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PF Flyers Vs Converse

PF Flyers Vs Converse


With PF flyers and Converse, you have an equal opportunity of finding what is suitable for you. They both look similar but have a few differences. Fundamentally, their structure is what makes them different. Both have great fan bases, but sometimes deciding which one to choose can be daunting. Most people miss out on the detailed specs that make up the differences between the two brands. With time, the shoes they bought are no longer as comfortable as they expected them to be.

PF Flyers Vs Converse: Overview

The main differences between the two products are in comfort and durability. Converse shoes are a classic favorite for those who love the older school sneakers that are all about comfort and durability. When it comes to making changes in their design and appearance for the performance and comfort of their footwear, they primarily work on sizing. They also differ in style, material and pattern.

PF Flyers Vs Converse: Sizing

When it comes to differences in sizing, there isn’t one massive difference between the two. On the face of it, the sizes are identical, but the comfort differences can be significant. It is best to understand the differences in sizing when looking for a pair of these shoes. You will want to know your actual size when looking for shoes, not your casual or athletic footwear size.

You might be wondering why the size charts for the shoes differ on the inside. The reason that the charts are different on the inside is that the sole is slightly different. The rubber soles on the PF Flyers are built to last longer and are more resilient. The foam that is inside of the shoe also provides cushioning, which is another huge plus.

When comparing the PFs vs. Converse size charts, you will notice that the charts are almost the same. You will also note that the sizing is almost identical. Most manufacturers make their athletic shoes using the same sizing system for men, women, and children.

PF flyers have a wide toe box and give a perfect fit. This feature ensures customers buy the shoes in their actual sizes. Also, PF flyers are known to stretch. It is advisable to buy your actual size because it increases to about a half size bigger when it stretches.

However, the Converse is not designed with a wide toe box and does not stretch. They are mostly made a size larger. Buying your actual size could mean an oversize shoe. It is advisable to buy a half-size smaller.

PF Flyers Vs Converse: Comfort

When looking at the comfort levels on the PF flyers compared to Converse, there is no contest. The comfort level that the PFs offer is just about the same as the Converse shoes. The difference comes from the way the shoe is constructed. The sole is designed to provide traction on smooth surfaces while allowing the wearer to feel the ground.

When you wear either a PF or Converse, you will immediately feel a difference in the comfort level. The cushioning on the inside of the Converse allows you to feel more relaxed and take it easy. Its insole is made up of canvas layers, foam, and a rubber air-infused heel. In contrast, the cushion on the outside provides a better grip and allows you to feel more secure and confident when making the transitions from walking to running. This firm grip enables you to run faster and cover more distance.

The cover of the outer part of the PF Flyer is made with a strong binding tape with a toe guard, while Converse is made of only two layers of binding tape.


Converse is an American company that makes sneakers mainly for everyday use. It was founded in 1917 and was initially Chuck Taylor. Converse were the first shoes to be endorsed by an athlete.

PF Flyers is also an American shoe company that first appeared in the late 1930s. They are under the brand New Balance. They are made primarily as fashionable sneakers.


Converse is relatively cheaper than PF Flyers. Being the favorite to many, it will take a while before it is termed obsolete.

Firm grip soles

Converse shoes have a firm grip and provide protection and stability even on slippery surfaces. This feature makes them ideal for persons of all ages.

Great for outdoor activities

Converse is the ultimate outdoors companion as it is ideal for skateboarding and basketball, among others, because of its grip. They are great for weight-lifters, both beginners and seasoned trainers. The flat sole allows maximum balance when lifting weights. It also provides additional ankle support.


Converse comes in a vast selection of different colors and styles to choose from. On the other hand, PF Flyers lacks vibrant colors and has the primary ones like grey and black.


Shoe durability largely depends on use and maintenance. The insole of the Converse is glued with the outer part. When glue fails to work as expected, the insole comes off, making the shoe uncomfortable. On the other hand, PF flyers are secured with binding tape around the outer part. Their insoles are made with an additional layer of memory foam placed above them to make them comfortable and durable. The canvas on the outer part protects the insoles.

A new pair of PF Flyers can last up to 6 months when worn every day, while Converse will last up to 3 months, making PF Flyers durable than converse.

With its wide toe box, PF flyers shoes can be super comfy as it provides a relaxed environment for your feet and protects your ankle because of the memory foam. You can try on both shoes to test comfortability before making the final purchase. With the differences between the two, you can choose the brand that best fits you. Both brands offer excellent service, are used worldwide, and have great quality. Consider comfort and durability first before selecting a style. However, let your selection be based on your personal preferences and taste. Also, consider the amount of money you are comfortable spending on the shoes.