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What Color of Shoes should I Wear with a Red Dress?

What Color of Shoes should I Wear with a Red Dress?

The power of wearing a red dress can never be underestimated as this is one of the most attention-grabbing outfit colors. Red might not be the color most ladies choose to wear every day, but it brings out a new personality when worn right. This is because red is strong and fashionable yet so controversial. As such, if you are to wear a red dress, it is vital to make it look extremely stylish.

One thing that cannot be ignored about red dresses is that they are guaranteed to turn eyes wherever you go and attract a lot of attention. It is a subconscious appeal that has come to be known as the red dress effect, whereby ladies wearing red clothing are seen to have a flirty or sexy look. Whether this happens because of social conditioning or evolutionary instincts, the bottom line is that a red dress will make you a center of focus.

Why do many ladies find it challenging to wear red dresses?

Red comes out as a bold color, which can be challenging to play with since it can turn out to be a bit harsh. Most ladies also consider it a ‘rigid color’ that does not offer much room for experimenting as the last thing anyone wants is to look awkward in red. But, while it tends to require one to master how to complement it, a red dress is one of the most beautiful outfits when worn right.

This is why most celebrities and famous personalities always turn to their red dresses for special occasions. Whether it is to one of the top-ranking award presentations, gala nights, or special dates, these dresses never disappoint. The only trick is to have a look to die for is to pair that dress with the perfect pair of shoes.

Shoe outfit ideas for red dresses

Choosing the right color of shoes to wear with a red dress should largely depend on the dress style, and occasion one is wearing it for. Nevertheless, it is important to have fun with this dress as it presents an opportunity to bring out your sexiness. Therefore, regardless of whether it is a more casual dress or an elegant one, never be afraid to consider different shoe options.

Below are some of the best shoe color ideas to consider whenever you want to step out in that stunning red dress:

  1.       Play it safe with black shoes

The safest shoe color option you can ever go for when you wear a red dress is black shoes. It is the best choice if you have a solid shade of red and want to look amazing without getting out of your comfort zone. You will appreciate the striking color-block effect that black shoes will create when matched with your red dress. Depending on the style of the dress, you can opt for strappy black heeled sandals, chunky boots, and black flat shoes or oxfords.

  1.       Go low-key with nude & beige shoes.

Another effortless way to match that red dress with the right color of shoes is to go for nude & beige shoes. These neutral colors are guaranteed to look amazing on you as they effortlessly complement the bold red color. You will look better if you go for skin-tone shoes for maximum shoe diminishing effects.

  1.       Stun with those silver shoes

Red always goes along so well with metallic colors, which is why you need to get out those silver heels for that upcoming occasion. One thing you will love about settling for silver shoes is that they work so well with most red dresses, regardless of their style.

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  1.       Tone it down with white shoes

Can I wear white shoes with a red dress? If you have been asking yourself this, then it is time to set your fears behind you and go for this look. Actually, this is the best alternative if you do not want to play it safe with black or silver shoes. White will create an easy contrast with red, and the only thing you need to do is match the shades of these two colors.

  1.       Go all bold with red shoes.

Most ladies are shy of pulling an all-red look, but this is one of the boldest ways to standout. Red shoes will add a touch of confidence to that red dress to draw more attention to you. To avoid making any mistakes with this look, always go for shoes of the same color shade as the dress. Equally, if you settle for heels, go for strappy stiletto heels with thin straps.

  1.       Step out in style with gold shoes

Besides silver, the other metallic color that makes red dresses look glam is gold shoes. Not only does matching these colors make you look special and classy, but it is also a look that goes well with so many occasions. Gold will also always look fantastic whether you settle for flats, heels, or sandals.

  1.       Push the limits of fashion with blue shoes

Do you love stepping out of fashion comfort zones and experimenting with fun and bold choices? Then you will love the combination of a red dress and blue shoes. It is not the most usual outfit mix, but one that is guaranteed to turn eyes if worn right. To have that touch of perfection, go for blue shoes with a shade that is as dark or light as the red dress to avoid a bad color contrast.


You must never struggle to find the right color of shoes to wear with that stunning red dress when there are many options to consider. As a bold and spirited lady who wants to step out in such a captivating color, finding the perfect pair of shoes is vital. This article evaluates the best options that are guaranteed to complement any red dress style while ensuring you make a statement. They are also alternatives that will make it easier to dress for different occasions without losing your excellent fashion sense.