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What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A White Dress?

What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A White Dress?

Every lady with an authentic, stylish vibe understands the power of owning a white dress. This color’s purity is its defining strength and the reason it has always had a timeless appeal that is impossible to ignore. In the fashion world, white dresses represent elegance and class, making them wardrobe essentials for women of all ages.

There are a hundred and one reasons to love the white dress, but it all boils down to its versatility, coolness, and how perfectly they draw admirable attention. Anyone who walks into a room with this dress will instantly be noticed as white has a lovely way of making ladies look more chic and charming. In all evaluations, white dresses are the secret weapon to making a statement without having to be loud about it.

The easy match dress

The other reason why white dresses are precious in the fashion industry is that they can easily be matched with other colors. This is because they provide the flexibility of experimenting with lots of different colors while you have fun. The best part is that it is hard to look out of place with a beautiful white dress as it naturally flatters the body regardless of the colors it is paired with.

Nevertheless, it counts to know the best color options to go for, especially when you want the right pair of shoes to make you look extra stunning. We look at some of the best options to consider for all those occasions when you have to show the world your beauty in that gorgeous white dress.

The Best Color Shoes to Pair with a White Dress

  1.   Black shoes

The easiest combination for a white dress is without question a great looking pair of black shoes. Black and white is an effortless match that anyone can pull off without worrying about looking the part. The freedom that going for black shoes gives you is also noteworthy as you can go for heels, sandals, flat shoes, oxfords, or sneakers and still look like the queen you are.

  1.   Nude shoes and beige shoes

There is a reason why your shoe collection should contain several pairs of nude shoes and beige shoes – their versatility. These are shoes you can pair with lots of other colors, and white dresses are not an exemption. The beauty of opting for nude shoes or beige shoes is that they naturally complement your legs as the white dress flatters your body. This is a win-win mix that is pulled off effortlessly and can be worn to any occasion without worrying about being overdressed or underdressed.

  1.   Golden shoes and metallic shoes

Metallic shoes are not only fabulous but have the advantage of working with a broad range of colors. They are a classy choice for all those moments when you want to look formal in a white dress without losing your sexiness. Gold shoes are a particular favorite as they work with all shades of white. Silver shoes equally work great but are perfect when you settle for a bright white dress.

  1.   Reds shoes and orange shoes

You are not limited to neutral colors when wearing a white dress as you can always settle for bright colors and still look ravishing. This is why you need to take those red shoes or orange shoes from the closet for those moments when you feel confident enough to take on the world. These color combinations will be fierce enough to draw more attention to you without losing touch with your fashion sense.

  1.   Pink shoes and purple shoes

Do you want to bring out your girly side when wearing a white dress? Then all you have to do is reach out for those gracious pink shoes or purple shoes, and you will have a refined and sexy look. The touch of color from these shoes will provide an exciting contrast that will captivate everyone around you.

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   6. Leopard print shoes

There is something irresistible about leopard print shoes, and when paired with a white dress, the results are breathtaking. The flatter of a stylish white dress works wonders when it meets the charm and elegance of these shoes. This is a look for all those days you want to look more casual.

  1.   Blue shoes and green shoes

The combination of a white dress and blue shoes or green shoes is a unique blend that pushes fashion rules to the edge and graciously walks on the thin rocky surface. It is a look for the bold lady who wants something different but sober. One thing you will love about going for blue shoes and green shoes is that all their shades work with any type of white.

  1.   Brown shoes

Brown is to white what the Caribbean is to travelers seeking a warm and happy paradise for their holidays. The neutral tone of brown tends to calm down the all-bright white color without stealing the shine from it. You will further love how easily changing from one type of brown shoes to the other changes your overall style. E.g., getting off those brown heels and putting on flat brown sandals takes you from a semi-formal look to a summery style.

  1.   White shoes

Can I put on white shoes with my white dress without looking too bridal? Yes, you can. The only rule you have to adhere to is ensuring that the shade of white on your shoes matches that on your dress. You will also pull this look better when you settle for ‘playful’ dresses such as a white summer dress, little white dress, or casual dress. You can then pair them with white sneakers, minimal sandals, pumps, or pointed-toe flats.


White dresses give you the freedom and flexibility to experiment with as many colors as possible while keeping their glamor intact. However, before you rush to pair it with any other pair of shoes, remember to factor in the basic fashion rules. We save you the trouble of ever looking out of place by giving you a list of the best color options to settle on as you steal the show.