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Thursday Boots Alternatives

Thursday Boots Alternatives

It’s no secret that Thursday boots have earned a place in our shoe rank. They’re some of the best quality and reasonably priced boots on the market that boast excellent customer support. The idea of Thursday boots was brought by two masterminds: Nalon Walsh and Connor Wilson.

The two had encountered heavy boots and so they introduced lightweight boots which were amazingly versatile and featured topnotch quality. This enabled the boots to have a place in the market.

That said, Thursday boots aren’t the most affordable footwear out there. So we discussed some of the best alternatives to Thursday boots. The models reviewed here are comparable to the original Thursday boots both in terms of quality and functionality.

Here are the Best Thursday Boot Alternatives

Dr. Martens Unisex 2976 Crazy Horse Chelsea Boot

We all love Chelsea boots due to their high comfort level and reliable features. As the name suggests, they are ideal for both men and women and are an excellent pick for those looking for boots like Thursday boots. The boots have very unique features which makes them admirable.

Key Features include:

  •         Side elastic gusset
  •         Anti-slip
  •         Oil and fat resistant
  •         Leather and suede
  •         Air-cushioned outsole
  •         Easy slurp-on
  •         Cushioned footbed

The inner part is made of a supple leather glove, meaning these boots are durable enough to stand the test of time. Adequate shock absorbency is enhanced by the presence of antimicrobial insoles and also considering we know about their cork-bed midsole. 

Another impressive thing about the Dr. Martens Unisex 2976 is that it keeps you safe from accidents since they are anti-slip. That means you’ll have the much-needed traction, even on slick surfaces.

This important feature makes it possible for the boot to be oil and fat-resistant. The toughness of the boot has it all in that purpose. Alongside that, the boot is durable even after a tough encounter with the ground.

The side elastic gusset in the boot reduced the friction between the leg and the boot. Also, it’s great to say that Chelsea boots are enjoyable. This boot happens to be cheaper than the Thursday boots alternatives, and they come in 5 variations

Clanks Men’s Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about chukka boots stems from styles of look, especially those made by Thursday boots. While the original Thursday boots were made of 100% leather and handcrafted with classic designs, the Clanks Men’s Bushacre 2 boasts just about the same features.

 The interior features grove leather and a lightly cushioned footbed for comfort with an air-cushioned outsole that provides comfort. They have antimicrobial, shock-absorbing midsole and cork bed midsole

 Key Features include:


  •         Leather lining
  •         Lace-up closure
  •         100% leather
  •         Cushioned insole

The boots have inner leather lining and a suede upper which makes them have a comfortable style. They have a cushioned insole for all-day comfort and lace-up closure. Frankly, these boots are wonderful Thursday boots dupes, and it’s hard to tell them apart. There are 31 variations of such boots and they have a relatively lower price than the original Thursday boots.

Timberland Men’s Kendrick Side Zip Waterproof Boot

The Timberland Men‘s Kendrick Side Zip Waterproof Boot is another lovely alternative to Thursday boots that you should consider. They are original captain-style models made of high-quality leather and have a lace-up closure and side zipper. They are handcrafted with good-year construction bearing stitches which add to their durability. Goodyear welted boots make us happy, right?

Key Features include:


  •         50% recycled PET lining
  •         Waterproof
  •         Cushioned Ortholite footbed
  •         Premium full-grain leather
  •         Mirror fit comfort system
  •         Lace-up closure and side zipper

The inside consists of insoles that are antimicrobial with shock prevention properties and supple glove leather lining. Cork-bed midsole and comfort strips ensure comfort for a longer period.

Like the original Thursday boots, this one has the ability to attract people due to its level of comfort in every step. They are made of high and premium quality leather and incorporate a dry waterproof membrane. 

They also come with have lace-up closure that’s pretty comparable to that of Thursday Boots, but are a little advanced with a zipper, matching the comfort of the original boot by containing 50% recycled PET lining and a cushioned anchorite footbed that is super-comfy for one’s feet. The mirror fit comfort system provides support and stability

These boots are cheaper than Thursday boots and they are normally of two colors, black and medium brown.

Top Moda EC89 Women’s Lace-Up Ankle Booties

These boots are designed to be chick and attractive, making them a perfect choice for women. Similar to other options listed here, the insoles are antimicrobial and shock absorbing. The Cork-bed midsole provides comfort like that of the Thursday boots. They are made of premium high-quality leather which makes them durable since they have a Goodyear welt construction

Key Features Include:


  •         Flexibility and comfortable
  •         Stylish design
  •         No animal products
  •         Synthetic
  •         Lace-up closure

Similar to other options listed here, the insoles are antimicrobial and shock absorbing. The Cork-bed midsole provides comfort like that of the Thursday boots. They are made of premium high-quality leather which makes them durable since they have a Goodyear welt construction

The boots are very similar to Thursday boots and are very admirable. The flexibility of the boot makes it easy to walk with due to comfort in them: not heavy. Plus, they boast an ankle fold-over collar that makes it stunningly beautiful. With this feature, they normally carry away attention due to their unique style.

It might make you happy to know that the boots do not have any animal product in them, but their lace-up closure is similar to that of Thursday boots

Besides being beautiful, they are available in 3 colors: black, tan and brown. A pair of these is cheaper than the original Thursday boots.

Cole Haan Women’s Mara Grand Chls Boot Ankle

These boots are made of leather with an amazing feature upper accented with paneling made of leather. It has a midsole and an inner sole similar to that of Thursday boots. The insole is antimicrobial, shock-absorbing and the midsole is cork-bed.

Key Features include:


  •         Flexible rubber outsole
  •         Ocelot upper
  •         Lightweight cushioned footbed
  •         WP leather and easy slip-on


Moreover, comfort-ability and versatility are characterized with this pair of Thursday boots, just have an experiment. They have an ocelot upper which appears shiny and expensive.

These boots are mostly recognized for their design and quality and they are much cheaper than original Thursday boots. 3 variations are available: black leather. Ocelot black leather and harvest brown leather.

The Bottom Line

All of these alternatives to Thursday boots are similar in structure and design, though you might expect some slight differences. However, given that the stated companies have secured a place in the footwear niche, offering alternatives boots at fair prices, you can expect the models to serve almost similar to original Thursday Boots.