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Perfect Kicks Review

Perfect Kicks Review

Whether you want a pair of sneakers, sandals for kids, or shoes for the office, you can get them all without leaving the comfort of your home. Online shopping is great because it’s easy, convenient, offers a huge range of options and you can do it anytime anywhere.

But, with the retail world at your fingertips, it can be hard to know exactly where to go. While previous shoppers were limited by geography, nowadays jumping from sneaker stores and brands such as Perfect kicks can be done in a matter of seconds. While good research is important when it comes to online shopping, we shared a detailed review of the Perfect Kicks to help wade through the search.

Is Legit? falls under medium-low trust rate rank. The trust score rating of the brands is rather low. It has a consumer rating of 2.06 stars from 35 reviews, meaning that most shoppers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

While that could change, we look forward to whether the brand will improve or worsen. We also aim to get the best validation as close to perfection as possible so that we can protect our readers from online frauds.

Customers complaining about most frequently state tracking number issues. Still, we checked through various factors to see if is legit.

These include analysis of crucial data points on the basis that the brands create a trust score. Other sources are third-party reviews, company location, the hosting party used by the website if the website has been reported to sell fake, defects, or illegal products, etc.

As the website review is somewhat low, we recommend that you take time to check through the website yourself. Our trust score is just a mere recommendation.

Perfect Kicks Positive highlights

  •         The company’s SSL certificate is valid: according to Xolphin SSL Check
  •         There are detectable online shopping features

Perfect Kicks Negative Highlights

  •         There are no reviews on popular review sites
  •         Not many websites linking to this site
  •         Negative references on Social Media
  •         High-end brands at low prices were found, which are rather questionable
  •         The identity of the owner of the website is hidden on WHOIS

Perfect Kicks: Quality of Products

Reading on their website, the company claims to have a steady and trusty relationship with customers and that they greatly value shoppers’ needs and suggestions. Despite their medium-low trust rate rank, states that their products are of high quality, and made of authentic materials.

They also utilize guaranteed secure transactions. According to their website, the company utilizes some of the most sophisticated commercial security-guaranteed software, which enables them to offer a risk-free shopping experience.

Coming down to refund, the company return policy allows you to ask for a refund or an exchange if:

  •         You received the wrong items
  •         The delivered products had quality problems
  •         You are not satisfied with the item

Note that if you want to return an item, the company states that you must make the return within 3 days of receipt and in the same condition that it was received. Also, you must contact the item before returning any item as any item returned without pre-notice will be rejected.


Perfect Kicks FAQs

What payment methods do perfect Kicks accept?

Currently, the brand accepts payment via Bank Transfers, Western Union, and Moneygram. Note they no longer accept credit cards, where they state that these payment methods are currently duplicated. While they also accept orders b PayPal, they only offer this payment to their old customers and sincere customers. You might want to contact them first if you want to do a payment by PayPal.

How Do You Cancel Orders on

If you didn’t pay for the order, or the payment was not received, the order will not be processed so you don’t have to cancel.

How Do You Pay for Your Order

If you’re satisfied with the products and ready to proceed to the checkout, simply click ‘Checkout” at the top of the site. You will be guided through the checkout page and once you have provided the information, you will be redirected to the page that shows how to make the payment. When your order is placed, you will receive an order email.

How Long Does The Delivery Take?

According to their website, usually takes 2-3 days to complete the delivery from processing orders, taking items from the factory to sending packages.

 The Bottom Line

Buying goods online has an inherent risk that the product is not going to be quite right or doesn’t fit well. On that note, it is important to shop from the sites that allow you to return items in case it doesn’t suit you or if you change your mind. Be sure to read the website’s return policy and check through the customer feedback.

Such information will help to outline the allowable period, and whether you need to cover postage, and whether you will get a refund or store credit. While most places offer free returns, Perfect kicks don’t cover the services incurred returning the items. That means you’ll have to bear the cost of shipping back the item.

Meanwhile, similar to other online brands, refunds will go back to your initial purchase method and might take a couple of weeks to process. Lastly, keep in mind that the shipping period may vary. So ideally, contrary to 3 days, you might want to look for at least a 14-day refund policy. This will give you enough room to decide or for transit to make the deadline.