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Adidas vs Nike Sizing

Adidas vs Nike Sizing

When most people think of top-tier activewear and sportswear, Adidas and Nike come to mind first. These are the two most popular brands worldwide. They are known for their premium quality, innovation, style, and giving their customers value for their money.

 Although they are industry leaders in footwear and sportswear manufacturing, their products differ. Nike is based in the USA, while Adidas is headquartered in Germany.

 Of the two, Nike has a high annual turnover, but it beats Adidas with a small margin. And when it comes to their shoe sizing, they have notable differences. 

 Although these differences in their shoe sizes are not so huge, you should be concerned about them since they may confuse you when buying your Adidas or Nike shoes. This is especially since most people expect shoe sizes from all companies to be standard, which is usually not the case.

 In this guide, we will explore Adidas vs Nike sizing. We already know you are sure that they are both your-go-to premium footwear brands, so we will help you understand their size differences. We will begin by guiding you on how to measure or calculate your shoe size.

 How to Get the Perfect Fit for Your Shoes

The biggest mistake you can make when shopping for shoes is to assume you know your shoe size. If you do so, you will always get ill-fitting shoes that are either too tight or loose-fitting.

 You can get your exact shoe size by tracking the exterior outline of your foot on a piece of paper and measuring its heel-to-toe length. To get precise results, place the heel against a wall when tracing. Also, having someone trace the foot for you will give you more accurate measurements.

 Alternatively, you can have your local shoe store attendant take your shoe size measurement. The ideal time to measure your feet is in the evening when your feet are fully expanded.  


When fitting your shoes, give an allowance for the socks you will be wearing them with. Remember that one foot tends to be bigger.  Wear both of them and take some steps in the shoes to ensure they are comfortable on your feet.

 Why Should You Fit Your Shoes Before Purchasing?

Your shoe size is not constant. It can change during pregnancy, illness, or as you age. Besides, shoe sizes differ with brands, making it necessary to fit your shoes before purchasing them.

Adidas vs Nike Sizing

Most people will tell you that these two do not have the same fitting. Let us explore their differences in the fitting.

 The Actual Size

Adidas shoes have a larger fitting than Nike does. This means that an Adidas shoe of your size will fit you well. However, a Nike shoe of the same size will be too tight, or you may not even fit into it.

 They differ in size by as much as 5 millimeters. For example, if you have a 9.7 inches long foot, you will fit in Adidas Shoe size 8. However, a Nike size 8 fits someone with a 9.62 inches foot, which, as you can see, is a smaller fitting.

 This difference is more notable with half sizes.  For instance, if you wear a Nike size 7.5, you should fit in an Adidas size 8. The Nike size 7.5 measures about 10 inches, the same length for an Adidas shoe size 8.

 You may think that after all these differences add up to just a few millimeters that anyone can bear with. If you wear your shoes for covering and protecting your feet, this difference in sizes may not affect you. 

 However, for someone participating in a race, or a Tennis game, those inches can spell doom to his or her performance. In a competitive game or race, an ill-fitting shoe will hinder your swift movement and distract your mind. It may also injure your foot, making it hard for you to win the competition. 

Adidas vs Nike Size Charts

 One outstanding difference between these two brands is their size charts. Adidas, being a European company, follows size standards charts approved for the UE, UK, and, JP markets. On the other hand, Nike follows the American size standards and chart.

 This should not concern you too much since the charts are easy to read and convert. Besides, the charts are available on websites and shoe stores. You can easily convert the sizes to know the correct size for your feet.

Width Size

If you have wide feet, you will find Adidas shoes more comfortable. Adidas shoes are true to size. They also have a standard or wider fitting to give sufficient room for foot movement. 

Nike, on the other hand, fits wearers with narrower feet. Their width size is smaller, just like their shoe length size. 

Any time you are buying a Nike pair of shoes, try a size bigger to make up for their smaller fitting. Alternatively, you can also look out for Nike shoes specifically constructed for people with wide feet.

Brand-Specific Features

Nike Mobile App can help you to calculate your shoe size after posting a photo of your foot. This is excellent since you can get the right size for any model of their shoes.

Adidas also has a mobile App for the same, but you may fully not rely on it. The sizes you get from the App may run smaller. Besides, some of their shoes have Cloudfoam that affects how they fit on your feet, especially for women.


Adidas and Nike are the most popular footwear, especially for sportsmen and sportswomen. They are both premium brands, but their shoe sizes differ. Adidas shoes are true to size, while Nike shoes tend to run smaller.

Before buying your shoes, know the correct size of your feet. You should never assume that you know your shoe size since your feet size is not constant. You can assess your size yourself, go to your shoe store to be measured, or use brand-specific online tools to compute your shoe size.