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What is the Bottom Part of a Shoe Called?

What is the Bottom Part of a Shoe Called?

Like most people, you probably think the bottom part of a shoe consists of only the sole. That is not true.

 It includes the entire part below your foot and has several components, one being the sole. Let us discuss the parts that constitute the bottom of your shoe here:

Components of the Bottom Part of a Shoe

Can you challenge yourself to name the components of the bottom part of a shoe? It would be an interesting way of testing how well you know your shoes.

The Sole

Your shoes consist of different parts that collaborate to protect your foot, power your bounce and gait, and enhance the comfort of your foot. Of these parts, the sole plays the most significant role in protecting your foot. 

Think about all the sharp objects you step on without getting pricked or the filth you step on, but your foot remains unsoiled.  You would hate to imagine this happening without an intact shoe sole.

The sole is made of sturdy materials that can withstand rough surfaces, sharp objects, and sticky grime. Manufacturers use synthetic material, rubber or leather to construct your shoe soles. Of these, leather shoe soles are the least common because they are costly.

The Heel

This component is significant in determining the comfort and style of your shoe.  It is the part of the shoe where you rest your heel. In most shoes, this part is elevated to support your gait and launch your foot as you walk.

Did you know that high heels were first made in the 10th century for male soldiers to elevate them and give them more stability when shooting?  

Soon after, both men and women found out high heels could help them wade through soiled streets. It was only later that they became a fashion item for both men and women. Today, there are more than 40 women’s high heel styles, and they remain a significant fashion statement item.

The heel is made of stacked rubber and leather and may have a visible or concealed seam where the outer cover is stitched. It is in constant contact with the ground, just like the sole. 

The bottom part of your heel may be capped with a non-slip material to prevent you from skidding on smooth surfaces.

The Shank

This is the strip between the outer and inner soles. It helps in maintaining the shape of your shoe and supporting the foot. The shank can be constructed from leather or metal. It flexes to launch and receive your foot as you walk.

The Welt

This is the thin leather strip that runs around the shoe joining the lower and upper parts. 

Shoe Waist

Are you surprised that even a shoe has a waist? That part supports the arch of your foot and is between the heel and the ball. The elevation on your shoe waist gives your arch better support.

The feather

This is the part where the lower and upper surfaces of the shoe meet.


The bottom part of a shoe constitutes the part below your foot and consists of several components. The sole, waist, heel, feather, shank, and welt make up the bottom part of your shoe.