrex Two Parley can be a good option.

Adidas Terrex Two

The shoe is made on a similar platform as the Terrex Two Parley. However, unlike the Terrex Two Parley with a stretchy knit upper, it features a more traditional mesh upper. It has an EVA foam midsole that, compared to the boost materials in the Terrex Two Ultra Parley, is much more firm. Thus, it provides a slightly quick ride but may feel stiff and uncomfortable underfoot.

Though the Terrex Two is somewhat heavier than the Terrex Two Parley, it is less expensive. Thus, it might be an excellent choice for your daily training runs in preference to races and workouts. 

Adidas Terrex Two GTX

The shoe has similar features as the Terrex Two, but it has a membrane on its upper waterproof. If you are one of the admirers of the Terrex Two, but you frequently run into wet conditions, then this shoe might be suitable for you.

Adidas Terrex Two Ultra Parley

The Terrex Two Ultra Parley has a stretchy upper and a reasonably wide fit to maximize the comfort of the long-distance runs. It is one of Adidas’ most comfortable and long-distance adapted trail shoes. Its midsole is made of relatively soft boost material. Hence the shoe feels softer underfoot, unlike the Terrex Two Parley. However, due to its low profile outsole, high stack height, and soft cushioning, the shoe performs best on less technical terrain.

The Terrex Two Ultra also utilizes the yarn from recycled ocean plastic waste for its upper material. If you want a shoe with a high cushion and is comfortable for long runs on less practical terrain, then give the Terrex Two Ultra Parley a look.

Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow

The Agravic Flow features a two-layer EVA/Boost midsole. While sparing energy return, the boost midsole offers a smooth, flexible ride. The shoe also has a breathable mesh upper and a Continental rubber outsole with a low-key lug. The feature improves the ride on the hard-packed trails and decreases the grip on the loose trail conditions. The Agravic Flow is the best option if you want a smooth, responsive, and flexible shoe for running on variable trails.

The Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow GTX

The shoe is similar to the Agravic Flow standard version. But it has a Gore-Tex upper that is waterproof/breathable. If you admire the appearance of the Agravic Flow, but you frequently encounter cold, wet conditions, then you can try out the Agravic Flow GTX.

Adidas Terrex Agravic Tech Pro (unisex)

The shoe is a mid-height running shoe/ hiking-boot hybrid for extreme conditions and rough terrain. It features a double-layered midsole consisting of a soft Boost lower layer and a firm EVA upper layer that provides a well-cushioned ride. Though the Tech Pro does not feel as comfortable as the Terrex Two Ultra Parley, their uniqueness is their upper. They have an ankle height, waterproof gaiter that zips close over the inner shoe. Additionally, to offer a secure and quick adjustable fit, they have the Boa lacing system. If you are looking for shoes that can keep your feet free from debris, warm, and dry in mud, snow, or scree, these shoes are a good option. However, you will have to bear the extra weight brought about by all those features in the shoe.

Adidas Terrex Agravic XT

The Adidas Terrex Agravic XT is a good option for those looking for a grippy, supportive and well-cushioned shoe. It is a men’s only shoe that is designed for stability and protection on technical terrain. It has a double-layered midsole, but unlike the Agravic Flow, it has a narrow fit. However, the Boost midsole provides a similarly cushioned, soft ride. It also features lugs that are widely spaced to optimize the grip on loose or technical terrain.

Adidas Terrex Agravic TR

 The Agravic TR is a cost-effective all-around trail shoe with similar characteristics to shoes like the Agravic Flow. Hence, it is a suitable option for those looking for an all-around shoe that is moderately cushioned and at a lower cost.

Adidas Terrex Agravic TR Gore-Tex

It is similar to the Agravic TR but has a waterproof/breathable Gore-Tex upper making it a good option for those that often run in cold, wet conditions.

In conclusion, the Adidas Terrex Shoes are a low-maintenance shoe that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Their open mesh upper lets you enjoy the freedom of movement of hiking shoes but still keeps you dry in cold weather. Moreover, they are low-cost and offer many benefits not found in expensive high-end models.