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What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Grey Dress?

What Color Shoes Should I Wear With A Grey Dress?

Grey is, without a doubt, one of the most reliable neutral colors that you can count on to save you the days you don’t know what to go for. Long gone are the days when grey was seen as a drab, lifeless color as it has risen to be a perfect alternative for black clothing. Going for a grey dress gives you the freedom that few other colors can provide as it remains gorgeous even when paired with other colors.

This is why when looking for a perfect color of shoes to go with your grey dress; it is critical to keep an open mind and be ready to try out as many options as possible. This article looks into some of the best combinations you can ever settle for when you want to upgrade your fashion sense.

Shoe Colors to go for when Wearing a Grey Dress

There are several true-and-tried color combinations that you can always count on whenever you wear a grey dress. If you are looking to make your grey dress look more chic and elegant, here are options that you will love:

  1.   Red shoes and Burgundy shoes

If you have a flirty, casual, or formal grey dress that you want to make look more sleek and sophisticated, then red shoes or burgundy shoes are your best options. For bright red shoes, it is their noticeable color that gives grey a touch of life that makes it extra exciting. On the other hand, dark red and burgundy shoes create a cool hue that is guaranteed to make you comfortable.

  1.   White shoes

Going for white shoes when you wear a grey dress is one of the oldest tricks to looking sleek and polished without putting in too much effort. This is a classic combination that is easy to pull off. Do not be afraid of going for those bright white shoes as they will make you look awesome, especially when your dress is a dark shade of grey.

  1.   Black shoes

Another classic option that you can never overlook when you want to step out in a grey dress is a black shoe. This is an effortless combination for that timeless look you have always desired. The edgy contrast that black provides to all shades of grey makes it the go-for option for all those days you want to play safe but look elegant.

  1.   Black and white shoes

Are you tired of wearing block color shoes each time you wear your grey dress? Then settle for any pair of shoes that has black and white colors. Regardless of whether you go for a two-tone block shoe or patterned shoe, you can have the confidence that you will upgrade your looks.

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  1.   Pink shoes

The trend today has been to settle for contrasting colors, and the top pick when you choose to wear a grey dress is pink shoes. The bright and chic touch of pink shoes will give your grey dress a pop and make you draw attention. If you do not have pink shoes, you can settle for close hues such as magenta and cobalt colored shoes.

  1.   Yellow shoes

The other exciting way to opt for contrasting colors is to go for yellow shoes. This combination is not common but is guaranteed to provide superb results. The beautiful contrast between yellow and grey is, in all evaluations, breathtaking and will get heads turning. Particularly, sunshine yellow shoes will look perfect with light grey dresses, while darker shades of yellow will blend with that dark grey dress.

  1.   Animal print shoes

Animal print shoes are always appealing as they allow you to push the limits of your fashion style without losing your chic side. When wearing a grey dress, you have the freedom to go for animal print shoes, and there will be the confidence of looking the part. Whether you settle for leopard print shoes or reptile print shoes, there will be a flawless flow that will make you love that grey dress more.

  1.   Beige shoes

Beige is considered a neutral color, but unlike grey, it has a warm touch that allows it to tone up your dress. It is a great choice when you do not want to go the popular way, but at the same time, you do not want to attract too much attention. Beige shoes and grey dresses will create a subtle contrast that is exciting to look at.

  1.   Metallic chrome shoes and silver shoes

Metallic colors have become a favorite wardrobe essential for many ladies for all the right reasons. These shoes will easily pair with most colors, and your grey dress is not an exemption. You will love the look that metallic chrome shoes and shiny silver shoes allow you to achieve. For the best results, go for metallic chrome shoes when you wear light grey dresses and shiny silver shoes when you wear dark grey dresses.

  1.   Grey shoes

Have you ever thought of going for a grey on grey look? Sounds boring right? Wrong, the truth is that grey shoes work perfectly with grey dresses. The only rule you need to abide by is to contrast the color of your shoes and dress. If you put on a light grey dress, then you need to settle for dark grey shoes. Similarly, if you go for a dark grey dress, then settle for a light grey dress. The results you will achieve from pulling this look will be marvelous and redefine how you perceive grey.


If you have ever found yourself wondering what color of shoes will complement your grey dress, then we have the ultimate list for you. Grey is an intriguing color, and when paired with the right colors of shoes, it becomes exciting an wear. There are many options to go for whenever you choose to rock a grey dress since it is a neutral color that easily blends with lots of combinations. Here, we give you a list that offers you the best range of alternatives to choose from depending on your fashion preference.