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Best Shoes For Broken Foot Recovery

Best Shoes For Broken Foot Recovery

A broken foot is one injury that most people dread due to how serious the situation can get. You can break your foot in sports, during work, and many other scenarios, with the result being immobility until you recover.

There are several ways of dealing with a broken foot, such as having your foot plastered and having clutches to support you. You may also opt for therapeutic shoes, which come in a unique design to support your injured foot.

If you are looking for such shoes, you are in the right place as this article reviews the best shoes for broken foot recovery.

Here are Best Shoes For Broken Foot Recovery

Ossur Rebound Low Top Air Walker Boot

The Ossur rebound low top air walker boot is the true definition of style when it comes to therapeutic shoes. It has a unique design that gives it some classy sneaker essence. Another amazing element of the Ossur air walker boot is the balanced compression.

It has the medial and lateral air bladders with an inflation point that accommodates the Achilles and supports your heel. The result is comfort with less pressure on the lower foot. The comfort factor is also boosted by the moisture-absorbing softgood material that keeps your foot and the interior of the shoe dry.

It has a rocker bottom, which comes to your aid to regain the right walking gait.  This is critical in your recovery. The soft toe bumper adds a level of protection to your foot and prevents you from tripping.

The Ossur air walker also has shock-absorbent properties, which protect your injured foot from further physical impact. The shoe is easy to fasten and is very light at two pounds. As such, it won’t cause any strain to your leg.

You can use this recovery shoe to treat sprains, forefoot fractures, foot trauma, and rehabilitation of the foot post-operation.


  • The shoes are very comfortable.
  • It has shock-absorbing properties that prevent further injury.
  • The shoe is very light at two pounds.
  • It has moisture-absorbing properties.
  • The rocker bottom helps you achieve your normal gait.
  • Fastening is easy.
  • They have a stylish look.


  • You may notice squeaky sounds when you initially wear them.

SB High Top Low Profile Cam Walker

If you have an extensive yet stable leg fracture, the SB hip top low profiles cam walker is suitable for looking for a therapeutic shoe. The shoe has a long shaft, which ends somewhere near the bottom of the knee.

The shoe comes in a variety of sizes from small to large, and you can wear it on either foot. The SB cam walker is also very light, making it comfortable to wear and try your initial steps. Still, on comfort, it sports a cushioned heel, which makes the shoe cozy and gives it some shock-absorbing properties.

The shock-absorbing attribute of the SB cam walker makes it safe against the impact that can aggravate your injury. There is an inflatable bladder on the lining, which promotes immobilization of the lower foot, encouraging speedy recovery.

The shoe’s wide rock bottom improves your gait as you nurture your normal walking posture. It also has anti-skid properties t prevent you from slipping in slippery areas.

You can wear this recovery utility easily, and it has three straps on the upper foot and two n the lower. The straps help provide an edge of stability to the fractured limb.

You can use the SB cam walker for post-operative stabilization, soft tissue injuries, stable fractures, and sprains.


  • Provides full limb support.
  • It has shock-absorbing properties, which prevent further injury.
  • The inflatable bladder promotes immobilization of the foot.
  • The wide rock bottom will improve your steady gait.
  • It has anti-skid properties.
  • It is easy to wear and fasten.
  • Fits both the right and left foot.


  • You need to constantly check on the inflation as it may release air. 

United Ortho Short Cam Walker Fracture Boot

Regaining your gait is an important element of your recovery from a fractured foot. The United Ortho short cam walker fracture boot is the right shoe to help you walk perfectly due to its sturdy structure.

Its sturdiness comes from the hardy plastic shell that provides all-round support for the injured limb. The support will promote natural walking as you get closer to recovery.

It is a universal shoe and will fit the right and left foot, with sizes available from small to large. The rocker sole also promotes natural walking, especially when coupled with the shock-absorbing inner sole that will take in physical impact to protect the foot.

The plastic molded uprights feature metal reinforcements that make the fracture boot durable. Its contoured strut design ensures comfort, which you need when recovering. The wide footbed brings about the stability of the entire foot and offers decent support.


  • The boot is lightweight; hence, it prevents foot strain.
  • It is very sturdy, making it very stable.
  • It is a universal fit, meaning you can wear it on either limb.
  • The durability factor courtesy of the metal reinforcements.
  • The wide footbed makes the fracture boot stable and comfy.


  • It lacks sufficient padding on the inside.

EVENup Shoe Leveler 

The EVENup shoe leveler provides a solution to the uninjured foot. When you put on an orthopedic boot, there is a slight alteration in your height, and it may affect your gait and body posture. Poor posture can cause back problems, especially in the hip region.

When you wear the EVENup shoe leveler, you level your height to the foot with the brace. With the leveler, you can hasten your way to recovery.

The shoe can fit either leg, left or right, and comes in different sizes where you chose your right fit. It has two levels of thicknesses, ½, and 1-inch, and depends on the lift of the cast on the other foot. To use it, you attach to the unaffected leg’s shoe, where it promotes balance and stability.

The leveler has specially designed rubber hook and loops, which you can easily secure to your footwear. The rubber sole features treads that prevent you from skidding. It can fit many footwear from sneakers, rubber shoes, to formal wear if you pick the right fit.


  • It promotes good posture and gait.
  • The leveler prevents hip and back issues.
  • It can fit both the right and left leg.
  • You can easily fasten the rubber hook and loops.
  • The leveler works well with different types of shoes.
  • Provides two levels of thickness, where you choose the one you prefer.
  • Its rubber sole has tread to prevent slipping.


  • Risk of tripping for new users.
  • It may seem bulky on your foot.


BraceAbility Closed-Toe Medical Walking Shoe

The BraceAbility closed-toe medical walking shoe is a versatile item that protects supports and treats your injured limb. The shoe’s closed design prevents your foot from getting dirt, which may complicate the situation. 

Even if the limb has bandages or plaster, the BraceAbility closed shoe will prevent dirt. The boot also has a squared toe design, which acts as a buffer from objects that may stub your toe. The design also makes it versatile as you can wear the shoe one either the left or right foot.

The rocker bottom sole is another critical part of the closed-toe medical shoe as it helps you maintain your natural gait. It reduces plantar pressure by almost 25%, which hastens the recovery process of your affected limb.

Still, on the sole, the bottom part has generous treading, which provides traction when walking. The treads help you achieve stability while walking and prevents you from sliding in slippery areas.

The shoe is very spacious and ideal if you have heavy bandaging or large plaster. All you do is to adjust the straps to accommodate the foot. It is also easy to clean as part of its maintenance.


  • The shoe is lightweight at 9.8 ounces.
  • It prevents your foot or its dressing from getting dirty.
  • The squared toe design acts as a buffer from stabs.
  • The footwear is a universal fit, and you can wear on any leg.
  • The sole’s treading prevents you from slipping and also gives you an edge of stability.
  • The medical shoe is very spacious.


  • It features little padding on the interior.

ExoArmor Walking Boot

One thing that you will agree with the ExoArmor walking boot on the first site is that it is a looker. As such, it is the ideal orthopedic boot for a style loving you. It has a long shaft, a feature that makes it ideal for extensive foot injuries.

It leans on the ultralight element as its selling point, at 1.8 pounds, which makes it comfortable when wearing and moving as it won’t cause much strain. The inflatable air cushion provides the ideal balance of support, comfort, and orthopedic relief to the ailing limb.

Talking about orthopedic relief, the boot offers all-round support, paving the way for a uniform healing process in the entire affected region. There is an in-built pump that allows you to customize the fit of your boot to any size.

The pump feature is critical when dealing with issues such as swellings, sprains, and heavy bandaging. There are also high-tech sole features such as an air pillow in the heel that provides extra cushioning and a rounded rocker shape for regaining your gait.

The two-pattern super-grip tread prevents further accidents from slips and falls as it gives you some stability.


  • The shoe is ultra-light, meaning it won’t cause leg fatigue.
  • The boot is very comfortable and will hasten the healing process.
  • The inbuilt pump allows you to customize your fit.
  • The grip pattern provides traction, which brings non-slip properties.
  • Promotes uniform healing due to its all-round support.
  • It has a classy look.


  • The foot area may seem too long, especially if you don’t get the right fit.

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ProCare  Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

The ProCare squared toe post-op shoe is the right item to look for after a foot operation. The ortho boot allows the dressing to be clean always and maintains the dryness of your toes. It also provides ample support for your foot after trauma, mostly on the forefoot region.

The footwear is a universal fit, and you can wear it on any of your feet. The squared toe design acts as a bumper that protects you from stabs from objects on the ground. Its high ankle strapping provides uniform supports of the entire foot from the heel to the toes.

Its rigid rocker sole will give you stability, especially when walking and is critical to you regaining your natural walking posture.


  • The shoe is lightweight and easy to wear.
  • The squared toe design protects your foot from physical impact.
  • The high ankle strapping provides uniform support and promotes uniform healing.
  • Its rocker sole gives you stability, particularly when walking.
  • The boot is lightweight, dealing away with foot fatigue.


  • It may be uncomfortable to wear if you do not find the right fit.

Aircast Air Select Walker Brace

Durability is a crucial factor to look at when getting a therapeutic boot. It will serve you for the entire period of your recovery, without wearing quickly and forcing you to get a replacement. The Aircast Air select walker brace is one of the sturdiest bots you can come across.

The semi-rigid shell provides support of the entire leg and ends at the bottom of the knee. It uses SoftStrike technology, which absorbs and dissipates shock, preventing further injury to the foot.

The rocker sole is lightweight; hence, it allows for free leg movement, which is essential for quick recovery and regaining your natural gait. It also sports overlapping Duplex air cells, which line the shell and provide intermittent pneumatic compression. This compression helps in the reduction of tissue swelling.

Another feature that makes the Aircast air select walker brace one of the best shoes for broken foot recovery is the open frame design. This design allows for ventilation, an essential factor for your comfort.

The universal fit allows you to wear the ortho shoe on any foot.


  • It is very durable.
  • The shell supports the entire foot, ending below the knee.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has shock absorbent and dissipation properties.
  • The Duplex air cells provide pneumatic compression.
  • Its open-frame design allows for ventilation.


  • The flat design might not provide much relief for ankle injuries.

Orthotronix Short Cam Walker Boot

Orthotronix short cam walker boot is an ideal choice if you have soft injuries, sprains, and stable fractures. Its lightweight frame serves therapeutic needs like beating leg strain, which may make the injury unbearable.

It is also lightweight, and the low rocker design provides comfort. The rocker also helps you achieve a natural walking manner that will promote your fast recovery. The shoe has an open toe design that provides breathability and ensures comfort. You can easily fasten the boots courtesy of the Quick-release fastening straps.

The universal fit feature means you can wear the shoe on any foot. 


  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • The straps are easy to fasten.
  • The rocker design promotes a natural gait.
  • Its open-toe design promotes aeration.
  • It fits both legs.


  • The upper shaft of the boot is too short for constant walking.

Superior Braces Low Top Open/Closed-Toe Orthopedic Walker Boot

The superior braces low top orthopedic walker boot can easily take the prize of the best shoes for broken foot recovery. The shoe has an all-round design, where it combines various features to make it a versatile foot recovery kit.

One standout feature is the adjustable toe-guard that you may close or leave open. You can close it for it to buffer you against objects that can stab your toe. Opening it will give your foot a breath of fresh air, giving you some comfort.

Its inflatable bladder on the interior lining increases immobilization of the lower foot and improves the healing of the injury. The rocker has a wide structure that promotes stability and comfort for daily use. Foam pads also add on to the coziness of the Superior braces orthopedic walker boot.

To prevent further disturbance of your injured foot, the in-sole is shock absorbent.


  • An adjustable toe guard that you may either open or close.
  • The inflatable bladder increases the immobilization of the lower foot.
  • The rocker is wide to boost stability.
  • The foam pads bring about coziness.


  • The Velcro on the fastener is light and may come off easily.

The Best Shoes For Broken Foot Recovery Buying Guide

Above is a review of the best orthopedic shoes you can come across to help recover an injured limb. When getting one, there are factors you need to look for to land the best boots. Below is a buying guide, highlighting things to consider when looking for the best shoes for broken foot recovery.


Price is a critical factor to look at when looking for an ideal foot therapy kit. You need to buy one that is within your budget. There are several pieces in the market, and each comes with its own cost. Pay attention to reviews to get the best.


When getting the shoe for broken foot recovery, you should pay attention to durability. You need a utility that will serve you for your entire recovery period without it wearing quickly. Pay attention to the material and quality to determine if it is sturdy enough to last for long.

In most instances, durable boots cost more, but they are worth every coin you will spend.


Comfort is critical to a recovering injury, and you need to ensure the shoe you are looking for delivers on this attribute. There are several areas to look at if you want to determine how comfy the shoe is, such as the padding.

The padding should be generous enough to provide cushioning for your foot, which is delicate and sensitive to any disturbance. 

Aeration also contributes to coziness by allowing air into the shoe. It prevents moisture buildup, which can make the boot smelly or stuffy.


The shoe you pick should be your size to prevent straining your limb for small shoes or falling off if the shoe is bigger. Some brands will advise you to pick a larger or smaller size depending on various factors, such as if you have a cast.

Area Of Injury

You also need to consider the area of injury when getting an ortho shoe. You need to pay attention to the design to ensure it will provide the much-needed stability to your foot and won’t aggravate it.

Available Features

The medical footwear comes with various features that may hasten the healing process and also prevent further damage. Some of the features include shock-absorbing properties, inflatable cushioning, and easy-to-tie straps, among many more.

Look at the features you deem favorable to your situation and get the right shoe.


A broken foot can be a cause of anguish and may affect your productivity. To help you out during your recovery so that you get back to your feet in time, you can try out orthopedic shoes. They have a special design to accommodate the injured foot and promote a quick healing process.

They help deal with sprains, swellings, fractures, and also for post-operation rehabilitation. With these shoes, you can regain your natural walking posture and prevent issues such as back pain.

Above is a review of the best shoes for broken foot recovery showing you the best picks in the market to help you when out to purchase one. Follow the buying guide to get to the best shoe.