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Best Shoes for Foot Drop

Best Shoes for Foot Drop

Foot drop also referred to as drop foot, is an expressive term for problems lifting the forefoot (front part of the foot). It is one of those temporary foot complications that can become permanent if no proper measures are taken. Unfortunately, getting the best shoes for such problems can be hard enough.

This condition makes you drag your feet on the ground while walking. It is not actually a disease but a symptom of underlying muscular or neurological problems. Wrong footwear will definitely worsen the condition and make it much difficult to manage.

Lightweight shoes are easier to run/walk in but are not known for that much-needed support. On the other hand, heavy shoes will hold your feet firmly, only that they weigh the feet down, causing stress and fatigue. Most foot drop sufferers prefer shoes that provide ample ankle support.

Orthopedic specialists recommend cross-trainers and shoes with laces or adjustable Velcro straps for excellent tightness to give you that extra support. For a dressier choice, go with penny loafers or boat shoes, but keep in mind the construction material.

To get proper support and flexibility, the shoes should be well-cushioned to minimize pain. The shoes also need to be lightweight without compromising support so that they don’t wear your feet down.

So how do you determine the best shoe to help manage foot drop? In this review, we will be focusing on eight highly recommended shoes for foot drop. We have also added a buyer’s guide to help make a well-informed decision before the purchase.

Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear Men’s Legend Black Leather Shoe

The Z-Coil Men’s Legend Black Leather Shoe is one of the best workhorse on the market today. The shoe is crafted from full-grain leather, which is soft to the skin and extremely durable for the test of time. It is a slip-resistant shoe, making it suitable for persons with foot drop. This is the brand’s original footwear, designed to alleviate severe back, leg, and foot pain.

The leather built quality is designed to provide excellent comfort and flexibility, while the steel eyelets add to accessibility. It comes with rubber outsoles and employs patented coil for the high portion that subsides the impact by 50%. The shoes boast a molded heel counter and ventilation holes.

You’re bound to experience immediate pain reduction in your joint system, bones, and muscles as the contoured orthotics located underfoot repel twisting and secluded pressure points.

Additionally, the model features rigid orthotic protection that brings support to the foot while getting rid of foot pain in different joints. What’s more, the extra cushioning layer included ensures maximum comfort on the forefoot.

We also appreciate the fact that these shoes can help keep your foot and toes protected. It has an accommodative toe box, and the forefoot is flex. Furthermore, the model’s rocker bottom allows for a flexible and comfortable movement.

The results are remarkable stability, support, and balance, especially when walking on uneven terrain. The shoe is stable in all conditions. In fact, most people report excellent feel of support in just no time while walking in these shoes.


  •       Extra cushioning allows for flexible movement
  •       Ensures support and protection
  •       Helps maintain a natural walking motion
  •       Accommodative toe box


  •       The shoe is only available in black color.

Hush Puppies Women’s Heaven Slip-On Shoe

Hush Puppies is another incredibly popular brand, known for its superior quality products. And their heaven slip-on shoe is well among the best in this range. They boast a footwear line-up that is comfortable and durable too.

This particular pair is crafted from absolute leather and is carefully designed to please most women, including those suffering from various foot problems like plantar fasciitis, foot drop, Achilles tendonitis, among others. 

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this shoe is that it incorporates a synthetic sole. More to that, the heel portion comes in at about an inch—the leather loafer couples with double-stitched aprons toe for added comfort.

The pair integrates HPO2 Flex technology to provide the much-needed flexibility without compromising safety while wearing it. One more thing is that the pair offers exceptional comfort without skimping its stylish look.


  •       Features HPO2 Flex Technology for versatility
  •       Made from 100% leather for durability
  •       Elastic inserts on the entry ensure proper traction
  •       Double-stitched apron forefoot


  •       Few choices of color   

Avia Men’ Avi-Verge Sneaker

Anyone in the market searching for a super fit experience alongside superior cushioning technology would be wise to consider this particular pair of sneakers. What makes it even greater is that it’s meant to remain lightweight, flexible, and ideal for foot drop.

The Avia Men’ Avi-Verge Sneaker boasts an accommodative toe room plus depth interior, meaning you can apply your custom orthotics. The plush memory foam sock liner brings comfort while the padded EVA midsole combat shock significantly.

Previous users commented on the perforated uppers, thanks to the patented material its made with. Combine that with the customizable lace-up system for a seamless fit. You will also love the hard-wearing, thick rubber outsole that ensures great slip-resistant walking irrespective of where you’re walking.


  •       Lightweight and durable synthetic material
  •       EVA midsole for extra comfort
  •       Rubber outsole ensures excellent grip 
  •       The shaft is relatively low-top from arch


  •       Size may run a little small.

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Vionic Orthaheel Technology Men’s Eli Slip On

Add support and comfort to your stride with this fantastic shoe from Vionic. The brand presents the ability to develop amazing shoes with ample support, yet quality remains untapped. It is the men’s best choice featuring an excellent combination of suede and mesh material.

Naturally comfortable, lightweight, and versatile, this pair gore slip-on style alongside contrast stitch detail adds appeal and comfort to your daily commute. As one of the best shoes for foot drop, the shoe is available in nubuck, suede, and nylon mesh. The leather lining is closely perforated for breathability, and it wicks moisture away for ease.

The footbed is biomechanically engineered with Orthaheel technology, meaning the shoes will align with your feet and reduce, thereby reducing foot complications such as overpronation. The rubber outsole comes in handy for traction and stability, while the mesh/suede upper allows for comfort.

The shoe comes with the patented Eli-slip fly style, making it ideal for all seasons. The only catch is that they are a bit pricy- perhaps that the other side of this shoe. But overall, you will experience comfort like never before with this outstanding choice from Vionic.


  •       Flawless upper for maximum comfort
  •       Suitable for all season long
  •       Orthaheel technology to reduce foot pain
  •       Durable outsole promotes stability


  •       More expensive than other choices on this list
  •       Not among the most durable either

Orthaheel Casual Men’s Shoes Lincoln Center

Would you like something with premium orthotic insoles and multiple cushioning? Or perhaps featured anatomical arch support for improved foot and leg alignment, enhanced comfort, and reduced stress on the ball of the foot? Well, then look no further than these Orthaheel Casual Shoes from Lincoln Center.

The pair is incredibly versatile, from enhanced comfort to pain alleviation on foot, knees, hips, and back- just about any ailment associated with flat feet, overpronation, bunions, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, and arthritis.

The slip-on design makes it exceptional for those with a foot drop. With its extra depth design and removable insert, you can always replace the factory-made inserts with its own custom orthotics.

The shoe is meant to deliver unfailing arch support, non-binding relaxed fit, and max protection against pressure points. The cushioned insole brings more stability while facilitating motion on all terrains. The toe box features a deep design, so your forefoot will relax and spread out naturally for extra comfort.

The elastic upper adjusts to your foot’s shape for a perfect fit without adding pressure on hammertoes, bunions, or causing swollen feet. Moreover, these diabetic shoes are designed with seamless lining and admirable padding to avoid rubbing and irritation. Coming down to looks, the pair is classy and sophisticated; enough to have on any occasion and the best bet for any fashionista looking to keep things right with their feet.


  •       High-quality orthotic insoles
  •       The outsole adds spring to every stride
  •       Multiple cushioning layers for improved comfort
  •       Seam-free design to relieve stress on the joints and promote stability


  •       Some customers found the shoe to be a bit too narrow.

New Balance Men’s MX608v4

Besides being one of the best shoes for foot drop, the MX608v4 from New Balance is carefully designed to take your workout to the next level without deteriorating your current foot conditions. New Balance is a widely recognized brand, especially when it comes to fulfilling customer demand.

This Medicare-approved athletic incorporates premium EVA cushioning on the shank for added support and is available in suede and leather. It brings the much-needed balance of support, comfort, and durability. The shoes look great and are suitable not only for people with foot drop but also for training enthusiasts, both indoors and outdoors.

The non-marking outsole and the flex grooves come in handy enhanced movements. It has a durable rubber outsole and a dual-density collar that offers the best flexibility.

There’s also the padded mesh tongue that provides a soft cloudy movement. It has a lace-up closure for a secure fit. The ABZORB midsole provides sufficient shock absorption, while the cushioned footbed offers superior comfort.

The breathable textile lining featured by this shoe gives you a proper airflow throughout. So you don’t have to worry about awful smells or sweating within the shoe. The EVA footbed adds to stability, and it is very much suited for the foot drop. The pair is available in all sizes, and varied designs, meaning you can have them in a huge collection as per your preferences.


  •       Breathable textile lining
  •       Padded mesh tongue
  •       Dual-density collar
  •       Made with pure leather and rubber sole
  •       IMEVA midsole measures 10 mm drop


  •       Not true to size

Vionic Men’s Contest Active Lace-Up Shoe

Vionic is one of the tops names when it comes to footwear for people with foot conditions like plantar Fasciitis. Their Contest Active Lace-up model is yet another excellent choice in this line-up. It combines excellent features and support with a remarkable design to present something that actually works as a considerable aid for sufferers.

This Vionic Lace-Up Shoe comes with an innovative design that enables even plantar fasciitis sufferers to walk anywhere in style and comfort. It has been developed with great quality. It boasts Vionic’s technology to provide maximum support. Furthermore, the shoe promises to offer support to major points vulnerable to excessive pressure.

The detachable dual-density EVA insoles are designed to help you move around, and the insole has been developed by a podiatrist. That means all your needs will be catered for. We also recognize the fact that these shoes come with ample room that can accommodate personal orthotics. So if top-notch support and comfort are your major concerns, be sure to consider this pair.


  •       Removable dual-density footbed
  •       Comfortable upper made of mesh material
  •       Contest Active lace-up design for a superior fit
  •       Designed to relieve pressure from major points



  •       Not as durable as other models

Vionic Women’s Rest Joan Mule

The Rest Joan Mule is another top-ranked shoe for those with foot drop. The company works with a commitment to offering shoes with proper care and comfort. Substantial experience has been employed in the development of these shoes. They come with a beaded rosette that takes the limelight on this top-notch slip-on. The hook/loop closure offers point adjustability.

The outsole is flexible and lightweight and comes with a patterned tread to help improve traction. The creative podiatrist-designed Orthaheel technology ensures orthotic support, relief, and stability, thereby aligning the feet back to their natural position. The shoes boast excellent customer support due to their comfort for drop foot. It is an excellent choice for casual footwear, especially for women with drop-foot.

The shoes are made from leather material and include a Microfiber Covered EVA Footbed. The EVA footbed offers a perfect cushioning with an innovative biomechanically environment. The durable rubber outsole featured by this shoe provides the best stability. It supports the shoes’ longevity so that users can count on it for a prolonged period of time.

This Vionic pair comes with an APMA Seal of Acceptance, meaning you’re assured of both the comfort and quality. It is so stylish and is designed to please and satisfy most women. The hook/loop closure makes them super comfortable to wear.

However, they have some drawbacks too. The sizing may vary from one user to another, and it is offered in minimal color selection. But all other features make it suitable for foot drop.


  •       Microfiber upholstered upper
  •       Durable rubber outsole
  •       Leather upper
  •       Provides innovative biomechanical


  •       Minimal color option
  •       Size may vary

Best Shoes for Foot Drop: Buying Guide

Foot drop refers to a condition or a foot abnormality where the forefoot will drop off. It is usually caused by irritation, weakness, or damage to the sciatic nerve. A foot drop can also be caused by paralysis on the muscles, particularly on the foot’s anterior part. It’s also a common symptom for people suffering from conditions like multi sclerosis.

Foot drop makes it harder to lift your forefoot, which in turn makes it difficult to walk. As such, you may need to familiarize with various features that dictate the best shoe for foot drop:

Ample space

When you have a foot drop, your physician may recommend considering AFO or Ankle-Foot-Orthosis system, such as a lifted foot drop brace. Therefore, you might want to pick a pair that accommodates such adjustments.

Some of the best shoes for foot drop are designed with extra depth and ample toe box. Ideally, go for those shoes with removable inserts as they will make it easy to apply prescribed orthotics.

The shoe should also have enough room where you can spread your toes whenever you’re wearing it. Keep in mind that when running or walking around, you will need room for your feet to wiggle inside the shoes.#


This is probably the most crucial aspect to consider when dealing with foot drop as this condition can be due to a lack of proper support. Well, there are other reasons, but support is a common one. So whenever you’re looking for a comfortable shoe for foot drop, it is important to keep support in mind.

The shoe in question should provide support as per your arch support. It should also support your fascia ligament to relieve pain and prevent conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Choose something that helps to align your feet whenever they touch the ground.

Heel and ankle support is one of the crucial parts of your shoes. Ankle support provides flexibility to walk and run smoothly. Heel support gives the ideal tolerance to jump. It also makes you stable in your step.

The midsole should provide cushioning to manage the force that usually goes through your feet while walking. Proper support and midsole can improve the shoe effectiveness to manage various foot complications by reducing pressure and impacts during actions.


The shoe you’re about to choose should provide breathable uppers to keep your feet cool and dry throughout. Of course, it’s not necessarily that it feels comfortable right from the package; it shouldn’t take ages to break in. To make sure you’ll be comfortable with your shoes, focus on the fit. The shoe should be long and wide enough to accommodate your feet. It should be snug, but not too tight.


Breathability will always remain an important feature, particularly for those having bad feet or experiencing various foot problems. A well- ventilated shoe allows your feet to move easily. It also keeps you from extreme temperatures that often lead to sweating and probably awful odor. It reduces the impact of moving body pressure. As such, you should go for a breathable shoe if you want to manage foot drop.


The outsole should provide great stability and excellent shock-absorption to relieve pressure points on your feet, legs, and knees. The shoe should also hold your heel without your feet slipping inside the shoe while you move. Preferably, choose something that features motion control technology.


Lightness is an imperative need in a shoe for foot drop. Lightweight shoes will make you comfortable while moving and relieve much of the foot pain. Heavy shoes will only make an extra burden to your feet, leading to tiredness.

For the adequate flexibility of movement, shoes with lightweight construction are usually more effective. Check out the shoe’s description to determine the weight of the shoe.

Pay attention to the soles of the shoes you’re about to buy. Make sure they are sturdy enough to keep you safe against any harmful impacts and objects. It should also provide the much-needed traction whatever surface you’re in.

Bottom Line

If you have a foot drop, you definitely need to invest in a very soft, comfortable shoe with excellent cushioning.  In case you use the Elevate Foot Drop Brace or the ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), many choices are available as you can wear orthosis with regular shoes. You may want to buy a pair slightly larger than your actual foot size to accommodate the orthosis or removable inserts to provide the necessary depth.

Lucky for you, we’ve listed above the top best shoes for foot drop that you can count on to control and prevent most of these foot problems. Perfect shoes with perfect features and functionality can grant you the right flexibility to keep moving.

Even with a bad foot with different forms of ailments, supportive shoes help eradicate pain and minimize your suffering for a healthy life. You can achieve ultimate comfort you will never get from an ordinary shoe.