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Best Shoes for Sciatica- Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

Best Shoes for Sciatica- Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

Going back and forth through our daily routine, we find ourselves in constant motion. In turn, this increases the wear and tear to the components supporting these movements: the footwear.  Just like the shoes can burn out over time, various parts of our body also adjust to this unceasing movement stream.

One of the most susceptible areas that serve as the epicenter for physical activities is the back. On that note, sciatica is the leading back problem among many people.

In simple terms, sciatica refers to the pain you experience anywhere from the neck to the lower legs. It is a symptom that shows possible conditions to the sciatic nerve.

This particular condition occurs when there is excessive pressure on the sciatic nerve. It starts in the lower back and can be aggravated by poor posture, misaligned joints, extreme shocks, and impacts of your feet hitting the ground.

Sciatica nerve pain is one of the most uncomfortable conditions you can ever feel. Standing or even simple walks can be full of discomfort. While most sorts of sciatica carry quick remedies, this problem can result in leg pain, tingling, and numbness or burning sensations.

There are many issues that can lead to sciatica, but one thing for sure is that proper footwear can help in managing the impact and provide pain relief, irrespective of the underlying causes.

If you’re suffering from it, hip pain, or other sciatica discomforts, consider wearing one of the best shoes for sciatica to secure yourself some daily relief. Whether indoor or at work, you’ll have to manage the condition. The right shoes can help.

Here are Best Shoes for Sciatica

Crocs Classic for Men and Women

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When you think about comfort, support, and flexibility, be sure to mention Crocs; Crocs Classic to be particular. This model is designed to bring you unsurpassed comfort and support.

It is made from special Croslite midsole material that contributes to the overall comfort. The excellent cushioning means that your lower back complications are curbed. The material employed here is truly an innovation that can save lives.

An optimal amount of air-to-air cushioning is also included alongside closed-cell foam resign. This offers some form of lightweight and ballistic feeling to the feet. The shoe also features a memory foam core with sufficient arch support. This adds to the overall support and comfort level while walking.

These Classic Men and Women Clogs offer a big deal of comfort as enhanced by its roomy, yet lightweight design. Just about anyone can wear these shoes without compromising on comfort or support experience.

A secure non-slip fit can be achieved through the pivoting heel straps while the upper fabric aids in the shoe’s aeration. Thus, this is an excellent pair for anything water-related.

The whole thing is convenient, easy to clean, and fast-drying. It is also repellent to awful odors. Feature-wise, it’s safe to say that these shoes are an excellent choice for persons suffering from Sciatica overall. Not to mention that they come in a variety of 20 color variations.


  •       Croslite midsole for added comfort
  •       Heel straps for maximum stability
  •       Memory foam pillow
  •       Available in multiple color selections


  •       Size might run loose for narrow feet.


Vionic Women’s Kea Orthotic Trainers

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The Vionic Kea Orthotic Trainers are designed to bring you an excellent solution against severe sciatic problems. The pair boasts a superior built construction that enables it to work exceptionally against these issues. Consequently, the shoe has secured great customer support.

While most people usually sacrifice some aspects for maximum arch support, the Vionic Kea Trainers come just about anything to satisfy you.

One impressive thing about this shoe is the level of comfort and compatibility they offer. Whether you want to use it for work or casual events, it remains a great choice to count on.

You can have them on your feet all day long, or simply take them out for a barefoot walk. They are so convenient. Speaking of the upper section, you don’t have to worry about the durability of the mesh. You have a gore panel.

This helps to keep the shoe in proper shape, without breaking into parts anytime sooner. Ample capacity, adaptability, and longevity; are all well assured by this product.

Moreover, the shoe offers excellent balance and stability, as enhanced by the roomy toe-box. It is highly breathable and wicks sweat and moisture from the foot to remain cool and dry throughout the day.


  •       Ideal for multiple situations
  •       Excellent arch support and rigidity
  •       Good breathable capacity
  •       Durable construction


  •       Some might want to add a pair of socks for sensitivity.

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Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Orthopedic Diabetic Men’s Sneakers

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If you’re searching for the best shoes to help manage sciatica nerve pain, you certainly need something biomechanically engineered to ensure the ultimate comfort and relief from aches and pains throughout the body. Luckily, that’s exactly where the Orthofeet men’s sneaker comes in.

This pain-reducing footwear features a precise design that helps to subside the mist of your pain during every use. With these best sciatica shoes, you will get layers of comforting materials incorporated in an arch shape. This feature is suitable for flat feet as it comes with cushioned heels for the utmost comfort.

The air pockets and super-seamless padding around the interior put a bounce in every step, meaning comfort is the priority.

Whether you’re experiencing minor foot pain, maybe due to flat feet, hip pain, or even more severe condition such as diabetic feet, this is the functional footwear for getting rid of the excess pan. The only drawback is that the shoes come in two almost-identical colors.


  •       Anatomical arch support
  •       Wide toe box
  •       Orthotic support
  •       Extra cushioned heel
  •       Seamless cushioned interior


  •       Somewhat heavy
  •       Only available in two colors

Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Might Walk

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Are you looking for something cushy and supportive enough to help alleviate pain and give room for customization? Well, the Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy Might Walk might be a one-stop option for you.

This shoe is specially designed with an innovative system known as VersoShock Technology. This is a technology where springs are found in the soles of the shoe soles to help distribute shock and impacts brought about by every strike.

That means you can eliminate a lot of avoidable pain from sciatica nerves. In addition to the handy VeroShock system, you may also be impressed by the interchangeable insoles.

That means you can swap the factory-made inserts with preferred custom orthotics to maximize the comfort level. You can achieve the highest support level without stressing about lower back pain, discomfort ankle sprains, or such.

The ability to use personalized shoe inserts is a great advantage of choosing these shoes. Even without customized inserts, the shoe will still offer substantial pain relief in the nerves and joints.


  •       Front rocker sole
  •       Seamless and comfy interior
  •       Roomy toe box
  •       VersoShock technology for shock absorption
  •       Removable insoles


  •       Might be a bit bulky
  •       Relatively heavy

Asics Gel-Contend 4 Men’s Shoes

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The Asics Gel-Contend 4 is yet another excellent footwear for those with the dreaded condition of Sciatica.

This is a great example of a pair that is both comfortable and curative in terms of alleviation of painful symptoms in the feet. The shoes are carefully designed to help combat the shock waves generated by every step you take.

The help of these shoes can reduce all the disproportionate impacts on your feet. They also come with a detachable sock liner that helps to promote glove-like support via the orthotic inserts.

This, in turn, helps keep your feet from becoming sticky while keeping you safe from blisters and other foot-related infections.

The rubber outsoles ensure a great deal of grip and traction on all kinds of surfaces. You can move comfortably without risking accidental slips, skids, and even injuries to the feet because of this feature.

The shoe is currently offered in a range of 20 styles to get one that suits your wardrobe tastes and preference rather quickly. You also have many colors to select from, including White Aruba and Pink Glow.


  •       Superior gel cushioning system
  •       Removable sock liner
  •       Shock-absorbing abilities
  •       Multiple color selection


  •       Not the best for wide feet

Merrell Women’s Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe

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Hailing from a union of factors in the built quality and excellent functionality are the Merrell Women’s Bare Trail Running Shoes.

These are designed using a combination of mesh and TPU elements. The mesh is carefully crafted and reinforced, forming a robust construction and impeccable look.

The undercarriage of this footwear is somewhat thin, yet it offers the much-needed support for travel over all surfaces. Small-rubberized elements reach out of the shoe’s bottom, providing grip on rough terrains.

The shoes are also available in a lightweight space- something special for trail runners. The fabric is not scarce, meaning lightweight is a top-selling aspect of this model.

The interior portion includes an evenly distributed foam footbed that conforms to the foot. This is effective for accommodating everyday use. Robust construction, lightweight, and foam fitting characteristics are the major highlights of this Merrell model.


  •       Lightweight option
  •       Footbed with form-fitting foams
  •       Solid design


  •       The mid-rise of the undercarriage could be better.

Reebok Men’s Runner 2.0MT  Running Shoe

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This Reebok design fits within a stable construction space while providing extra support for the sciatic nerve region. The shoe teams a textile and synthetic build quality to form a forceful shell that remains intact under pressure.

Stitching is employed for separate functioning portions of the footwear. The shoes also come with an accommodative toe-box plus a full heel counter to manage pressures.

The mold will keep your feet supported within the shoe, eliminating internal shifting and enhancing stability across multiple surface types.

The dense rubberized outsole features a great platform for this model. With a 1.5-inch thickness, the stability measure also comes in handy to reduce the shocks and excess pressures.

The memory foam featured at the insole adequately cushions the bow of ground striking, keeping everything smooth and comfortable. The reinforced arch hike also incorporates for better support around the foot’s arch, offering a snug fit to the natural foot design.


  •       Thick outsole for maximum support
  •       Reinforced textile plus synthetic shell
  •       Memory foam inclusion for extra comfort
  •       Excellent craftsmanship


  •       Small insertion point

Natural Soul Women’s Girly Ballet Flat

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Next, these perfectly made ballet shoes are also among the most successful shoes. It is identified to be an effective pain management solution for persons suffering from sciatica. The shoes include all the features that the modern industry can offer innovative shoes to join this club.

The outsole ensures adequate grip while the external textile covers the shoe, making it waterproof to train in watery grounds. More cushioning is present around the heel area to enhance the running posture for people with sciatica. It is one of the best shoes for nerve pain and sciatica.


  •       Pure human-made with a synthetic sole
  •       Flexible sole to ease movements
  •       Antimicrobial lining to keep off bacteria attacks
  •       Superior comfort system


  •       Size may vary


Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Double Depth Shoe

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Being among the leading brands in the footwear industry, Dr. Comfort offers ideal shoes for sciatica nerve pain relief. Their X Men model is just another one of those therapeutic shoes you can trust.

The lightweight and flexible design make it an excellent choice for everyday use, especially for those who often walk on concrete and such activities. The pair is meant for the user’s peak performance, and it features an extra depth for those who would like a tad more volume in their strikes.

In addition to the precision of the design, the interior of these curative shoes is classic. Thanks to the Comfort gel insert. It brings the most popular style to reduce pain and aches resulting from sciatic nerves and hip discomfort.

The X Men Therapeutic Shoe might not boast all the unique support systems and other designs like in other models out there, but it is supportive enough to get the job done.

They bring support to those in need and perhaps a precise fit for those who are not accustomed to the therapeutic shoe realm, and even those who are not quite sure about what they need for their specific pains yet.


  •       Extra-depth for more space within the shoe
  •       Dr. Comfort Gel insert included
  •       Perfectly made for therapeutic comfort
  •       A lightweight casual shoe for daily use


  •       The inserts might be too big or small, so the need for adjustments.

Ryka Women’s Sky Walking Shoe

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Ryka Women’s Sky Walking Shoe is one of the more premium shoes that you may want to choose for sciatica. Most women suffer from this condition due to the pressure and strain on the body.

This women-specific pair is stylishly designed and crafted from leather and synthetic materials. The overall construction will give you flexibility and decent durability.

One impressive thing about this particular shoe is the fact it has a breathable mesh layer. And since it is possible to get overly warm during summer, these shoes will keep you aerated and enable you to cover longer distances. The outsole is made with rubber and is also soft and adaptable.

The TPU foot shank will definitely provide extra stability and comfort throughout the day. The EVA midsole is meant to be really lightweight and will easily cope with your feet’ shape to make you feel extremely comfortable and supported.

The traction on these shoes is similarly excellent. We highly recommended this Sky Walking Shoe to those who want to manage sciatica. What’s better, these shoes are not that expensive.

Thanks to the durability, it offers you great value for your money. You’re also bound to be impressed by the style and built structure of these shoes. It could possibly work with just about any wardrobe.


  •       Moldable EVA midsole
  •       Really comfortable
  •       Great durability
  •       Affordable


  •       Not among the most versatile

Best Shoes for Sciatica: Buying Guide 

We generally don’t buy shoes blindly. Most of the time, especially when purchasing offline, we tend to try out to see whether they fit appropriately. If it does, we then check the quality and nature of the outsole, design, and flexibility to make sure the shoes bend and return almost immediately.

Similarly, various precautions must be applied while purchasing online. If you’re looking for something that can help manage sciatica, the following pointers will help make a more informed decision.


Comfort should be the first priority to consider when scouting for sciatica shoes. A shoe that lasts only for a while but effectively alleviates pain is worth more than something that lasts for ages without any positive experience.

As you probably know, comfortable shoes usually come with thicker midsoles, heavy cushioning on collar, tongue, and insoles. Memory foam insoles, EVA, and Gel-cushioning make the interior of the kick heaven.


While most people nowadays are purchasing goods online, we can all admit that experience and product quality are not always the same. What works great for you will not feel the same for everyone else.

When it comes to footwear, however, buyers should be a bit cautious with the sizing. Anything more significant will not fit properly. In fact, it will just leave your feet vulnerable to injuries.

If it’s too small, you’re likely to develop unwanted blisters that can send you back into open shoes.

Read through online reviews before making the final decision. For instance, if 5+ reviewers said that they ordered something half size up, follow the trend. Otherwise, consider your exact sizing for those shoes said to be true to size.

Shock Absorption

Regardless of how thick some parts of your feet are, the fact is that you’ll never have the softest landing. A soft landing is only achievable with the highly shock-absorbing outsole and midsoles. Memory foam, EVA padding, or Gel-cushioning are some of the best elements to hit the ground with.

In addition to the shock absorption, it’s a better idea for the shoe to have a spring or such a mechanism that gives a bounce to your step. This can be of great benefit for those who experience pain as the first thing when they start walking. 


This is another essential feature to think through when choosing the best shoes for sciatica. Those with a normal arch may be good with just about any shoe.

However, if you’re among those who sit too high or too low, then you need to pay attention to details. Without proper arch support, you may end up experiencing pain. So keep that in mind to avoid donating or shelving an entirely new pair; that’s an avoidable loss.

Accommodative Toe Box

Unless you have narrow feet, abstain from shoes that squeeze your toes together. Such shoes are not even healthy for people with bunions, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, hammertoes, and neuropathy. 

Even where the mesh construction is wide and expansive, you may not get the relief you wanted in the first place. So, when shopping, try to choose from those shoes with a roomier and accommodative end. Other aspects you may want to consider include lightweight, better traction outsole, and design.



It’s quite economical to go for a rather expensive pair once than buying the cheapest model five times. Most of the shoes reviewed here are highly durable with a relative price tag. See, if you have four or five models that cost downright cheap, their cumulative longevity might not be as long as that of a more premium class. They might sound better for now, but more expensive in the long-run.


After going through the major selections in the range of sciatica shoes, we found the models presented above to be the best currently available for purchase. From manufacturer trust, actual product quality, and customer support, these are indeed the best sciatica shoes to buy at present. They combine a handful of features in the construction phase, building an overall desirable product.