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What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Black Dress?

As a lady, one of the wardrobe must-haves that have been popularized over the years is the black dress. Many fashion experts have described these dresses as a fashion essential as it is the one piece of clothing that ladies can count on to save them on unexpected occasions. Imagine getting a last-minute invitation to a party or get together that you cannot miss, and there is no time to think about what to wear. Then it is at such moments that turning to that black dress will save the day (or is it night?).

Why the black dress is always a winner

Black dresses are not just a wardrobe essential that you turn to during an emergency or those unexpected occasions, but a treasured piece for all moments. Whether you go for the little black dress, a black cocktail dress, black slip dress, black lace dress, or black gown, the magic touch of this color never fades off. This is because black dresses are an embodiment of:

  • Versatility. Black dresses can be worn to most if not all occasions without making you look out of place. Do you need to go for a dinner, gala event, work, or even to a funeral? Black is always there for you.
  • Natural feminine complementary. With a black dress, you never have to worry about whether you are curvy, petite, or chubby. This is because these dresses will always bring out the queen in you as it flatters everyone.
  • Timelessness. You never have to worry about age when thinking about wearing a black dress as it is a classic piece that looks as good on an 18-year-old as it does on a 62-year-old. Depending on your preferences, you will find this dress in a broad range of styles and designs that you will instantly love.

Still, it is never enough to invest in a black dress as you need to pair it with the right pair of shoes. Here we look at the suitable color of shoes to go for.

What colors of shoes look great with a black dress?

There are lots of exciting color options to settle for is you are planning to wear a black dress, and the best to pick from are:

  1.   Nude or Beige shoes

A defining aspect of nude shoes and beige shoes is that regardless of your skin color, they will always flatter your legs. It is a double win when you pair that black dress with these shoes are you are guaranteed to look the part with minimum effort. The best part is that while they add a subtle touch of color to your dress, these shoes do not ‘scream’ or compete for attention. Do not be afraid to try out different shades of nude and beige shoes as they will always give you satisfactory results.  

  1.   Gold shoes and silver shoes

The other color of shoes that matches almost too perfectly with black dresses is metallic colors. This is primarily because of the neutral touch that these colors bring to the scene, leaving you looking glamorous. You will particularly love the charm that gold shoes and silver shoes have on a black dress, making them an on-call pair for those special occasions.

  1.   Floral print shoes

Black dresses always look amazing, but they lack the pop of color that many ladies find enchanting. Luckily, floral print shoes give you the flexibility of adding color to your look to have that elevated wow factor. It is also one of the easiest ways of adding a little playfulness to that dress and still step out in style.

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  1.   White shoes

White shoes are a classic combination of black dresses and one of the simplest ways to look formal and classy at a go. The secret to making this monochrome look extra exciting is to go for as many white accessories as possible. These can include a white bag, white pearl necklaces, and a white overcoat. Most importantly, you do not have to be limited to white heels as you can tone it down with white sneakers or flat shoes.

  1.   Bright colored shoes

Do you want to add some color to that black dress but do not want to go for white shoes? Then you do not have to worry as you can always opt for bright colored shoes. The winning edge about these shoes is that they are attention-grabbing and make the black color easy going. As such, they are the perfect pair if you want to have fun, make your dress look more elegant. Some of the bright colors to consider include; pink, red, blue, burgundy, green, and orange.

Note: Remember to include equally bold accessories to look more sophisticated.

  1.   Reptile prints and leopard print shoes

Reptile prints and leopard print shoes offer an exciting channel to stepping up your fashion game whenever you wear that black dress. There is no going wrong with these shoes as they do not create a stark contrast with the dress; neither do they attract too much attention. They are neutral but in an appealing manner, making them a suitable option for all occasions.

  1.   Black shoes

Can I wear my black dress with black shoes? If you have been asking yourself this question, then it is time to step out of the ‘fear zone’ and rock those shoes. Black shoes will provide a streamlined appearance when worn with a black dress and are one way of showing off your confidence. The all-black look is for everyone who wants to look chic and ravishing without putting in too much effort.


The black dress is a favorite wardrobe essential for all the right reasons. Wearing this piece of clothing that is considered a must-have should never be a struggle when you can match it with so many colors of shoes and still look attractive. Finally, and most importantly, never forget the golden rule when wearing a black dress and that is – always ooze confidence and grace as that is what the black dress is all about.