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How To Become An Adidas Retailer

How To Become An Adidas Retailer

If you are into the most incredible, most brilliant, and most innovative designs of shoes, then you are most likely to have heard of Adidas. Today, a lot of new retail stores are coming up in the market. When it comes to retail, there is a question that most people have before starting. 

‘How does a tiny retail store acquire the products from such a huge brand name like Adidas?’ If you are looking to answer this and a lot more questions, read along to find out all of the things you should keep in mind before considering opening an Adidas retail store. While it is a highly straightforward process, remembering a few essentials can be of great help. 


What Is Adidas?

Founded and started by Adolf Dassler from his mother’s house in Germany, Adidas is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers in the world when it comes to shoes, clothing, and accessories. Soon after, Dassler’s brother joined in too, and the company was formally registered. 


Today, the brand image and global presence they have around the world are incomparable. Adidas still continues to be synonymous with products of high quality that are also versatile. What’s more, is that the creation of ‘spiked running shoes’ was also something invented by Adidas. 


In the past, Adidas has continued to supply its shoes to many retail chains and its outlets across the world. Furthermore, Adidas sportswear also remains extremely popular amongst several International sports events and festivals due to its comfort and quality. 


What exactly does it take to become a retailer of such a huge company? At first, it might seem like an extremely long and exhausting process. Owning such a large inventory of one of the biggest brands in the world can seem like a highly complicated thing to do. 


However, Adidas has made sure that people who wish to open retail outlets and stores can do so in the most straightforward ways. All you need to be careful about is following all of the instructions carefully, and you will successfully be an Adidas retailer! 

What To Do Become an Adidas Retailer

There are numerous ways in which you can approach this, all of which are catered to different kinds of owners and retail stores. 

Current Owners 

Adidas has an entire section of how current retail store owners can begin selling a range of different Adidas products and add these to their portfolio. For this opportunity, Adidas follows a highly detailed process. 

Therefore, no matter how prompt you are in terms of providing the necessary details, it is always best to be patient in terms of their response. 

Here are a few things that they might need from you for official processing purposes: 

  • Your contact information: name, email, residential address, contact number
  • The full name as well as address of your store 
  • The complete date when your store first opened 
  • A few pictures of the interiors of your store (The maximum limit is three pictures).
  • A somewhat crisp answer to the concept that you use to run your store, your different marketing strategies, and the audience you cater to
  • The products and collections of Adidas that you would like to sell through your store, as well as the reason for the same 
  • The names and details of all of the other branches you own (If applicable). 


While these may seem like a rather detailed and investigative round of questions, Adidas follows the standard process for its potential retailers. Furthermore, getting involved in inauthentic things with the brand name of such a famous company can be quite possible. Thus these procedures are vital to follow. 


After you have gathered all of these details, all you need to do is go to the official website store that is applicable in your country and shoot them a quick email. Once this is done, just wait for their response, and you are good to go! 


Potentially New Retailer

The chances are that you are a completely new individual to the game and wish to become an Adidas retailer. If this is the case, then the previous information and need to provide history will not apply to you. 


The first thing you could do is shoot Adidas a formal email stating your purpose and providing some basic facts about yourself. However, if you wish to cut through the chase and get things done in half the time, then you could also use some other ways. 


Since Adidas is such a huge brand, it has stores and offices in every part of the world. No matter what area you live in, there is highly likely to be one Adidas sales representative around. If not located precisely where you live, then you will definitely find one a little farther away. 


All you need to do is look for their number. This is relatively simple to procure and can be found by calling to their company’s corporate office. They will soon connect you to a specialist who will also guide you in understanding what are some of the most popular products when it comes to your area. 


Chances are, you would also need a Tax ID, a space to store these products, as well as an Employer Identification Number. Therefore, make sure that all of your documentation and verifications are up to date and legally procured. 


Another extremely essential thing to keep in mind is to make sure you are choosing a legitimate representative of Adidas. Ensure that you ask for some proof before taking things forward. 


Summing Up

 Once you have thoroughly researched and made up your mind to become an Adidas retailer, there is absolutely nothing stopping you! Adidas is a highly well-established brand that caters to several different age groups and markets, thus finding customers and target audience should not be a hurdle. 

Always follow the correct procedure, no matter how long it takes, to avoid getting caught up in trouble later on. There are thousands of Adidas franchises and retailers around the world making customers happy, and here is to hoping that you are the next one!