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Best Shoes for Walking and Standing on Concrete All Day

Best Shoes for Walking and Standing on Concrete All Day

Concrete or hard floors can be very uncomfortable. Walking on these kinds of floors often leads to swollen legs, knee and back pains, or sore feet. Since these kinds of floors form most work environments, workers are prone to get musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). It, therefore, becomes important to invest in proper footwear that can protect your feet from these potential problems.

You need to think about shoes that are comfortable to wear when working all day and those that protect your feet from floor impact. Some concrete surfaces are slippery and thus require shoes that have a good grip. 

The proper shoes for walking on concrete are important in ensuring that your feet remain healthy. We have compiled a top 10 list for best shoes for walking on concrete for your perusal.

Here are the Best Shoes for Walking  and Standing on Concrete

KEEN Utility Atlanta Cool ESD Toe Work Shoes

Right from its look, you get a feeling that these are indeed cool kicks. They are unisex, great for electrical, warehouse, or construction work. The Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) technology in its construction gives you ultimate protection and comfort while in use. The ESD reduces electrical currents between the ground and your feet while absorbing any mechanical shock from the ground.

Designed for maximum comfort, the uppers are made up of a breathable mesh lining to keep your feet feeling cool and dry. There is a well-thought reflective webbing that enhances your feet’ safety even in low-light environments. The collar and the tongue have been padded to cushion your feet while hugging them snugly. The insoles where your feet rest have been cushioned to ensure that they keep you comfortable whether you are standing or walking all day. 

The durability of these shoes is also something to be mentioned. The steel toe cap and outsoles can withstand most environments. The traction on the ground ensures that you are safe from any accidental slippages.


  • There is a steel toe cap to keep your feet safe.
  • The ESD feature makes it a really popular shoe for walking on concrete.
  • The mesh lining affords your feet the much-needed breathability.
  • They are super comfortable yet lightweight at the same time.
  • They have cool bungee-style laces.


  • The heels dig into your feet a little bit.
  • The shoes feel a little bit rigid.


Here is a shoe that promises comfort and delivers. The cushioning system together with the EH safety features makes them a great choice for use on hard surfaces.

New Balance MID626v2 Work Shoe

The New Balance shoe models never disappoint when it comes to designing comfortable shoes. The MID626v2 model lives up to the famed standards. With a stylish, easy to clean finish, these awesome kicks take their place as one of the most comfortable shoes for walking on concrete. 

They come enhanced with dual-density memory foam which perfectly aligns and fits onto your feet. The memory foam not only molds itself to your feet, but it also cushions them protecting them from impact from the environment. They have laces which ensure that your feet get a comfortable re-adjustable fit as per your own convenience. 

They also have a midsole specially designed to carry your body all day on hard surfaces like concrete. They have been praised by athletes to have a good arch support for the feet offering a steady balance during use. Lastly, the front and the back of the shoes have a cushioning system which protects you from environmental shock when walking on a hard surface.


  • They are very comfortable shoes keeping your feet feeling healthy.
  • They have a shock absorption feature which makes them a good choice for hard surfaces.
  • They utilize memory foam technology which helps the shoes mold onto the shape of your feet.


  • The traction on these shoes needs some improvement.


For anyone unwilling to compromise over uncomfortable shoes, the New Balance MID626v2 guarantees you amazing comfort and fit. They are available brown, black, and neutral colors to be worn depending on your outfit. You can be sure to keep your feet strain-free even after wearing them for a whole day. 

Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On

The Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-Ons are designed for ultimate comfort and durability. These shoes with no laces make them easy to wear and remove saving you the hustle of having to adjust laces. They boast an ortholite footbed which enhances the support on your feet’s arch keeping them pain-free. The design also makes them very easy to clean and stain removal.

The inside of these shoes have been padded with a lining that increases comfort. This makes them great for wear all day and hard surfaces. 

The lining also serves a double purpose of keeping moisture and bad odor out when your feet sweat during use. The slopes forming the outsole enhances your stability while in them.

 You get this walking-on-air feeling when using them due to the comfortable cushioning system that comes with them. 

The cushioning is important because it becomes bouncy on those really hard surfaces. They are also really flexible and can move in any direction for easy stability apart from being really versatile shoes.


  • They have an antimicrobial solution which keeps your feet odorless and dry during use.
  • They are really comfortable to use over long periods of time.
  • The cushioning and the lining protects your feet from the environment.


  • The shoes are not waterproof.


For anyone that likes easy to don and doff shoes, the Encore Gust Slip-Ons are for you. They also do not compromise when it comes to the comfort and arch support for your feet. For your own pair of antimicrobial shoes, click here to order from Amazon.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

Whether you are out walking, shopping, or running the Neo 4 Walking Shoe are made for those unavoidable hard surfaces. Designed for comfort and stability, these shoes deliver great functionality when it comes to keeping your feet healthy. You are guaranteed to have way fewer medical bills when it comes to these kicks from the ASICS brand.

To start us off, they have an exceptional fit coupled with an ortholite sockliner. These ensure that you are very comfortable when walking. The Trusstic and DuoMax technology features on them enhances the much-appreciated comfort internal stability during use. The outsoles are also contoured for the best arch support system with each step that you take.

The uppers are made up of easy to clean covering material which is also stain-free. They have a sporty finish and can be used to run on asphalt or other concrete surfaces. The lacing ensures that you get a snug fit while in them while lining cushions your feet enhancing your comfort.


  • They have a gel cushioning system making them really comfortable to wear.
  • There is a Trusstic and DuoMax features for great stability and support systems for your feet.
  • They have removable insoles and ortholite sock liners for your own user convenience.


  • They are not very durable.


Despite not being very durable, these shoes make up for it by being one of the most comfortable shoes to have for walking on concrete. They are multipurpose with a sporty touch which ensures that your comfort and stability remain a priority.

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Skechers for Work Women’s Squad SR Food Service Shoe

The name on these service shoes can sure feel like a tongue twister, but don’t let that fool you. These shoes can make you feel like you have just stepped into a new fiction-like reality. The stylish design and finish are classic with a glossy touch and futuristic look. What’s more, is that they have been approved as one of the best Electrical Hazard safety shoes with premium traction systems even on wet and oily surfaces.

As is common in places with concrete surfaces such as hospitals or restaurants, these shoes offer comfort that you sorely need. The covering material and the lining inside have been padded to enhance comfort during use. The padding also hugs the feet ensuring a snug fit. The stretching laces and the padded tongue ensure that you experience a personalized comfort during use.

The insoles have been built with memory foam technology enhancing the comfort that these shoes bring. The outsoles have been made out of durable rubber which both absorbs shock from walking on concrete and protect your feet from the environment. They are also easy to wear and remove.


  • They are easy to clean and very comfortable to wear while walking on hard surfaces.
  • They are lightweight and offer a lot of breathability.
  • They are Electrical Hazard (EH) safe with slip-resistant outsoles.


  • They have loose-fitting size which can be remedied by ordering down half the size.


For classic yet comfortable shoes, the Skechers for Work Women’s Squad SR Food Service Shoe are for you. The padding and the cushioning systems inside are things to give a second thought over.  

  • Dansko Women’s Emma Oxford Shoe

These really professional-looking full-grain leather shoes are very popular with nurses who need to get comfortable walking on concrete or tiled surfaces. The leather on them makes them easy to clean while affording to be stain-resistant at the same time. The stylish finish enhances their professional look.

The Dansko’s Emma Oxford Shoes are known for their premium heel and arch support protecting your spine, knees, and feet from mechanical impact. The lining inside encases your feet in a comfortable cocoon with the laces ensuring a snug fit during use. The insoles are removable such that you are able to customize your shoes for the best fit possible.

Contoured outsoles provide amazing arch support and are made up of strong and durable rubber. This rubber grants them a good non-slippage system especially on wet or polished surfaces. The covering material is also waterproof ensuring that your feet remain dry.


  • Comfortable to wear with a roomy toe box for your toes.
  • They are lightweight for a non-bulky walking experience.
  • They are very durable which makes them long-lasting.


  • They have a wide footbed and thus may be unsuitable for slim-feeted individuals.


Available only in black, these professional shoes make a statement when it comes to the comfort of being on your feet all day on concrete. Their design and finish make them great to have as an extra pair of shoes among other picks. 

Clarks Women’s Hope Roxanne Flat Shoes

Another great choice for women in various professional fields, the Clark’s Roxanne Flat Shoes are a favorite of many. The ruching touch on their uppers gives them a cute yet professional look. These trendy flat yet comfortable shoes with awesome cushioning technology are an awesome addition to our top 10 best shoes for walking on concrete list.

The uppers are made up of polyurethane leather which gives them a toughened durable touch. This leather has been lined with a mesh that cushions your feet during use. The padding makes it easy to wear and remove while affording you with comfort. 

The ortholite footbed keeps your feet feeling cushioned and dry especially if you tend to work in humid environments. The insoles are padded so as to enhance your comfort during use for an all-day job. The grip that they have on wet or oily surfaces makes them excellent for use in diverse workplaces.


  • They offer comfort for use on concrete surfaces.
  • They are waterproof, keeping your feet dry.
  • They are flat making them great for walking all day.


  • They are low-cut which leaves your ankles unprotected.


Known to be flat-footed, these extremely comfortable clogs take their place as one of the best shoes for walking on concrete. Some people have gone ahead to say that they make their feet look smaller, deviating from the usually-large-looking clogs. They come in navy, dark brown, or black and can be worn in most if not all uniforms. 

Skechers USA Men’s Segment The Search Slip On Loafer

The Skechers brand really does not disappoint when it comes to making comfortable shoes. These loafers culminate in a sophisticated and classy look while also being very professional. They come in brown, dark brown and black ensuring that they can be worn with any outfit and/or uniform. These Segment The Search Slip On Loafers guarantee your comfort while giving you a work-appropriate look.

Apart from the abrasion-resistant covering material, they spot a gel-infused, memory-foam insoles. These insoles provide you with premium cushioning while walking ensuring that your comfort comes first. The midsole offers great support when walking while also absorbing any shocks that comes with each step on a hard surface. 

They also have a pull-on tab found at the tongue which makes them easy to put on and kick-off. There is also a much-appreciated flexibility that comes from the elastic goring making it easy to maneuver while in them. They have been tested and shown to be roomy ensuring that you do not end up with cramped feet at the end of the day. 


  • They are abrasion-resistant offering excellent protection for your feet.
  • They have a good grip on most surfaces. 
  • They have a roomy toe box ensuring that your feet do not end up feeling cramped.


  • They leave your ankles exposed.


These classic yet comfortable shoes are what professional men want. Made for walking or working all day, they are an excellent choice for professionals who tend to spend a huge chunk of their time walking on concrete. 

Dr Comfort Men’s Stallion Casual Shoes

All the great features of these shoes are in its name. There is nothing that strikes more confidence than shoes that are prime in offering comfort. The stallion aspect suggests power and functionality that are rare in other shoes.

For walking on concrete, all day if you must, these shoes deliver exceptional functionality. The uppers are made of leather designed to encase your feet in a very snug fit. The gel padding inside enhances your feet’s comfort while the lacing ensures that you can customize how comfortable you want to be in them. The footbed is simply out of this world, ensuring that your feet rest on supportive and cushioned footbeds.

Dr Comfort’s Stallion shoes are therapeutic shoes that come recommended for people suffering from diabetes. Since it is impossible to avoid walking on concrete or hard surfaces, the technology that goes into the design of these shoes is made to prevent you from or relieve you with foot pain. They have a stylish look and can be blended with most outfits.


  • They are therapeutic shoes recommended for comfort of those walking on concrete or hard surfaces especially diabetics.
  • They have a padded tongue, an inner gel padding, and gel inserts for added comfort.
  • They are available in varying widths.


  • They do not have any known drawbacks. 


It is rare to find shoes that have no known drawbacks as most people who have them rate them a five star. Walking exercises are important for you especially if you are a diabetic, and what better footwear to have during your walks. They can also be worn everywhere with a blending professional look. 

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift Steel Toe

Concluding our top 10 best shoes for walking on concrete list are the Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift Steel Toe boots. They come as an improvement over their last model, enhanced for comfort and heavy-duty construction work. they have also been shown to be the number one safety boots to keep your feet protected from impacts and falling objects.

The construction on them comes from the famed Goodyear technology which is designed to enhance their durability and feet protection features. The steel toe cap both protects your toes from the impact on surfaces and absorbs ground shock. The 6″ covering extends all the way past the ankles protecting your feet from the environment. The waxy laces and the stylish waterproof leather ensures that your feet fit snugly while also being very easy to clean.

The inside of the shoe has been padded with a breathable lining. It ensures that your feet are comfortable, cushioned from environmental impact, and feeling cool from being in them all day. The footbed has an excellent arch support system for feet that are up all day and especially those that walk on hard surfaces all day. The undersoles have an excellent anti-slippage tread system.


  • They are 100% full-grain leather for maximum feet protection.
  • There is a nylon mesh lining that adds to the breathability and comfort of the shoes.
  • The shoes have oil-resistant outsoles and steel toe cap for added safety and protection.
  • The CAT 2nd Shift comes in three bold colors.


  • The waxy laces fray easily but can be replaced with nylon laces for added quality.


If your work description involves heavy-duty work on a hard surface environment, then these boots are for you. Known to be comfortable, these boots will have you working away all day and still feel pretty great about your feet when you finally remove them. 

These shoes come in three bold colors which makes them versatile in most working gear. 

 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete: Buying Guide 


Concrete or other hard surfaces are impossible to avoid and are present everywhere we go. Each step you take on them can leave your feet feeling cramped and strained at the end of the day. However, this does not have to happen as investing in comfortable shoes that care for your feet can help you do away with unwanted medical bills.

The most important aspect of having the best shoes for walking on concrete is the comfort that those shoes offer. This comfort entails shoes that fit you snugly and are comfortable to have all day long. This also entails investing shoes that offer the best arch support and shock absorption from mechanical impact. Comfort thus becomes the sole and most important feature when looking for the best shoes for walking on concrete.

The Bottom Line

Personal comfort, especially when it comes to footwear is one of the greatest favors you can do for yourself. If you tend to spend a huge chunk of your time on/or walking on hard surfaces such as concrete, then the strain at the end of the day is no stranger to you. 

The best comfortable footwear is however a ready ally when it comes to taking care of your feet. Our list compiled for your browsing guarantees the best shoes for walking on concrete among thousands of shoes out there.