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What Color Shoes Should I Wear With an Orange Dress?

What Color Shoes Should I Wear With an Orange Dress?

Orange is the new black, and this is not only about the TV series, but in the fact that orange has become one of the most fashionable colors to wear. As the fashion world continues to explore better ways to present orange to modern and stylish women, it is crucial to know how to wear this fabulous color. Since orange is a bright and eye-popping color, pairing it with the right color of shoes is the secret to maintaining its vibrancy and cheerful hue.

While wearing orange does not mean being limited to the exceptionally bright outfits associated with this color, all its shades maintain an exciting level of boldness. Therefore, whether you opt for its subtle shades such as peach, amber, tangerine, scarlet, or russet, the color of the shoes you choose is the only way to make a statement. Luckily for you, even though orange tends to be limiting, there are exciting shoe color options that will make you look stunning.

The best shoe colors to go with an orange dress

Orange dresses are a statement in themselves, and you must never struggle whenever you put them on. Still, you must recognize that pairing this color can be tricky as it does not work with any random combinations. To avoid making mistakes when you wear orange, the best options to settle on are:


1. Black shoes

Black goes with almost everything, and when you choose to step out in an orange dress, it is an option to consider. However, you need to be cautious when pulling off this look, as black does not complement all shades of orange. If your dress is the classic orange color, then you need to keep off black shoes as it works best with dark shades of orange. You will also need to avoid other black accessories such as a black cardigan and dark jewelry if you opt for these shoes.


2. White shoes

White is a better and safer option for those days when you want to rock that orange dress. Still, you have to be careful when to pull this look as white works best with lighter shades of orange. It equally creates a beautiful contrast when paired with darker and more saturated shades of orange. If the orange dress has floral designs or prints, then settle for white shoes if it has bits of white (avoid white if the designs or prints are large on white as it will ruin your entire look).

  1.  Gold shoes and silver shoes

If you want to look pretty in an appealing manner when wearing an orange dress, you need to settle for gold shoes. The versatility of gold shoes comes in handy, especially for middle or dark shades of orange, as it brings the right shine and glamor to these dresses. You will love how these colors blend to provide a formal but exciting look.

On the other hand, silver shoes will look pretty when paired with lighter orange shades (orange-yellow shades). This is because of how well silver maintains the brightness of these dresses and creates a flawless tone.

  1. Navy shoes

If you want a beautiful contrast to your orange dress, you need to settle for navy shoes. This is the best shade of blue that will easily complement orange as it is not as bright as the regular shades of blue. On the color wheel, orange and blue are opposite each other, and this allows you to look fabulous even as you play around with colors.

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  1. Green shoes

Green shoes are another viable choice that will work great for you, but you need to know how to pull off this look. The first rule is to avoid color saturation, and this means saying no to those bright green shoes when you wear that bright orange dress or dark orange dress. Instead, you need to go for green shoes that do not have a strong contrast to your orange dress, and you are guaranteed to look pretty and chic.

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  1. Nude shoes and beige shoes

Nude shoes and beige shoes are a safe choice to pair with orange dresses. The secret here is to go for shoes that match or slightly contrast your skin tone for compelling results.

  1.   Red shoes and pink shoes

Red shoes look charming when paired with an orange dress as it brings out a fiery tone without taking attention from your dress. Still, you need to avoid saturating these colors and if you have a bright orange dress, then go for darker and softer shades of red. Go for pink shoes if you have a light and patterned orange dress.

  1.   Purple shoes

This is one of the most unexpected but perfect complements for orange dresses. Try not to go for the brightest purple shoes you can find; instead, go for the softer versions and pair them with light to medium orange tones.

  1.   Brown shoes

Brown shoes are a natural winner when worn with orange as they are a good neutral that does not push for attention. The only rule to abide by is to ensure your shoes are several shades of the orange dress for that beautiful and outstanding distinction.

  1.   Animal print shoes

If your orange dress is not patterned, you can always play around with animal print shoes to break the color’s monotony. The tone of your dress should dictate the kind of animal print shoes you settle on. Some of the favorite options to consider are; leopard print shoes, cheetah print shoes, and reptile print shoes.


Orange is not the easiest color to pair, and several factors have to be taken into account when you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes. The dominance of this color makes it one that must be carefully combined with other colors, or you will end up looking out of place. Here we look at the best options to go through as you find the color of shoes that will blend with these bright dresses and leave you looking chic.