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What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Green Dress?

What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Green Dress?

It seems like everyone today who has a great fashion sense is wearing a green dress, and there is no doubt about these dresses’ appeal. The exciting aspect of green is that it is the color of nature and always has a calm appeal. Even when you opt for lime green or other brighter shades of this color, it still has that soft touch that will make you look chic.

As the fashion industry continues to explore exciting ways to create and recreate green dresses, it is crucial to know how to pair them with the right shoes. Here we look at some of the best options to consider whenever you want to step out in green. As it has famously been said, the perfect finish to a beautiful dress is having an extra reason to hold your head high and take on the world.

Best colors of shoes to wear with a green dress

Green is a versatile and fashionable color that has recently gained the attention it needs among leading designers, celebrities, and fashion-conscious ladies. This is why it is a fun color for celebrations, events, and lots of other occasions. As such, it is the go-for dress if you want to look stunning for that day or evening event. If you need some inspirational ideas for the right pair of shoes to wear with that green dress, here are the best options to consider:

  1.   Black shoes

Black shoes are easy to wear with green dresses as they create a soft contrast that complements the depth of the green color. They are the go-to shoes if you want to look elegant without going through too much hassle. The best part is that black shoes work great with all shades of green, from the lighter colors to dark shades.

  1.   Nude shoes and beige shoes

The other easy way to wear a green dress is to go for nude or beige shoes, given their neutral touch. A great option is to go for a shade that matches your complexion as it will flatter your legs without calling for too much attention. Alternatively, you can go for clear shoes for an easy-going but amazing look.

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  1.   Gold shoes and silver shoes

Metallic colors are another cool option for all those times you wear a green dress. Silver shoes and gold shoes are picks you can never go wrong with as they give you a chic and tasteful look. All ranges from the glittery textures to toned-down models work fabulously and can easily be matched to suit your dress’s style and depth of color.

  1.   Blue shoes

It is incredible how blue shoes complement green dresses and is a choice that will leave you smiling. It is not a popular option, but when matched with the right shade of green, they are outstanding. The best part is that they tone-down the vibrancy of green without taking the shine from it.

  1.   Brown shoes

Another unique way to wear a green dress is by pairing it with brown shoes. The laidback and earthy touch of these shoes goes well with the green color. Notably, brown shoes look outstanding with darker shades of green dresses, but you must never be afraid to try it out with lighter shades. A richer chocolate brown hue is one of the best options to go as it looks excellent with all shades of green.

  1.   White shoes

Green dresses are eye-catching, and one way to enhance their color is by pairing them with white shoes. If you opt for heels, it will have a more formal look with less minimal shoes providing you a more casual look. The best part is you do not have to worry about whether your dress is a darker or lighter shade as they will effortlessly blend with white shoes.

  1.   Leopard print and animal print shoes

Leopard prints and animal print shoes are another versatile color that perfectly works with green dresses. These shoes add a soft but exciting touch to the green color and are a great pairing that works for all occasions. The bolder the dress’s color, the better the look you will achieve, but this is never an excuse to ignore these shoes when you go for darker shades.

  1.   Blue shoes

Blue shoes might have a similar color shade to green dresses, but they surprisingly work well when paired. It brings about a playful touch to your clothing without making you look too informal. Regardless of the shade of blue you choose, there is always the guarantee of standing out from the crowd. Nevertheless, for a stunning look, it works great if you either contrast the colors or match the shades of these shoes to your dress.

  1.   Purple shoes

Contrasting colors are always fun to pull off, and there is no better way to do this with a green dress than by opting for purple shoes. This is a bold look for the confident lady who wants to showcase her personality while getting noticed in a crowd. The unique contrast it creates will bring a tasteful touch that will provide you with a modern and fresh look.

  1.   Yellow shoes

Green is a bright and attractive color, but it still leaves you room to liven your look by going for yellow shoes. It is also an exciting way to ensemble a contrasting color match while bringing about the perfect vibrancy. Do not be afraid of trying out those vibrant yellow shoes with a green dress as the shine of these two colors will balance out and leave you looking classy and free-spirited.


Green dresses are exciting to wear and are guaranteed to make you look elegant, regardless of the style or design you choose to go for. The easiest way to enhance these dresses’ beauty is by going for the right color of shoes that will enhance or complement their shine. This article looks into some of the best shoe pairing alternatives that you can ever choose from whenever you want to rock the world in green. Green is about keeping it classy, and with the right shoe color options,, there is no question about the appeal you will achieve.