Best Insoles For Doc Martens in 2021 Reviewed

Best Insoles For Doc Martens

Buying Doc Martens is one of the best decisions you can ever make as these are some of the most durable and tough boots you can ever settle for. The best part is that they are equally one of the most comfortable shoes and are backed by a brand that has always had an outstanding reputation. But, what happens after you have bought these boots and you need better insoles to make them more comfortable?

Our recommendation:

Dr. Martens unisex adult Comfort Insole, Black, 10 M US Women 9 M US Men
  • Smartmask technology cushions every step and stabilizes your heel and arch
  • Features Agion

Well, you never have to be worried about finding a good pair of quality insoles from the thousands of options available in the market as we have narrowed down on the best choices in the market.

However, before we go through these recommendations, it is vital to know the main reasons why you need the best insoles for your Doc Martens. And these are:

  • They work great for half-sized Doc wearers. It is well known that Doc Martens does not produce their shoes in half sizes, as such a significant percentage of buyers opt to size up. As a result, it is normal for these boots to feel a little loose, and to make them have a better fit, there is a need to buy insoles.
  • They are better replacements for the original insoles. There are a lot of reasons why you would want to replace your insoles, and in such moments, it is best to only go for the best varieties in the market.
  • They are perfect for increasing the comfort of your boots. Doc Martens are tough leather boots and to have the desired levels of comforts you need quality insoles that complement their air-cushioned soles.

What are the best insoles for Doc Martens?


 Doc Martens Unisex Comfort Insoles

Dr. Martens unisex adult Comfort Insole, Black, 10 M US Women 9 M US Men
  • Smartmask technology cushions every step and stabilizes your heel and arch
  • Features Agion

Doc Martens has its clients covered with their exclusive line of Unisex Comfort Insoles. These insoles feature a Smartmask technology that perfectly combines the custom-blended polyurethane foam with tiny air bubbles. The result is an insole that provides you with the feeling of walking on air, making them one of the best options you could ever settle for if you love your Docs.


  • They are unisex insoles that work great for both men and women.
  • The polyurethane foam used is long-lasting, and you can rely on them for years.
  • They provide top levels of comfort that complements the air-cushioned soles of Doc Martens boots.
  • They offer great stability to your heel and arch, thanks to their design that helps maintain the anatomical position of your feet.
  • They feature Agion antimicrobial treatment that helps in preventing odor-causing bacteria and reduces the risks of fungus plus other infections.


  • They tend to be too thick and will cover quite some space in your boots.


Doc Martens Unisex Comfort Insoles work better for individuals after insoles for boots that are about a half size too big. They are true comfort insoles that will make you appreciate the choice to invest in Docs. 

Doc Martens Softwair Insoles

Another classic line of insoles from Doc Martens is their Softwair Insoles. The breathable construction of these memory foam insoles is their defining strength as it allows them to offer long-lasting comfort while keeping your feet cool.


  • They are lightweight insoles that feel great on your feet.
  • The memory foam used to make these insoles provides excellent underfoot support.
  • They are breathable insoles that reduce moisture accumulation and support comfortable airflow.
  • They have a padded heel and arch to offer better stability.


  • The cushioning of these insoles tends to flatten out with frequent wear.


Doc Martens Softwair Insoles are a go-to choice if you want a good replacement for the original insoles that are not too thick. They work best if you do not rely on your Docs as everyday wear. 

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   Doc Martens Classic Insoles

The Classic insoles by Doc Martens are another line of lightweight varieties designed to be a suitable replacement for the original varieties. They feature a gel insert in the heel and an ergonomic heel cup that gives them better functionality. As such, they provide users with firm arch support and desired stability when wearing tough Doc Martens boots.


  • They have perforations that make then breathable and suitable for longer periods of use
  • The cushioned heel and gel pad allow them to provide extra support for your feet.
  • They are firm and sturdy with a non-slip finish.


  • Since they are thick, they might feel constricting if your Doc Martens are a perfect fit.


The Doc Martens Classic Insoles work perfect for boots that are a little loose, and you need insoles to fill this space while providing top levels of comfort.

  1.       Superfeet Blue Insoles

The Superfeet lines of insoles are easily one of the best options for tough leather boots like Doc Martens. The Blue Insoles by the brand are specifically great for Doc Martens as their design and structure enhance the fit and comforts of these shoes. You will appreciate that Superfeet has integrated the best in class technologies for producing their insoles to enable them to provide super care to your feet.


  • They are closed-cell foam insoles that provide the right support and comfort to your feet.
  • The insoles have a narrow heel cap reinforced with a rail for additional support and to absorb impact as you walk.
  • They are coated with an odor control system that prevents bacteria or fungus buildup.
  • They have a medium profile shape that does not take a lot of space in the shoes.
  • They are designed to be long-lasting.


  • They are not thick and so might not provide the desired fit for boots that are half a size larger.


If you are looking to replace the insoles in your Doc Martens with a pair that will not cover up a lot of space while providing outstanding levels of comforts, then go for the Superfeet Blue Insoles. 

  1.       Superfeet Orange Insoles with high arch support

The primary difference between the Superfeet Blue Insoles and the Orange Insoles is the high arch support in the latter. These insoles have a deep, narrow heel cup that has been specially engineered to absorb maximum levels of impact. They also have a tough construction that will not lose shape even after long periods of wear.


  • They feature shock-absorbing foam that makes them ideal for work footwear.
  • They provide a great level of support and stability, thanks to their deep heel cups.
  • The shape of the insoles is aimed to protect the feet from all angles.
  • They have an organic odor-controlling coating to keep your feet bacteria-free.
  • They are built for comfort and durability as they have a strong closed-cell foam construction.


  • They are not thick and so might not provide the desired fit for boots that are slightly larger on your feet.


The Superfeet Orange Insoles are a perfect option if you wear your Doc Martens for long hours as you do demanding activities such as walking, hiking, or at work. 

Features to look out for when shopping for the best insoles for Doc Martens

As you go around looking for the best insoles for your Doc Martens, you need to always take into account the following:

  • The material. Every material used to produce insoles has unique qualities that you can never overlook. This will help you to narrow down on the best fit depending on their strongest characteristics.
  • The fit. This is an aspect you can never overlook while shopping for insoles as you need a pair that will fit your shoes. Always factor in the size while ordering quality insoles.
  • The inbuilt technologies. In a bid to stand out, different companies are implementing the latest technologies into their designs. This means more features that you need to consider as you look for the best insoles.
  • Your feet type. We all have different feet types, and it is important to know the category you fall in to make it easier to shop for insoles. This is because your feet type dictates the best options that will work for you.


There are lots of options available for anyone looking for the best insoles for their Doc Martens. However, this does not mean that any model you settle on will provide you with the desired levels of comfort and functionality. This guide is meant to help you narrow down your search by giving you reviews of the best varieties in the market.

Still, it is important to consider the features of every listed type of insole before making the decision on which one to go for. In the end, finding the right pair of insoles will make your Doc Martens feel like a new pair of shoes as they can provide advanced levels of support, comfort, and stability to your feet. 

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