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Best Insoles for Boots that Are Too Big

Best Insoles for Boots that Are Too Big

People buy boots that are too big for several reasons. It could be because you want your boots to fit in summer and winter when your feet tend to swell. You may also have ordered them online and realized they run too big.

Whatever the reason, you can get the best insoles for boots that are too big to make them fit better and feel more comfortable.  Your insoles should be comfy, firm, and durable.

Besides, if you have any foot discomforts or problems arising from high-impact activities, look for orthotic insoles for your oversized boots. 

Here are The Best Insoles for Boots that Are Too Big

PowerStep Arch Support Orthotic Insoles

According to the manufacturer, these insoles are made in consultation with podiatrists. They are aimed at preventing and correcting plantar fasciitis, bunions, over-pronation, and ankle, foot, and arch pains.

They have a dual-layer of sturdy EVA foam and Variable Cushioning Technology, and PORON is excellent for cushioning your feet and absorbing shock to minimize the risk of injury. You will love how they keep your feet germ-free and dry with their anti-bacterial top coating.


  • Offer semi-rigid arch support
  • VCT, PORON, and EVA foam cushioning make them super comfy and protective
  • Alleviates several foot discomforts
  • Features a deep heel cradle for added stability and improved posture management


  • Might not last long

Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics

These are the best insoles for you if you weigh more than 200 pounds. They are made to alleviate foot and leg fatigue as well as lower back discomforts. They are also perfect for shock absorption and arch guard.

These insoles come in various sizes to suit people of all ages.  They are constructed with a deep heel cradle to improve your stability and give you a better upright posture. Get them when you want medical-grade high-profile insoles.


  • Thick profile insoles
  • Designed to bear heavy body weight
  • Appropriate for all shoe types
  • Excellent for ergonomic support
  • Heavy-duty, soft and comfy insoles
  • Arch guard and Shock Guard technologies significant for enhancing their effectiveness


  • Not slip-resistant

Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insoles

Timberland insoles are aimed at heightening performance and improving the comfort of your boots. They incorporate an anti-fatigue technology with inverted cone foam to better absorb shock and prevent friction. The foam is also excellent for returning energy to your feet as you train, run or walk.

They fit perfectly with steel-toe boots and any roomy boots, increasing their comfort so that you can wear them to work, casual events, or sports. They are made from high-grade durable materials.


  • Thick profile to fit in roomy boots
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Excellent at shock absorption
  • Stretchy heel and arch support


  •       May require trimming

Superfeet Green Full-Length Insoles

These are professional-grade, orthotic insoles that will give you maximum support in your big boots. They are padded from the rear of your foot to the forefoot. The cushioning is made of thick foam to give your under feet a firm anchorage. The foam is also effective in absorbing shock to protect you from injurious pressure on the feet, hips, ankles, and lower back.

With Superfeet insoles, you will be more stable as they have a deep cup that excellently aligns your feet, legs abs back. This is significant in keeping you upright and balanced. You can gel Superfeet insoles for your slim or roomy boots.


  •       Latex and vegan-free
  •       Antiseptic coating for odor management and hygiene
  •       Made to last
  •       Perfect for shock absorption


  • Might be squeaky

Samurai Insoles Sumos

These are super-padded orthotics suitable for flat feet. They are perfect for inserting in your roomy working or training boots. They come in several sizes for both men and women.

A panel of biochemical engineers designed them to optimize the performance of your feet and leg muscles. They will give you maximum support, especially if you have a fallen arch. They are excellent for use by people with a foot condition that limits their mobility.


  • Choice of two thicknesses
  • Do not need cutting or trimming
  • Embedded with Moisture, odor, and shock absorption mechanisms
  • Excellent for Orthopaedic support


  • Color may stain your socks when you sweat

Sof Sole Insoles

The Sof Soles insoles are constructed with 100% implus foam. They have a neutral arch design to fit in most shoe types and serve people with varied arch types.  Your Sof Sole insoles are made to fit. This is good since the position of the heel cup and arch support will not change.

The insoles are treated with Hydrologix technology to increase their moisture absorbency. You will also not experience bacteria and odor accumulation in your shoes since these insoles have a microban top coating.


  • Gel pads increase their comfort
  • Antiseptic treatment keeps away germs and odor
  • Moisture-wicking
  •  Available in several sizes
  • Effective in supporting and protecting the whole foot


  • Not suitable for those with over-pronation

FeetPeople Technical Heat Moldable Orthotic Insoles

These are the best insoles if you have pronation and want to wear boots that are too big. They are constructed with ultra-modern anti-fatigue technology significant for controlling your stability and balance. The heat-molding feature makes them perfect for customizing.

The top layer of FeetPeople insoles is antiseptic so that it can eliminate microorganisms and control odor. Expect them to wick away wetness and keep your feet fresh.


  • Made with energy return and invigorating foam layer
  • Anti-microbial top coat
  • Customizable
  • Unyielding foundation for a firm support
  • Available for men and women in various sizes


  • Not durable since they are not double-layered

Superfeet Memory Foam Comfort Insoles

These are made of 100% memory foam. They have a deep narrow heel cradle to help reduce impact during long treks and high-bang activities. They have a natural odor and moisture management lining and a reinforced stabilizer base cap.

As orthotic insoles, they will ease pain resulting from high-impact activities like running, training, hiking, and walking for long. The padding is well aligned and thick enough to absorb any injurious pressure. They will also reduce the rubbing on your feet to prevent blistering.


  • Deep heel pouch to align your posture and control your stability
  • Have both low profile and high profile models
  • Made with pressure-sensitive memory foam for effective shock absorption
  • Ideal for managing foot discomforts like Plantar Fasciitis


  • Not skid-proof

Spenco RX Orthotic Arch Support Full-length Shoe Insoles

You can find the right size of these insoles for your feet, whether you are a man or a woman. They have a 4-way stretch fabric with an antiseptic coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria and unpleasant smells.

The insoles are padded to make them effective at absorbing shock and reduce friction and blistering. They are also ideal for high arch support and alleviating pain and aches on the feet, hips, and lower back.


  • Reduces over-pronation
  • Offers advanced foot and arch support
  • Perfect for posture and motion control
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Suitable for athletes


  • Might not be true to size
  • Return and exchange not accepted

Wernies Running Shoe Inserts

If you are looking for insoles that will power your strides when running in your boots that are too big, these are your best bet. They are luxury insoles with extra targeted cushioning to support your bounce and protect your feet from friction.

They flex well since they are made from honeycomb-style foam that distributes your weight and pressure evenly to reduce the risk of injuries. The EVA foam used to construct them is soft and firm, perfect for alleviating injuries like back pain, swollen feet, and Plantar Fasciitis.


  • Excellent moisture management coating
  • Durable
  • Made with medical-grade material and technology
  • Deep heel pouch for preventing slippage, posture misalignment, and loss of balance


  • Might require cutting to fit well


You find yourself with boots that are too big because you want them to fit you in all seasons. You may have bought them and found the sizes run either too big or too small. Sometimes you may need such boots to accommodate your extra weight and feet size.

If you have boots that are too big, you can improve their comfort and support to your arch and heel by inserting the best insoles in them. Look for insoles made of firm material so that they can last long.

Also, consider the amount of support they are offering you, as well as how well they can control wetness, odor and bacteria buildup. The best insoles for boots that are too big may also be orthotic to alleviate discomforts caused by high-impact activities like running, walking, hiking, and working out.