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What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Maroon Dress?

What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Maroon Dress?

Maroon is a subtle color that can be very versatile when worn as a dress as it comes in many shades. Right from the darker shades of deep maroon and closer hues such as burgundy to lighter shades that have hues closer to purple, you have a variety of options to play with. The best thing is that unlike red or purple (colors closely associated with maroon), maroon is softer and has a more feminine appeal. As such, while it is not the kind of color that most ladies frequently pick, when worn it has a chic and luxurious touch that attracts the right kind of attention.

How to wear a maroon dress

You should never be afraid to step out in a maroon dress for any occasion as they are bound to look great on you at any moment. Long gone are the days when most ladies reserved these dresses for evening dinners, parties, or events, as they have become the perfect outfit for any event or activity. Fashion designers have equally been up to task availing a wide range of styles and designs that work perfectly for all body types and preferences.

You are still better off opting for darker shades of maroon for a formal look while playing around with the lighter shades for less formal occasions. To bring out your sexier side, strapless and off-shoulder maroon dresses will always do the trick as they allow you to show some skin as you have the time of your life.

The best Shoe Color Choices to Pair with a Maroon dress

If you are worried about the right color of shoes to settle for once you wear that fantastic maroon dress, here are options that you will love:

  1.   Black shoes

If you are after a classic combination whenever you wear a maroon dress, then go for black shoes. The dark color of these shoes allows them to complement the dress as they bring out their true tones. It is also a simple way to look appealing without looking like you are trying too hard. Black shoes are versatile and will work with all shades of maroon, but for a killer look, go for black colored suede boots, ankle strap sandals, or simple pumps.

  1.   Gold shoes and silver shoes

Metallic shoe colors have become essential for every lady who wants a pair they can turn to when other options do not work out. Once again, gold shoes and silver shoes come to the rescue as they provide the much-needed shine to that flowing and stylish maroon dress. Silver shoes work best if you want to tone up your dress while bringing out your playfulness. On the other hand, gold shoes provide a touch of royalty to an already classy dress.

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  1.   Taupe shoes and beige shoes

Do you want to instantly enhance your fashion style without going to the extreme when you wear a maroon dress? Then you will love the touch that taupe shoes and beige shoes will provide. These calm and attractive shoe colors are fantastic as they not only flatter your leg but offer a perfect finish to your look. Since taupe shoes and beige shoes have subtle warmth, you can always add bits of color to your dressing by carrying a white or black purse.

  1.   White shoes

If you want to be different and try something unique but exciting, your best bet is to wear a maroon dress with white shoes. On the surface, these colors might seem worlds apart, but when paired, they create a flawless finish that you will instantly love. White shoes will also give you the bold and trendy look that everyone is after today.

  1.   Brown shoes

This is another unexpected combination to a maroon dress that will set you out from the crowd. Brown is laid-back, while maroon is cool and chic, making them great as a subtle and elegant combo. To pull off this look effortlessly, always go for brown shoes that either flatter your legs or match your skin tone.

  1.   Turquoise shoes, blue shoes, and purple shoes

Are you a bold lady who is never afraid to wear colorful outfits? Have you considered adding a fabulous color when putting on your maroon dress? Then, you will love what turquoise shoes, blue shoes, and purple shoes have in store for you. Firstly, you must acknowledge that these are contrasting colors, and they need the confidence of someone pushing the limits of their style.

Turquoise shoes are for all those days when you want to make a statement and have fun with color. Blue shoes are for those days when you do not want to be too loud but still play with bright colors. Finally, purple shoes are perfect if you have a lighter shade of maroon dress and need a matching color contrast.

  1.   Bright red shoes

Most ladies prefer to play it safe and keep off red shoes as they are hard to pair with any clothing. This is because of how much this color tends to ‘scream,’ especially when it is bright red. But, a maroon dress gives you a solid platform for wearing these shoes and stealing the spotlight. This is because the contrast these colors create has a fabulous result that will see you become a center of attention. Nevertheless, it is not a look for the fainthearted but the ladies who are not afraid to make a statement.


The growing popularity of maroon dresses has seen them become a favorite piece for ladies who want to steal the limelight. However, there is an undeniable concern about the captivating ways to mix this color when choosing a suitable pair of shoes. This is because maroon is considered less flexible compared to other popular colors. Here we breakdown the many ways to achieve a more sophisticated look whenever you wear a maroon dress by pairing it with the right shoe color choices. In the end, the goal is to look trendy and modern with the chic appeal of maroon dresses.