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Superfeet Flex Insole Reviews

Superfeet Flex Insole Reviews

When you want to show your feet some love, Superfeet flex insoles will be a perfect addition to your footwear accessories. Superfeet insoles are known for their premium quality and comfort, helpful in alleviating stress on the back, knees, and feet.

With their latest edition of Superfeet flex insoles, they just took the insole game to a whole new level.  Superfeet Flex insoles are doctor-recommended, excellent for controlling discomforts that come with high-impact activities.

They will be your best bet if you need to power your performance on the field, track, or in the gym. They are also helpful for inserting into your shoes when wearing them for long hours to work or your casual events.

You can wear them with slim or roomy footwear without needing to cut or trim them. This is because Superfeet flex insoles are made to bend and conform to the shape of your shoes. All Superfeet Flex insoles are ventilated and wick away moisture effectively.

Superfeet Flex Insoles Features

Let us talk now about what makes these insoles stand out from the other Superfeet insoles as well as other brands in the market.

The Aerospring or Viscoelastic Foam

This will give you long-lasting comfort as it absorbs shock and flexes effectively with your sudden foot movement. It is a closed-cell foam made to endure heavy weight and the frequent compression of your feet as you run, walk, train, or play your favorite game.  

The elasticity of this foam is significant in sucking up the pressure you exert with your feet and distributing it evenly so that it does not damage your joints, lower back, knees, and feet muscles. It is a medical-grade foam that doctors recommend for protecting and alleviating discomforts associated with heavy-impact activities.

Flexible and Comfortable Cradle

As you engage in your training, sports, or leisure activities, you want to ensure you maintain a strong upright posture. You also want to minimize the risk of losing your balance and stability when moving your feet speedily. Superfeet Flex insoles have considered that and incorporated a deep and flexible heel cradle. This is significant in absorbing shock, giving you flexibility, and powering your bounce.

Biomechanical Shape

Nothing irritates like having ill-shaped insoles that do not conform to the contours of your feet. They make you uncomfortable and interfere with your movements. This is unlike Superfeet Flex insoles that contour and curve around your foot naturally to give you maximum support.

They are made with consideration to how your tendons, bones, ligaments, and muscles work to generate your foot movements. These insoles are constructed to imitate your natural foot anatomy to serve you and give you every support that an insole should.


The insoles are made to last you 12 months of heavy use. The manufacturer states that they will take you through 500 miles before showing signs of wear and tear or losing their power and comfort.

Ventilated and Moisture-Wicking Coating

With Superfeet flex, your feet will be aerated throughout to keep them fresh. This is perfect for managing odors and bacteria buildup. In addition, the coating absorbs moisture sufficiently to give you all-day dryness.

Rounded Edges

This is perfect for fitting these insoles into any type of footwear. The rounded edges are easy to manipulate so that they can bend and fit into your shoes. This is more helpful when using these insoles inside tight footwear when you do not want to cut them to the size of the shoe.


Regardless of your arch type, there is a Superfeet flex insole to suit your arch support needs. They come in three models. Low profile Superfeet insoles are 3mm thick. They are ideal for people with flat feet or a low arch.

If you have a medium arch, you will be more comfortable with the 4mm thick flex mid insoles. On the other hand, Flex high is available for you if you have a high arch.  It is 5 mm thick but with a firm base to give you all the comfort and support of a premium insole.

Color Coding

While color may not be significant since your insoles are invisible in your shoes, the color of your insoles may be helpful when purchasing your favorite pair. Superfeet Flex insoles are color-coded so that you can distinguish them. Flex low insoles have a blue heel, while flex mid has an orange heel. You will identify your high flex insoles with their green heels.

Superfeet Flexthin Comfort Insoles

These are your ideal insoles if you wear slim athletic shoes. They are padded with aerospring comfort foam from the heel to the forefoot. With a 3mm thickness, they are perfect if you have a low arch. The aerospring foam is also called viscoelastic foam since it is stretchy, excellent for accommodating your sudden feet movement.

The forefoot of these insoles is ventilated. This is good as it keeps your feet cool, fresh, and comfortable. Their dynamic shape and rounded edges help them to fit well in any type of shoes and contour with your foot structure.

Besides, they have a deep and flexible horseshoe-shaped heel cup that provides you with much-needed cushioning, stability, and upright posture alignment. You cannot miss to notice them,  as they have a unique bolt color.


  •       Perfect for low arch support
  •       Full-length comfort and support
  •       Unisex
  •       Thin enough for tight-fitting shoes
  •       Medical-grade construction for maximum support
  •       Moisture-wicking and breathable


  • You may need to trim them to fit in ultra-slim shoes

Superfeet Flex Comfort Insoles for Athletic Shoes

These bright flame-colored insoles are good for you if you have a medium arch type. They are orthotic insoles recommended by doctors for people struggling with plantar fasciitis, heel, knee, back and ankle pains, and pronation.

The Aerospring Foam technology they are made with is perfect for offering full-length foot comfort and distributing pressure to alleviate pain and discomforts associated with sports and heavy training. To improve their comfort, these insoles are made to contour to your foot shape to give you targeted support.

They are made of a flexible viscoelastic fabric with a moisture-wicking and ventilated top layer. This makes them hygienic and odorless. They also have a rounded edge to keep your forefoot protected from blistering. This shape also helps them to curve well and fit in most shoe types.


  • Made of sturdy material
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Padded from heel to toe
  • No break-in period
  • Feature a deep heel cradle for increased stability and shock absorption
  • Firm but not bulky
  • Suitable for supporting people with training-related discomforts


  • The heel, arch, and forefoot padding may be misplaced after cutting

Superfeet FLEXmax Comfort Insoles for Roomy Athletic Shoes

Your emerald SuperFeet Flexmax insoles are perfect when you want oversized footwear or if you have extra-wide feet. They have a flexible heel cup to give you a bouncy spring.

They will offer you heel-to-toe cushioning and improve your stability with their deep heel pouch. A deep and flexible heel pouch is significant for reducing stress on your lower back, ankles, feet, and knees.

With 5mm of aero spring foam with a breathable coating, these insoles will last long. They will keep your feet comfortable and protected in your shoes as they have a dynamic shape that makes them hug your feet for an all-day cozy feel. You can use them when managing pains on your ankles, feet, knee, hips, and lower back.


  • Reduce foot fatigue
  • Ventilated and moisture-wicking
  • Full-length padded footbed
  • Durable
  • Suitable for medium and high arch support
  • True to size
  • Stretchy and skid-proof


  • Might be too short for some shoe types


Superfeet Flex insoles are the most popular brand on the market. They are medical-grade insoles made with consideration to the biomechanical shape and function of your feet. They are an addition to the renowned Superfeet insoles popular with sportsmen and sportswomen.

They come in three color-coded models for low, medium, and high arch types. They are comfortable and durable since they are made of premium, firm aerospring foam. They also have a breathable moisture-wicking coating made with an odor control mechanism.

These unisex insoles will offer you full-length support and comfort and can fit with most types of shoes. The edges are rounded to minimize the need for cutting and trimming to adjust their sizes.

And to give you a strong upright posture and keep you stable while training, these insoles feature a deep, flexible heel cup. This kind of heel cup is also significant in absorbing shock and powering your spring.

The heel cup flexibility of Superfeet flex insoles helps you to bounce off with ease and protects you from injuries when you land on your feet. This is because it distributes your weight and pressure evenly to minimize the risk of training-related injuries. You can use them to help you ease foot, knee, lower back, and ankle complications.