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Superfeet Black vs Carbon

Superfeet Black vs Carbon

Having the correct equipment that works well with your body is one approach to maintain your body healthy. If you suffer from ankle, plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendonitis, choosing excellent running shoe insoles that function well for your body and feet is one approach to help your body recover or prevent these disorders. One of the top insole brands on the market is Superfeet. They have a large selection of insoles for a variety of uses that fit inside a number of various sorts of shoes.

What is the significance of insoles? Selecting an insole that correctly supports your foot can help to align your foot, ease pain, and prevent injury caused by a lack of support. Superfeet insoles may be a good option if you need foot support but don’t want to purchase a new pair of shoes. This article will compare two of their most selling products: Superfeet Black vs Carbon insole.

Why Superfeet?

Let’s look at why Superfeet insoles have been the top insert brand for decades before we compare the two insoles. The insoles from Superfeet are colour-coded, making them simple to understand and utilize. Each shade denotes a different level of thickness. There are inserts for a wide range of shoes, including casual, formal, and running shoes. Insoles are available in both standard and broad sizes, ensuring a solution for any foot.

They have arch support, a supportive heel, and a stabilizer cap. Superfeet full-length inserts are trim-to-fit, which means you can cut the toe end to fit your shoes perfectly. They also produce Superfeet insoles for a variety of arch heights.

Black vs Carbon: What Are There Key Differences?

Even though these two insoles are very similar, there are some significant distinctions between them. The oldest of the two models is Superfeet Black. It is slightly narrower, with a wider forefoot than the carbon insole. The Black also has a solid but comfortable base thanks to high density closed cell foam. On the other hand, the Carbon uses lighter closed-cell foam and has many perforations in the forefoot. Thus it is more breathable than the Black. It also features a bevelled edge that aids in the fit of tight shoes.

Although both insoles have a heel stabilizer cap, they differ somewhat. The Superfeet Black features a broader cap that is flexible while still providing support for the foot. For more outstanding balance and stability inside the sole, it has reinforcements on both sides of the heel. Likewise, a heel stabilizer cap is used in the Superfeet Carbon, but this one is strengthened with EVOLyte material. This is a composite of polymer and carbon fiber that is highly strong while being light and flexible.

Both insoles have a deep and stable heel cup that keeps your feet in place and absorbs shock. The Black, however, features a deeper heel cup than that of the Carbon version. 

Black vs Carbon: Similarities

Two of the Superfeet company thinnest and lightest insoles are the Superfeet Black and Superfeet Carbon. They are low-volume and low-profile inserts, which means they don’t take up much room in one’s shoe. Because of their low-volume design, they can also be utilized in shoes that don’t have a removable insole.

Low arches are accommodated by both the Superfeet Black and Carbon insoles. Users with high arches may find them unsupportive. Additionally, the insert of each one has an organic layer that kills microorganisms that generate odors. Both insoles can also be cut to fit comfortably within one’s shoe.

Lastly, the Superfeet Black and Superfeet Carbon insoles are made to keep their cushion and the form for a year or 500 kilometres, whichever comes first.

Superfeet Black

The Superfeet Black insoles are an older type that is still popular due to their high quality. They are low-profile, low-volume inserts that are perfect for shoes that are a little too tight. If your shoes don’t have a detachable insole, you can quickly put one of them in and still have adequate room for your feet. They are made for people who have low arches or don’t require a lot of arch support. Their deep heel cup keeps the foot firmly planted in the insole and prevents excessive movement inside the shoe.

Because of the strengthening on the outer edge of the heel stabilizer cap, Superfeet Black insoles stay stable in your shoe. Their six small shanks also give a solid base while also helping to improve balance. Even when working out, an odour control coating in these insoles keeps one’s feet fresh. Individuals with wide feet may find these insoles to be overly thin.


They feature an odour control coating

They have a stable, wide, and flexible heel cap

They have a high density closed cell foam

They have a unique low profile design


They are not suitable for those with wide feet.

Superfeet Carbon

The Superfeet Carbon is a newer version of the Superfeet Black, with more current carbon fiber technology. In addition, they are small, low-volume, low-profile insoles that easily fit into slim-fitting shoes. They are the tiniest Superfeet insoles available.

They consist of closed-cell foam with perforations in the forefoot to improve airflow. This works in conjunction with the anti-odour technology to keep one’s feet cool and dry regardless of the activity. 

The Carbon is also designed with people having a low arch in mind. They offer midfoot support and stability, which helps align the foot and ease pressure and pain in the foot, ankles, knees, and lower back. The heel stabilizer cap is composed of EVOLyte, a polymer and carbon fiber blend that offers both stability and shock absorption. Because of the carbon fiber, some people may find the stabilizer cap to be too stiff.

People with wide feet will like the fact that the Carbon has a wide foot. Although they can be altered to match one’s shoe, they are more suited to persons with wide feet than the Black. They also have a bevelled edge to make it easier to slip into one’s shoes.


They have a wide forefoot with a beveled edge

They have a breathable and lightweight foam

Their heel cap is strong and is reinforced by carbon fiber

They are thin, low-profile inserts


The insole might be too firm for some people

How do you pick the best one for you?

The Superfeet Black and Carbon are suitable for people looking for lightweight insoles that won’t take up too much room in their shoes. They’re also a fantastic option for people who require more significant support in a shoe that doesn’t have a removable insole. The Carbon may be better suitable for persons with wide feet. Because they can be cut to size, anyone with a narrow foot can utilize either one.

People with high arches may require a different type of insole to support their feet properly. The price difference between the Black and the Carbon is negligible and should not influence one’s decision.