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Are VaporMax Good For Gym?

Are VaporMax Good For Gym?

The Nike Air Vapormax is one of the latest and probably the greatest sneakers from Nike’s air max series. The brand claims that the Nike Air VaporMax is a product of about seven years of work and is undoubtedly among the brand’s most researched versions.

There are several notable innovations with the VaporMax: they are the lightest and most flexible. They integrate a Flyknit upper with a full-length Air Unit, making it one of the most lightweight Air Max running shoes ever.

Ever since the first release in 1987, the Air Max technology has always been innovative. Recently, Nike delivered a variety of Air Max shoes, but even the most sophisticated ones seem to be just a lead to the VaporMax model.

But what kind of benefits and performance can you expect?

At its most basic, this shoe is essentially a Flyknit upper and full-length Air sole. And speaking of lightweight, Nike managed to get the VaporMax down to as low as 8.5oz, making it incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

One of the favorable aspects of the Nike VaporMax is that it’s designed with maximum protection and flexibility in mind for a light and flexible feel. The shoe is also equipped with the right amount of air underfoot for a protective, soft, and flexible sensation.

Perhaps this is the reason why they are said to be great for running purposes. The air tubes are carefully engineered to absorb impact while offering the adaptability and stability of a runner’s needs.

However, there’s one thing to mention here. The VaporMax takes a while to break in before you feel comfortable running in them. On the bright side, the full-length Air sole is nothing like what you’ll find in regular running shoes. As the name suggests, the entire sole unit is air-filled, meaning it’s completely transparent.

When running for the first time, the sole also meant to offer maximum grip, thanks to the TPU lugs added into the bottom of the air sole. It’s a unique experience that might feel odd at first, but you’ll get accustomed to them after a few miles in them.

This shoe shines on a track surface, and it provides better traction than most other sneakers out there. So, as far as traction and excellent grip during training are concerned, the VaporMax ticks all the boxes. This can be particularly helpful for those who run on a lot of tough surfaces or in less than favorable conditions.

The customary foam midsole cushioning, typically common in most running shoes, is not present here. That means your feet will be right on top of the Air-Sole. True to form, the full-length Air-Sole boasts a great deal of bounce, yet it’s a tad firmer than you’d expect.

The outsole was made to flex with the natural movement of your foot. Moreover, certain areas feature more cushioning, which appears ideal for midfoot strikers since the impact will be more evenly distributed during the performance. There’s a good amount of extra cushioning around the heel area, so runners are well covered as well.

Who Is the VaporMax Best For?

The VaporMax is for those who prefer maximum cushioning without skimping on comfort, lightweight, or performance. Indeed, these are the most tested Nike running shoes in the range with over 126,000 miles on varied conditions.

However, if you’re looking for any extra heel or ankle support, you will not find much here because the uppers are about as minimal as they can be. Also, for those with severe overpronation, the VaporMax might fall short in providing much-needed stability. Otherwise, you can expect great stability on different surfaces as in any premium running shoe.

The outsole, midsole, and footbed are well integrated, making the shoe light and flexible. The whole thing is incredibly light, actually 113 grams lighter than the popular Air Max 2016. The flyknit upper couples with a light and flexible platform for an amazing running experience. Moreover, the air sole design gave more room to attach the Flyknit upper onto the footbed as well.

Bottom Line

After testing out the shoe and going through numerous customer feedback, we can confirm that the VaporMax is a wonder of design. It certainly deserves the vote for the most attractive new silhouette. The shoe’s construction is flexible for the most part and super breathable too.

The sole is bouncy and comfortable, even though it features the traditional foam support. That means heel-striking on the pavement won’t be as jarring as it could be in other sneakers. And while you don’t have to be a footwear fanatic to expect a shoe stuffed with air to be lightweight, the VaporMax will make you feel like you’re running in slippers. The kicks are perfectly usable for both urban and road runs.

There may be some concerns over the durability of the air sole, but according to previous users, these shoes can bear the pounding of pavement and concrete. Nike included rubber pods into high impact parts, mainly in the forefoot and heel area. So durability isn’t much of an issue with VaporMax.