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Can Snakes Bite Through Rubber Boots?

Can Snakes Bite Through Rubber Boots?

You have finally planned that long excursion for yourself after continuous work on the weekends. After a lot of research, you wish to explore the forest area next to your house but remain undiscovered. 

You have packed everything you could need: maps, food, water, compass, gloves, etc. However, what about the forest itself? The chances are that you will encounter quite a few insects, small animals, etc. 

That is not a big reason to worry, though. The biggest of them all is the fact that there might be some long, slithery, slippery snakes. Are you wondering whether your rubber boots might be able to protect you? Read along to find out. 

The bottom line is that every snake is different. The length of their fangs, the intensity of their bite, etc., all depend on the species and where they are found. However, to put it simply, yes, they can bite through rubber boots. 

The good news, though, is that not all snakes can do so. Therefore, it is highly likely that the snake you have come in contact with is not that lethal and will not bite you under normal circumstances. How do we know, though? 

When a snake comes in front of you, it is complicated to understand whether they are poisonous or not. Not only that, but you would not even have the time to decide under so much stress. To prevent this, you should first look at the length of their fangs. 

Fangs And Their Differences 

You would be pretty surprised to know that not all snakes are as powerful or dangerous as we deem them to be. In case there is a snake in front of you with highly long fangs, that does not necessarily mean that they have as much strength or deadly poison within them. 

In fact, there is no specific way to distinguish between venomous and non-venomous snakes. Sometimes, the snake can have the smallest of fangs in terms of length, but just one attack is enough to do its job. 

Often, their fangs are also at the very back of their mouth. Thus you do not have a lot of reason to worry. Since every snake is different in terms of its characteristics, it is always best to be safe no matter what area you are venturing into. 

What Are The Right Boots?

A snake’s fangs are so powerful sometimes that the rubber can do very little to stop the vicious attack. In fact, the snake cannot even differentiate between the rubber and your skin; therefore, they believe that they are penetrating your skin directly. To prevent this, you certainly need the right pair of boots or shoes to protect you regardless of the situation. 

Since this is a matter of life and death sometimes, you cannot depend on your rubber boots to see whether they will be enough. From the very beginning itself, you need boots that are sturdy as well as able to withstand such a solid outer force and attack. 

Snake Boots 

Lucky for you, a lot of people have this fear too and thus came about the invention of snake boots. These are boots that are specially designed in case one somehow comes across a snake and are worried for their safety. What is unique about these shoes?

Since they are tailor-made for this purpose itself, they happen to have all of the correlational features. For instance, they are almost 18 inches in height and also have plated layers of prevention from all sorts of snake bites. Furthermore, they also have toe boxes due to the fact that snakes can only attack above the foot area. 

These boots are so puncture-proof that there is very little that a snake can do if things turn sour. As if that was not enough, they are made from the most rigid leather material so that they can withstand as much pressure as possible. 

There is an extremely thin but firm impenetrable lining that runs right through the soles of these boots. Thus, even if the snake, unfortunately, bites you, there is very little chance that it can get through all of the layers. 

Do They Actually Work?

Experts suggest that these boots have actually been tried and tested under research conditions in a laboratory. The fact that these were tried on with real snakes should give you all of the comforts you need to go ahead and replace your rubber boots with snake boots. 

Make sure that the product you are buying is authentic, as well as the fact that it is of good quality and has positive reviews. Once you have got your hands on a beautiful pair, there is nothing stopping you. 

Tips To Remember 

Since you have made up your mind to venture into the unknown, here are a few tips that you can employ in case you become extremely panicked and unsure of what to do. Remember these well, and you will save yourself from a lot of trouble. 

No Sudden Jerks 

When it comes to snakes, almost all of them have relatively poor vision. This means that when they are looking for their next hunt, they are only doing so with the help of ground vibrations. Thus, ensure that you do not make any quick movements to give them hints. 

Wear Loose Clothing 

Sometimes, the snakes might be extremely sure that they are hitting the right target. Due to this, wear extremely loose materials such as denim so that there is a barrier created between the two of you in case the snake strikes again. 

There you go! You are all clear to go into the wilderness and have a great day to yourself without any fear. Make sure to research and find out more about the snakes commonly found in your area, as this can help you know a lot about the specific species. 

Lastly, get yourself a pair of snake boots, and not rubber. Follow these things to the core without panicking, and you are safe from all kinds of snakes.