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Best Socks to Wear with Crocs

Best Socks to Wear with Crocs

Even though crocs are easy to hate for their looks, they are irresistible when you need comfort, arch support, and anti-wetness footwear. They may have come in as gardening shoes, but to our surprise, they are turning out to be staple shoes for superstars like Leighton Meester and Jennifer Garner.

But it looks like Ariana Grande has made the most significant contribution in popularizing the crocs and socks style. One photo of her wearing crocs and matching socks has garnered over 3 million likes.

Now that brands have taken to making more stylish crocs, like Balenciaga’s towering platforms and stiletto crocs, there is every indication that we will be seeing the crocs and socks look for a little longer.

So, what are the best socks for wearing Crocs? 

Pro Mountain No-Show Socks

You can wear these unisex socks with your Crocs when you want to wrap your feet in soft, sweat-wicking comfort without the socks showing over your crocs. They take the shape of standard crocs, perfect for putting a silky barrier between your skin and crocs to prevent abrasion and keep the feet warm and dry.

If you are intolerant to synthetic fiber, these will be ideal for you as they are made of cotton. The mesh lining allows free airflow to keep your feet cool. They have a slip-proof base.


  •       Premium cotton fabric
  •       Anti-slip base to prevent slippage
  •       Invisible
  •       Seamless
  •       Suitable for both men and women
  •       Towel soft moisture wicking fabric
  •       Embedded with an elastic mesh to permit air circulation


  • Restrict color selections

Tommy Hilfiger Liners

Another perfect choice for you if you are still unsure about showing off your crocs and socks look. They will give you superior softness and keep your feet dry and germ-free. The cotton fabric is warm and comfortable to wear for long hours.

Besides, they have a silicone grip that stops them from slipping. The fabric is thin, so it will not feel bulky, but it will protect your feet from blistering. Moreover, since they are blended with spandex, they will give you room to flex your feet inside your crocs, as they are stretchy.


  • Warm and soft
  • Skid-proof
  • Moisture-wicking combed cotton fabric
  • Undetectable
  • Seamless high quality knit
  • Available in all women’s standard sizes
  • White, black, and grey color choices


  • Some buyers complained that the embedded logo fades fast

Comfoex Women’s Ankle Cotton Socks

Sometimes you want to avoid being dramatic with your crocs and socks look, but you still want to cover your ankles. Comfoex socks are your best bet for such days. They warmly wrap your feet and ankles in subtle colors that can match any of your crocs.

The cushioned heel tab and sole are excellent for stopping heel slippage and adding comfort to your feet. They reduce abrasion on your feet, keeping you blister-free. These cotton socks wick moisture away and are breathable. To add to their comfort, they have a ribbed cuff that stops them from falling.


  • Reinforced heel, sole, and toe pads for extra comfort
  • Slip-proof
  • Expandable and breathable
  • Improved arch support
  • Fine combed cotton fabric that wicks perspiration


  • May be too warm to wear on hot days

Kodal Copper Infused Low-Cut Socks

Crocs come in many colors. You need matching socks to rock your Crocs stylishly. Kodal ensures you have a perfect color for whatever crocs you are wearing. You can also count on the copper ions from the embedded copper to disperse any unpleasant smell from your crocs.

These moisture-wicking socks will soothe your aching muscles and stimulate blood flow in your feet. This is significant in quickening recovery of any foot discomfort and preventing blistering. They have a double protection layer on the upper side to reduce abrasion.


  • Super comfortable towel-like cotton fabric
  • Infused with copper yarns to increase airflow and reduce the buildup of moisture
  • Unisex
  • Available in several colors and sizes


  • Sizes may run big

CharmKing Compression Socks

You may be wearing crocs because you want a shoe that is easy on your feet due to a foot problem. In that case, you can pair the crocs with a compression pair of CharmKing socks. Not only are these sleek looking but also anti-slip, warm, and silk-soft.

CharmKing makes targeted compression socks, meaning you can choose the socks with reinforced compression on the part of the leg where you need it.

They are breathable and elastic, giving you all-day ergonomic comfort.  They are also available in different colors and styles to suit your everyday taste. Pair them with your crocs, and you are sure you will not experience a buildup of sweat and odor.


  • Knitted to be slip-proof
  • Warm and soft
  • Available for targeted compression
  • Stylish colors
  • Unisex
  • Perfect for managing pain and swelling on your feet


  • Require special care when washing

Aserlin Men Ankle Socks

Aserlin has moderately thick warm socks that are perfect for warming your feet and wicking away moisture. The colors are also neutral, excellent for matching with your pants or shorts.

The socks are also excellent for airing with other shoes, so you can easily switch from your training shoes or loafers to crocs without needing to change your socks.  They are cushioned to protect your toes and heel from abrasion and prevent slippage.


  • Ultra-premium cotton fabric
  • Reinforced heel, arch, and toe areas
  • Vented to reduce foot fatigue and keep feet dry and germ-free


  • Limited color choices


The crocs and socks look is gaining popularity despite crocs not being good-looking. When you match them well with your socks, you can enjoy the crocs comfort and look sleek at the same time.

You can wear them with invisible socks, ankle or knee-high socks to match your pants or shorts. And if you have foot discomfort, you can still wear your compression socks with your crocs.