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Best Mary Janes Walking Shoes

Best Mary Janes Walking Shoes

Mary Janes shoes amaze us how they remain fashionable for wearing at any time of the year. Their versatile shapes and height as well as the elegant and feminine strap continue to look sleek season after season.

Regardless of the shoe style you want, you can get a matching Mary Janes. Whether you are looking for walking sneakers, fancy pointed toes, or flats, Mary Janes delivers. They are among the most comfortable shoes you can wear for a walk.

Here The Best Mary Janes Shoes for Walking

Ecco Women’s Biom Lite Mary Jane Fashion Sneakers

For a comfortable and light pair of walking shoes, pick Ecco Biom Lite Mary Janes. They weigh about 7 ounces, making them the best walking shoes. The insoles and sides are padded, so can wear these shoes with or without socks and not experience blisters on your feet.

They have tiny ventilation holes in the toe area to allow air in and keep your feet fresh.  They are made of sturdy 100% Yak Nubuck leather and come in black and moon rock colors.

The outsole is constructed with durable and lightweight TPU that makes them outstandingly flexible and comfortable. And for all-day comfort, the midsoles feature a direct-injected PU foam that cushions your feet while contouring perfectly to their natural curves.

Because of the Biom technology used in making them, they allow you to maintain a natural foot position.


  •       Durable
  •       Sleek looking
  •       Constructed from breathable materials
  •       Lightweights
  •       Slip-resistant


  •       Not waterproof

Mephisto  Rejine Women’s Mary Jane Sneakers

This shoe comes in a variety of colors like empire black, grey, and maroon. The upper part is constructed with fabric or leather, while the sole material is synthetic. They are easy to put and remove since they have an easy to operate hook and loop closure.

Made with Soft-Air technology, your Mephisto Rejine Women’s Mary Janes shoes provide you with long-lasting comfort. The insoles are soft, padded, and removable. Besides, they are also flexible, making them perfect at absorbing shock to protect your lower limbs, joints, and lower back.


  •       Vibrant colors
  •       Durable materials
  •       Padded to protect your feet and improve your comfort
  •       Skid-proof rubber sole
  •       Available in a variety of sizes
  •       Breathable
  •       Easy to close and open
  •       Insoles can be removed and cleaned separately


  • Not water resistant

Dansko Women’s Edith

For an exclusive black pair of Mary Jane shoes, Dansko women’s Edith is your best bet. These true to size Mary Janes are made of 100% leather upper and a non-skid rubber outsole.

These are both long-lasting so you can have your shoes in good shape longer. Leather and rubber are also water-resistant. This means your shoes will not get soggy or weaken when you wear them on wet days.

They will give you a platform height of about 0.5 inches, comfortable to keep you upright all day without experiencing foot fatigue. The removable insole is cushioned and breathable.

The interior side is cushioned so that the shoes do not impact your tender joints and muscles. It is perfect for you if you have arthritis, Lupus, or any condition that interferes with your movement.


  • Can be worn with almost any attire, with or without socks
  • Skid-proof and water-resistant
  • Can accommodate swollen legs since they are roomy
  • Comfortable insoles
  • Durable


  • Sizes might be inconsistent

Keen Women’s Sienna MJ Canvas Mary Janes Flat

These are waterproof pull-on flat shoes. They are made of canvas and a rubber outsole, both of which are long-lasting.

The sole makes these Mary Janes shoes perfect for walking on any surface as it is slide-proof and allows you to grip the ground firmly. And since the sole is mark-free, it leaves no traces on the surface where you walk.

These are low-profile shoes. They will suit you if you have a low arch or a flat foot. The canvas cover and insole are ventilated. They, therefore, keep your feet fresh and odorless. The toe area is also rounded to give more room for your toes to avoid friction and blistering.


  • Cute looking
  • Rounded toe box
  • Perfect for narrow feet
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Made of long-lasting materials sourced in the USA


  • Unsuitable if you have wide feet

Sketchers Women’s Seager-Power Hitter-Engineered Knit Mary Jane Flat

You can get them in four vibrant colors. These flat shoes have a bouncy rubber sole that makes walking comfortable and springy. You can wear them when walking long distances since the bouncy sole is made to reduce your foot fatigue.

The strap is fixed, but it easily slides over your foot. It is soft and elastic to fit your feet even if you have swelling. This makes these shoes ideal for people with conditions that cause foot swelling like diabetes and hypertension.

The upper part of these shoes is made of breathable textile. It is soft to the feel and expands well to accommodate your foot movement. The inner side is made of air-cooled foam with a cushioned full-length insole. These lightweight shoes are perfect for absorbing shock and powering your gait.


  • Flexible, skid-proof, and durable rubber outsoles
  • Flexible, lightweight, and shock absorbing midsole
  • Soft- knit upper fabric
  • Colorfast textile
  • True to size
  • A comfortable 1.25 inches heel
  • Fitted with a small arch


  • Becomes soggy in wet conditions

Naturalizer Women’s Hartley Slingbacks Mary Jane Flat

These are your best pointed toes Mary Janes shoes. They are sleek, comfy, and light. You can wear them when you want to wrap your toes and leave the heels free. The small heel is comfortable and firm.

These are suitable for work or casual events that need you to be on your feet. The strap is adjustable with buckle closure. And for maximum comfort, the footbed is contoured to conform to your foot’s natural shape. The midsoles are fixed, breathable, and shiny.


  • Glossy upper fabric
  • Breathable lining
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Suitable for slim feet
  • Small heel to reduce foot fatigue


  • Might not be waterproof

 Spenco Women’s Magnolia Mary Jane Flat

These are your easy-to-wear slip-on Mary Janes with an adjustable strap. They feature a deep heel pouch to increase your comfort and heighten your protection against shock-related injuries. You can choose from the 4 colors they come in.

The fabric is 100% synthetic with a rubber outsole. The insole is engineered to orthotic-grade with a memory foam footbed. This significantly increases the comfort of these shoes. It also improves how well they can distribute your weight to reduce the risk of weight-related injuries on your back, knees, feet, and ankles.

The hook-and-loop closure is easy to fix and adjust. You can enjoy spending your day in these shoes, and your feet will remain dry and fatigue-free. The sole is skid-proof, so you can walk on any surface without sliding.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Slightly lifted heel for maximum comfort
  • Memory foam footbed for effective shock absorption and stability
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Ideal for wide or swelling feet


  • Not water-resistant

Mila Lady Laurel Women’s Pointed Toe Ankle Strap T-Strap D’Orsay Dress Flat Shoes

These fashionable microsuede shoes are light and comfortable. You will appreciate the vibrant colors of these shoes and their durability. The upper microsuede material is long-lasting, breathable, and easy to clean.

The T-straps and pointed-toe make these shoes sleek looking while fastening them to your feet comfortably. They are lined with a soft fabric to protect you from friction. The midsoles are cushioned, and the outsole is made of skid-free rubber. These are your perfect Mary Jane shoes for weddings, parties, or long hours of work.


  • Long-lasting
  • Stylish
  • Can match with most outfits
  • Adjustable buckle closure
  • Suitable for official and casual wear
  • Structured well to conform to your foot contours


  • Not skid-proof


Mary Jane are among the most comfortable walking shoes. They are available in many styles, from sneakers, pointed toe, flats, and heeled. The best Mary Janes walking shoes are lightweight, cushioned, and engineered to conform to your foot structure.

You can get them in different sizes and colors to suit your taste. Some may be suitable for walking and sports, while some can double up as work and casual footwear.

Besides, you can find them in leather, suede, synthetic or textile upper. Most are fitted with a skid-resistant rubber outsole.

The inner sides of most Mary Janes are padded with memory foam and coated with a soft, breathable layer. This protects your feet and keeps you comfortable all day. The cushioning is also significant in absorbing shock to avoid hurting your feet when walking or standing for long hours. You can look for roomy Mary Janes if you have wide or swelling feet.