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What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Blue Dress?

What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Blue Dress?

Blue is the sky’s color, and in the fashion world, it has a sophisticated and energetic touch that makes it a favorite pick for many designers. As a lady, investing in a blue dress is one of the easiest ways of upgrading your wardrobe and fashion style without getting out of your comfort zone. This is because despite being a color that oozes so much energy, blue has a calm elegance that will blow you away.

But, it is never enough to invest in a stylish and beautiful blue dress that flatters your body as there is a need to pair it with the right color of shoes. To avoid making the wrong choices, we answer the biggest question for you – what color of shoes should I wear with a blue dress?

The Best Shoe color choices to pair with a blue dress

There are several great color combinations that you can settle on for all those moments when you want to wear that blue dress. Regardless of the shade of blue on your dress, right from royal and navy blue to light blue, it is vital to find a pair of shoes that enhances your look. Below are some of the excellent options you can never go wrong with:

Nude shoes and beige shoes

This is an effortless combination as nude and beige shoes are laid-back but in a chic way and will never take the shine from your blue dress. Not only will these shoes not take attention from the dress, but they will make your legs look fantastic, and this enhances your overall look. In general, nude and beige shoes are a must-have in every shoe collection as they tend to blend with most colors.

Note: When going for nude shoes or beige shoes, pay attention to how closely they match your skin tone or the beautiful contrast they can create.

  1.   Black shoes

Another shoe color you can hardly ever go wrong with is black. Therefore, it is the easy-pick-choice for all those days when you want a naturally matching and flawless look. The best part is that black shoes work with all blue shades and all you have to do is find a shoe style that makes your dress look more sophisticated.

  1.   White shoes

Blue has, for long, been associated with nobility and an exciting way to pair it with a color that represents purity. White shoes bring the needed brightness to your style while letting your blue dress be the main highlight. You can never go wrong with this combination, and it can effortlessly be worn to that formal occasion or as a casual look.

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  1.   Metallic shoes

Is there any color that does not work well with metallic shoes? If there is, then blue is not among them as it perfectly blends with most metallic colors. Whether you have bronze shoes, silver shoes, or gold shoes, there is no need to panic as these will make you look amazing. This is because they tone down the vibrancy of blue and give you a laid back but cool attractiveness.

  1.   Green shoes

For most ladies, green shoes are hardly ever the first choice when they think about blue dresses. It is incredible how green shoes provide a fun and unique look when paired with a blue dress. If you are not afraid of playing with colors, then this combination will leave you feeling confident and smiling all day.

Note: Always go for green shoes that work with your skin tone for the best results. Also, try to match the shades of blue and green for a trendy look.

  1.   Leopard print shoes

If you want to bring out the fierceness of your blue dress, then there is no better way to do this than to pair it with leopard print shoes. The classic touch of these shoes will allow you to look sexy and outstanding. This combination works best with darker blue shades, given how deep-colored most leopard print shoes tend to be.

  1.   Brown shoes

Ever thought of matching the color of the sky with the color of earth? Well, nature already proved how magical this combination is, and you will appreciate the decision to pick those brown shoes. You can always play around with the different textures and tones of brown for startling results.

  1.   Pink shoes and red shoes

Pink is feminine, and it gives you that extra chic look when paired with a blue dress. Similarly, red shoes are a go-for option if you want a beautiful color contrast. This is a style for the bold ladies, and to make this look perfect, try and match the color hue of your shoes to the dress.

  1.   Yellow shoes

This is another color that most ladies are afraid to pick whenever they wear a blue dress. However, it is in such unexpected colors where the magic happens, and it is one way to look bright when you step out. As a rule, try and match the color hue of these shoes to that of your dress.

  1.   Maroon shoes and purple shoes

Are you after a perfect alternative to pink shoes as you rock those purple shoes? Then you can always go for maroon shoes and purple shoes for that chic but different look.

  1.   Blue shoes

Can I go all blue and match blue shoes with a blue dress? Well, you can, and this is one of the best block color styles you will ever pull off. You are better off going for shoes that have a slightly darker color than your dress.


Blue can be picky when it comes to the range of colors that it can be paired with. Still, this does not mean that you need to be limited to a single color every time you wear that stylish dress. We give you a list of all the favorite shoe color options that will make your blue dress a pick for many occasions.