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Protalus Insoles Reviews

Protalus Insoles Reviews

If your shoes feel uncomfortable under your feet, you probably need to insert insoles. Insoles are designed to improve the comfort of your shoes by increasing the padding and structure so that you can get maximum arch and heel support. Good insoles should also lessen the effect of high-impact activities on your feet, knees, lower back, and hips.

Protalus insoles are among the most popular insoles brands. They offer enhanced comfort, stability, and shock absorption, giving you an incredible experience even when you have to be in your shoes all day.

The padding is soft and breathable, making them perfect for preventing friction and injuries to your feet. Some prominent features of Protalus insoles include:

Tri-Plantar Technology

Reviewers report that because of this technology, these insoles are perfect for aligning your body and feet. This significantly contributes to a potent upright posture. It works by correcting your ankles’ positions to align your feet to the legs and body. It is also responsible for reducing discomforts that hinder your movements, such as Plantar Fasciitis, heel and ankle pains, and aches on your lower back.

Heel Cup Design

The insoles have a patented curved shape. This is significant for offering you stability during sudden foot movements. It is also perfect for cushioning the heel and encouraging you to take your strides naturally.

When engaged in high-speed leg movements, the heel cup helps you bounce off swiftly and land on a cushioned surface. This aids in increasing your performance and shielding you from harmful pressure on your ankles, hips, lower back, and heels.

These features of the Protalus insoles make them ideal for people struggling with discomforts like plantar Fasciitis, arch, knee, and back pain, as well as over-pronation. Let us now look at how different Protalus insoles compare.

Protalus Thin Insoles

These best suit you if you use low-profile insoles. You can use them in most types of shoes as they fit well owing to their thinness. You can use them with your factory insoles intact. You can also use them to replace worn-out or uncomfortable factory inserts.

Like all Protalus insoles, they are available in a wide range of sizes for men, women, and youngsters alike. They are packed with patented features that make them premium footwear accessories. 

To begin with, you can get both T100 full-length and T75 ¾ Protalus insoles. The full-length insoles are good for use for replacement, while the ¾ ones can be used to reinforce your factory insoles.

These insoles will provide you with moderate support. You can get them in various sizes made for men and women.

Their uniqueness comes mostly from incorporating a curved heel cradle and the Tri Plantar technology. This helps them reduce the pressure on the heels and forefoot as it provides more contact for your feet. In return, this reduces the amount of pressure exerted on your ankles, hips, lower back, and feet, minimizing your risk of muscle and joints injuries.

Besides, these insoles have anti-slip ridges at the bottom that keep them in place regardless of how active you are on your feet. You will appreciate the premium materials used to make these insoles, all of which are sourced in the USA. They have an antiseptic top lining that is also soft and absorbent.


  •       Available in full and ¾ lengths
  •       Has sizes for all ages
  •       Thinner profile to fit in low volume shoes
  •       Packed with patented features unique to Protalus products


  •       May not offer enough arch support

Protalus Extra-thin Insoles

These are made for you to use with your slim casual, sports, or dress shoes. They give ¾ support and protection with a size range between 5 and 15.

Made with Protalus patented technology, they will revolutionize your experience with slim and thin insoles. You will love that they offer you the support you need without taking too much space in your shoes or feeling bulky.

This is made possible by the premium materials used to construct these insoles that remain firm even when sliced into thin profiles. The material is also good at absorbing and distributing your weight evenly, thus reducing your chances of injuries to your knees, hips, lower back, and feet.

To add to the comfort of your extra thin Protalus insoles, they are fitted with a soft, moisture licking, and breathable top cloth layer. This reduces friction on your feet, keeps dry, and controls the accumulation of odors.

The Tri-Plantar technology incorporated in these insoles significantly improves their comfort to place them at the same level as any other orthotic insoles. This makes them perfect for you if you experience pain on your heel and feet when walking or standing, or if you have discomforts that inhibit your movement. You can easily fit these insoles into any type of shoes or swap them between shoes.


  •       Perfect when you want mild stability and support
  •       Suitable for people looking for low profile insoles
  •       Have an anti-bacterial top layer
  •       Gentle cushioning protects your feet and absorbs shock.
  •       Helps to manage feet, arch, knee, and lower back pain


  • Not slide-proof

Protalus Max Insoles

You will get these insoles in full or ¾ lengths. They are superb for use with roomy footwear, and you can find them in any size for both men and women.

The manufacturer ensures that these insoles contour with your feet to provide maximum contact with your feet. They will fit you well if you use high-volume insoles, perfect for offering high arch support.

This helps distribute your weight evenly and absorb impact to keep it away from your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. With this kind of support and protection, you will experience minimal discomfort when engaging in high-impact activities.

Protalus makes these insoles using Tri-Plantar technology and ensures they have a deep curve. Both of these features increase the comfort of your Protalus Max insoles.

The deep heel cup will give you better stability and a stronger bounce during high-rhythm feet and body movement. It also helps you to maintain an aligned upright posture. You can use these insoles when playing tennis, hockey, soccer, or dancing.

These insoles have anti-slide ridges located at the bottom so that they do not slide forward or backward when you are wearing them. The top coating is anti-microbial, breathable, and moisture-wicking.


  • Made of the highest quality  USA-made materials
  • Constructed to align our body
  • Ultra-modern technology used to make them
  • Fit for men and women
  • Helpful in the management of plantar fasciitis, foot, ankle, lower back, and hips pains.


  • Might not last long

Protalus Heel Insoles

If you are like most women, you probably love your high heel shoes but cannot bear the pain they sometimes cause. That is where your H75 Protalus insoles come in. These insoles are made for your boots and shoes with a heel of up to or more than 2.5 inches.

You can get them in several sizes, ranging from 5 to 12.5.  They do not contour to your feet but they provide you the support you need when wearing high-heel footwear.  You will notice how they cushion your feet and offer mild arch support.

The base of your H75 Protalus insoles has creases that make them slide-proof. They also have a cozy antiseptic upper coat to prevent friction on your feet and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. This helps to control odor and keep your feet fresh. Besides, this top layer absorbs sweat for an all-day dryness under your feet.


  • Anti-slip
  • Excellent in absorbing pressure
  • Cushioned to prevent friction and blistering
  • High profile insoles


  • Does not give heel-to-toe support


Protalus insoles are perfect for you when you want to improve the comfort of your footwear and protect yourself from high-impact related injuries.

They are made with ultra-modern Tri-Plantar technology and deep, curved heel cups. Tri-plantar technology makes these insoles excellent in absorbing shock and preventing training-related injuries on your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

On the other hand, the deep, curved heel pouch aligns your feet, legs, and body for a perfectly erect posture. It also helps to power your gait so that you can spring up easily and safely land on a padded cradle.

Protalus insoles come in various models and types. For high arch support, go for the Max series. You can pick the thin and extra thin series when you need a medium to low support. These three models are available as full-length and ¾ lengths.

In addition, for medium support when wearing your high heels, the heel series is perfect for you.  These are ¾ length high profile insoles designed to improve the comfort of your heeled footwear.

Most people admit they experienced fewer discomforts on their knees, feet, ankles, and lower back when they started using Protalus insoles. You will also appreciate their skid-proof, moisture-wicking, antiseptic top lining. Expect them to control the odor that builds up in shoes when you wear them for long hours.