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Best Shoes For Skinny Legs in 2021 Reviewed

Best Shoes For Skinny Legs in 2021 Reviewed

Try not to buy shoes just because they’re on sale. Minor discomfort with a new pair of shoes is tolerable at first because some shoes need some break-in time. However, chronic discomfort means that the shoe is not suitable for your feet.

Having skinny legs, narrow heels, or slim feet will dictate how you choose your shoes. Fortunately, there’s a whole variety of shoe brands for narrow feet and skinny legs to choose from. If you’re in a hurry, here are some of the best shoes you can get:

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Footwear thoughts

The average person owns more than a few pairs of shoes. That, however, doesn’t mean all the shoes look great to them. Everyone wants to look great from toe to head. For that, you’ll have to get the right shoes to go with your attire and physique too. Besides, the wrong shoe will not only look unappealing but will also add discomfort to every stride.

Then comes the appearance aspect. Shoes need to be both comfortable and stylish. Your footwear completes your outfit and considering that it’s the first and the last thing people look at, it’s best to invest in a few good pairs of shoes. Invest in quality, and always remember to have the right shoe for the right occasion.

What Are The Best Shoes For Skinny Legs

Good shoes are an absolute necessity, so here is a rundown to help you pick the right pair for you. Let’s begin with tips:

Don’t pick shoes that make you look skinnier; this goes for the enormous thick biker boots, high top trainers, and maybe tennis shoes. Chunky shoes will only make your legs look narrower than they are.

Boat shoes, for instance, will look good on skinny legs, possibly because they aren’t too bulky, which makes your feet appear proportionate. If you’re considering boots, be sure to get one that doesn’t leave much space as this can be problematic for persons with skinny legs and extremely narrow feet.

In case you have trouble finding the right size for your feet or tend to develop blisters due to loose shoes, give insoles a try. Go for softer ones, preferably with arch soles for maximum comfort.

Whether you reside in the cooler part of the country, arid or semi-arid areas, these classic shoes deliver excellent speculation at an extremely minimal effort. Here are some of the best shoes for the skinny leg you might want to know about.

Casual Sneakers

This one is a definitive fashion savior for individuals with skinny legs since the shoes come with a wide range of dressing styles. An easygoing earthly colored shoe with laces can never turn out badly. The shoes are commendable when worn with summer fashion costumes and ankle socks or lines, for that matter.

You may have your brown sneakers on full-length jeans of all colors and button-down shorts. Or, you can go completely casual with trends wearing the shoes on shorts and tees; however, you see it agreeable to you. Still, it’s good to state that casual sneakers can never be a style faux-pas in their case.

Cloth Lace-Ups

Cloth lace-up shoes are mostly sexy on guys with skinny legs. The shoes are ideal for all casual outfits. Besides, they are usually easy to clean, considering that they are made of cloth. Wear over pants and a t-shirt, and you’ll be ready to rock the world like a super-star.


These are the new trendy shoes for persons with skinny legs. With a great deal of variation to the normal two-strap flip-flops, slides come stylish and comfortable at the same time. They are a comfortable solution for those who need a pair of shoes to walk in around the house and outdoors.

Boat Shoes

If you’re looking for an agreeable pair for your skinny legs or are tired of the same old sneakers, a boat shoe might be great for a change. Consider good quality ones so that your feet remain comfortable throughout. 

Red Casual Lace-Ups

Despite the popular assumption that red shading is for women only, anyone with skinny legs has a claim too. This is completely justified when guys wear to match the color to its best and look elegant.

Although red sneakers might suit a flashy person’s taste, they do come out great when worn the right way. One best way to wear your red lace-ups is with polos and jeans. You might choose to have red polo over levis, or you can likewise decide to wear a white polo for an outstanding look.

Classic Kempton shoes

Youngsters are truly spreading this trend so quickly. Classic Kempton shoes have transformed into a fashion statement on their own. If you’d wish to wear tapered pants, then classic Kempton is exactly what you should pair with it. Moreover, these shoes are an excellent pick for those who like wearing ankle pants.

Classic Kempton shoes are offered in a wide range of colors, including dark, tan and brown. Dark Kempton shoes look best on dark tapered pants and when worn with a navy blue or white button-down shirt. Tan shoes turn out best with casual wear, for instance, wearing over leg pants or folded pants/jeans.

Slip-On Shoes

Lace-up shoes are not always the best and can be a bit of trouble in some situations. You can evade the hassle by opting for slip-on shoes. Just slip your shoes in, and you will be good to go. These shoes can be a perfect everyday partner.

Even for running errands, slip-on shoes are a quick fix for persons with skinny legs. For a stylish look, you can wear tour slip-on shoes with shorts with an ordinary t-shirt.

Pointed Toe Shoes

Pointed toe shoes are yet another incredible choice for someone with skinny legs. These shoes are worn with formal dressing such as suits or dress pants and button-down shirts. The shoes feature a unique shape since the toe is basically narrow, making them ideal for men with slim feet.

However, if you have broad feet, you might want to consider because the shoes might cause you pain. We would also suggest persons with broad feet try other types of formal shoes such as regular lace-up shoes or oxfords. Otherwise, Italian pointed shoes are mostly meant for those with skinny feet.


Adidas’s original Yeezys are likewise perfect shoes for skinny legs, particularly those looking for extreme comfort. These shoes are ideal for both everyday workouts and outdoor undertakings.

Perhaps the best thing about Yeezys is that they are exceptionally lightweight. Thus, you will experience almost no strain on the legs. Also, the soles of these shoes are super-soft, making them suitable for wearing every day. Yeezys will typically look great with jogger pants and a neck or V-neck basic t-shirt.

Suede Loafers

Suede loafers were initially designed for King  George VI. They are the types of shoe royals would like to wear. So if you’d like to look fancy, of course, with a hint of casual, then be sure to consider these shoes.

Suede loafers are mostly designed with an elegant look that will rock for a night out. The well-ventilated material is offered in suede styles in tan, black and brown. They are perfect during the warmer months and will eventually become a fashion statement for you.

Low Top Trainers

For the weekend look, low-top shoes are the footwear for the season. Over recent years a glorious return of these trainers was seen on both runways and red carpets.

Flip Flops

Perhaps there are not many special things to say about flip-flops except the fact that they can be worn just about anywhere. This footwear type will keep your feet cool and comfortable and are perfect for those lazy days. Crocs also fall in the same category. So if it works best for you, then go for it. They will also keep your feet ventilated, which makes them ideal for most foot issues.

Dress Boots

Dress boots come in a variety of styles and designs. More to the fact that boots are designed to withstand the stress of walking or standing or day, dress boots are typically less on the function. They can be best for a stylish look, but certainly not for hiking.

After spending a couple of days testing and analyzing the variety of trending shoes in the market, we found it great to list the names. You will get a combination of both function and fashion when you have any of these versatile classics with you.

Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker

The Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Sneaker is a lightweight sports shoe that is better for skinny legs compared to regular cleats. It serves on the principles of flexibility, lightness and overall comfy cushioning.

The shoe comes with pure leather parts of an imported kind alongside a study combination of comfy insole and rubber outsole. Moreover, the footbed is textile covered to offer both comfort and breathability.

The supportive zones in the heel include comfy cushions and rubber pods for traction purposes. The shoes’ collar is carefully padded, while the plain toe and the lace-up closure come as an awesome addition to the footwear collection.

The Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Tennis Sneaker features minimalist tonal stitching with an EVA outsole that uses Grand OS technology to make it suitable even for skinny legs.

The stated minimalist tonal stitching and the detailed tongue make this an overall agreeable choice, contrary to some other shoes that are not that effective for comfort, flexibility and ergonomics. You can rest assured the shoe is well-engineered for both style and comfort, and it suits most styling needs for everyday wear.


  •   Runs true to size
  •   The perfectly shaped toe box
  •   Quite fashionable
  •   Comfortable, certainly ideal for occasional wear
  •   Arch support is appealing


  •   Not the toughest outsole
  •   The shades on the front side start fading away after a while

Keds Women’s Champion Leather Sneaker

The Keds Champion Leather Sneaker is yet another great option for people with skinny legs. The pair is both classic and good-looking and presents a sleek and sophisticated tumbled leather design any skinny-legged person would aspire to.

These leather shoes are built on a rubber platform that works with a good shaft and measures relatively low-top right from the arch. Some of the best features include the soft Canvas lining that offers excellent breathability and comfort for the cushioned steps.

The flexible rubber outsole and breathable lining make for a perfect athletic and lifestyle experience. Not to mention that even the Olympics Soccer players love these shoes due to their classic touch, slim silhouette and authentic characteristics.

The built material is adequately textured to help combat any abrasion that might happen on the run. In addition, the woven fabrics will keep your feet comfortable and free from harshness. Plus, they also match the podiatrist standard, another aspect that makes them more outstanding.


  •   Carefully integrated material
  •   Cushioned insoles for a pain-free activity
  •   Perfect sizing with a lightweight design
  •   Water-resistant leather upper
  •   Easy to wash


  •   Footbed cushioning tends to go flat after constant use.

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Clarks Women’s Juliet Lora Loafer

For those people who have skinny legs, the Clarks Juliet Lora Loafer can be a great consideration. These shoes are designed to bring effortless cleats that stand fit for most occasions. They come in a slipper-like construction that boasts comfortable construction with premium leather.

Additionally, the low-heeled shoe features a synthetic lining plus a removable footbed that bestows the cushioning technology. There’s also the flexible outsoles that make the shoe ideal for just about any season. Clarks assured you premium quality and superior comfort with 100% leather built material and imported high-quality rubber sole.

The heel is approximately 1.02 inches with both footbed and full-grain leather. In other words, what you get here is a high-quality pair of loafers that work with hornbeam and improved construction techniques. The manufacturer also considered handy technologies and modern materials that offer customized designs for the modern user.

In fact, you’ll be able to experience the ground-breaking technology applied here when you slip your feet in these particular shoes. All things considered, the pair is just perfect for a trip, as enhanced by the flip flop design that it holds.


  •   Excellent arch support
  •   Ortholite footbed
  •   Full-grain leather that doesn’t get scratched easily
  •   Comfortable width even for the narrow footed


  •   The slip-on design may not provide a snug fit.

New Balance Men’s 520 V5

The New Balance 520 V5 looks great. Together with its combination of great features and effective technology, these shoes are quite supportive and deliver a versatile running capability and look great even on people with skinny legs.

The 520 V5 from New Balance is highly comfortable, and it features a durable rubber outsole for maximum longevity. You’ll also get the thick injection-molded footbed that couples with the data-inspired padding. Besides, the classic and stylish branding presented by these shoes offers a casual and athletic outfit based on aesthetics.

The underfoot flex grooves are meant to give you a soft feel, thanks to the new foam element. The shoes feature a 10mm heel drop and a stylish synthetic upper that enhances breathability and abrasion resistance. It comes in at around 9.8oz and will offer all-day comfort.

Another thing that makes this pair more amazing than its direct counterparts is that they have a durable rubber outsole designed with underfoot flex-grow. This, in turn, leads to advanced support and flexibility, especially around the forefoot. 

The shoes are suitable for anyone with narrow feet and those who want to go ahead with an intense workout, even for a daily errand.


  •   Deeper shoe design
  •   Spacious toe box for proper foot movement
  •   Ideal for the narrow footed
  •   Supportive outsole
  •   Comfortable footbed for max relaxation


  •   Not the best traction

Brooks Women Ghost 13

Brooks women ghost 13 can be an ideal option if you’re someone with skinny legs and narrow feet. These shoes’ upper is designed with breathable mesh material, which gives you enough room for air circulation to keep your feet sweat-free.

The shoe comes in at approx. 10.1oz with a heel drop measuring 12mm. You’ll also get a DNA loft that runs down the whole length of the midsole’s lateral side. This allows for a smooth transition while enabling you to more grounds with no lean bias. The outsole is durable enough, not to mention that the whole thing is a perfect combo of softness and responsiveness.

Moreover, the rubber outsole offers your feet the much-needed traction to walk and run on any terrain. The toe box is reasonably spacious, and it encompasses an internal toe stiffener to support the forefoot.

There are also deep grooves, and thick rubber on the outsole ensures ample grip and enhances durability. Overall, these shoes are great for all types of runners, from amateurs to long distance runners, with plenty of cushioning at the padding. 


  •   Perfect cushioning
  •   Soft underfoot design
  •   Stretch structure for optimum fit for narrow feet


  •   Narrow shoes might hurt in the arch and metatarsal region.

Adidas Performance Women’s Triple Cheer Shoe

The Adidas Performance Triple Cheer Women’s shoe comes with a lightweight and breathable design that remains a superb contender against the shoe industry’s high-rated options.

The shoe features an excellently designed midfoot area that imparts maximum comfort with top-notch cushioning. It is also a sports shoe that comes with low profile safety construction. The midfoot flex grooves’ presence ensures additional support within the pivot point as it is on the outsole region.

The great finishing design with synthetic leather upper and breathable mesh comes in handy for a stunting and tumbling-free experience. The shoe shaft measures approximately 6 to 12 inches, and the whole thing weighs 7.5 Oz proves to make it great for both outdoor and indoor use.


  •   Good cushioning for stable and efficient propulsion
  •   Excellent grip design
  •   Midfoot flex groves for additional support
  •   Breathable leather mesh
  •   Relatively lightweight 


  •   The toe box might be too close.


ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 25 Running Shoes

The ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 25 employs the Impact Guidance Technology to distribute weight and impact across the foot. Great for athletes with skinny legs, every component within this shoe is designed to combat pressure, even in the roughest of terrains.

There’s also the DuaMax Dynamic Support design that brings about more stability and arch support. Not to mention other aspects like reduced weight and balanced platform support that won’t cause any troubling effects when walking.

The Line Midsole Technology works with the lateral flex groove to minimize pressure build-up within the shoes. That means the walk effectiveness is upgraded. Moreover, the Guidance Trusstic technology that presents structural integrity around the midfoot area.

The heel drop measures 10mm, and the shoes weigh around 11.85oz. It also comes with an exoskeletal counter that supports the heel of the user while the no-sew underlay enhances smoothness along the entire length of the shoes. The model’s forefront boasts flute-foam propel Cushing, making the shoe durable, flexible, and lightweight.

The toe box is properly adjusted to accommodate people with narrow feet comfortably. The traction is aggressive too. The shoe’s upper is designed with Jacquard mesh, which is neither too tight nor too loose for the narrow footed.


  •   Comfortable toe box
  •   Excellent design for narrow footed
  •   Ventilated mesh upper
  •   Versatile inward sleeve for a snug fit
  •   Weave upper for long runs
  •   Consistent build material


  •   Some users reported races getting ripped off too quickly.

Bottom Line

Finding the right shoes that will fit your feet can be a bit involved, especially if you’re someone with skinny legs. It takes an ample amount of time to analyze how best the shoe will fit you. To make work easier, we have discussed the various choices and shared some of the most ranked shoes that are quite amazing.

We based our selection on certain quality aspects and other specifications that determine if a shoe will be ideal in functionality and style. More importantly, not one is so expensive. They are the best shoes for skinny legs and narrow feet that prove to everyday wear without distraction.