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Adidas Cloudfoam Vs Comfort Slides

Adidas Cloudfoam Vs Comfort Slides

For most people, flip-flops have been their go-to, super casual sandals for the warmer weather. While they are great for the beach and running errands, flip-flops aren’t really comfortable. This article seeks to discuss something better: we developed a quick comparison review of Adidas Cloudfoam vs. Comfort slides, which are quite possibly the most comfortable sandals around.

Adidas Slides Overview

If you’re planning to wear good shoes and feel comfortable at the same time, then you might want to check out the Adidas Slide. You’ve probably seen folks wearing this footwear or maybe you’ve already got a pair or two of your own. In case you’re new, though, these are the shoes highly comparable to athletic shoes on the sole but are a sandal.

They feature a very unique look meant to serve a great purpose. The shoes themselves are meant to be an epitome of comfort, especially during hot days when you want your feet cooped up in a flexible pair of sneakers all day long. The whole thing is perfect for fun activities, for instance around the pool, and is even perfectly usable as deck shoes on a boat.

These slides are a versatile, sporty, and much better alternative to thong-style flip-flops. They are really soft as they’ve been developed with plush Cloudfoam and a comfy footbed that makes it feel like a pair of high-quality slippers rather than shoes.

The cushiony feeling is sustainable enough so it doesn’t wear down or start to get flat after a while. More to the cloudlike design, the footbed is carefully contoured for a nice touch. They fit true to size and aren’t prone to sliding as opposed to flip-flops. The contouring, together with the thick upper band provides the much-needed support and protection, which is not found with flimsier sandals.

While these shoes definitely offer a great athleisure vibe, you’ll realize that they work with nearly anything. You can have them for the beach and pool, with jeans and a tee, a casual summer dress, and even with your favorite sweatpants while hanging out at home.

You can easily count on them for long walks or long hours without feeling like you need a break, something you could never do with regular flip-flops. Moreover, you can wear them around the house as more ventilated footwear.

Adidas Cloudfoam Vs Comfort Slides: The Difference

Is there a significant difference between Comfort Slides and Cloudfoam slides? We know that Comforts are made with Cloudfoam, and if that’s so, why the $10 difference?

Well, at a glance, it’s safe to state that the difference stems from the thickness of the slides. Adidas Cloud foam seems thicker in comparison to comfort slides. The difference may also have something to do with the design as the cloud foam looks more durable and classic than the comfort slides.

The Cloudfoam material employed in the marking of the Cloudfoam sandals is much dense and compresses just slightly when pressed. The Adilette comfort material, meanwhile, seems squishier with fairly dense memory foam.

If you want soft and super comfortable, go comfort, but for something a little more dense and durable like a regular slide, go Cloudfoam. If you want to learn more about the Adidas Slide, here are the five best models in this particular line of footwear that are currently available for purchase.

Best Adidas Slides

Adidas Adissage Slides

The Adidas Adissage Slides are practically meant for comfort, but with a closer look, you’ll realize they’re a lot of things about it that meet the eye. First up, the shoes are designed for both men and women so anyone can wear them comfortably. It’s offered in several different sizes making it easier to find the size of your foot. Also, it comes with a Velcro strap on the top, which is adjustable to help make the shoe tighter or looser based on your needs.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Adidas Adissage Slides is the sole itself. It’s designed to provide your feet with a mini massage with every step. This makes it perfectly usable for someone with any type of foot pain.

Adidas Adilette Slides for Men

Some call them “Originals” probably because they were the first footwear of this kind to be offered for sale. The Adidas Adilette Slides are purposely designed for men and being the ones that started it all, they are a little more basic in comparison to the Adissage slides discussed above.

They don’t feature a fancy adjustable Velcro strap and they don’t massage your feet. Nonetheless, the whole thing is very comfortable and will surely get the job done. It wouldn’t be fair to relegate the Originals, especially when you consider the fact that they were the first models in the Adidas slides line of shoes.

Adidas Adilette Slides

Adidas Adilette Slides are basically the exact same shoes like the Adidas Adilette Slides for Men discussed above only that these ones are made for both men and women. These were the first changes that Adidas made from this footwear line.

They made the originals ideal for both men and women, all without introducing a completely different product line. Thus, they made a few adaptations in terms of how the shoes fit so they can deliver a comfortable shoe for both genders. Simply put, the manufacturer took a shoe that was already good enough and made slight improvements on it, constantly improving it every time they made an adjustment.