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Should You Wear Socks With Bearpaw Boots?

Should You Wear Socks With Bearpaw Boots?

Bearpaw was founded in 2001 by Tom Romeo, who was out to produce affordable but quality sheepskin boots for the modern generation. Since the introduction of the company’s line of boots to the market, many people have considered them a cheaper alternative to Uggs. But, is this all there is to know about Bearpaw boots?

The new style of production by Bearpaw

Right from the beginning, Bearpaw realized that to create suitable alternatives to Ugg boots, it was essential to think out of the box. Since the classic Uggs were primarily made of sheepskin with fur lining, there was a need to settle on alternative materials for their production. As such, instead of only using sheepskin and wool lining, the company went ahead to include cow leather, faux leather, rubber, and synthetic suede into their designs.

The result of this was a line of boots that attracted the money-conscious consumers without sacrificing the natural properties of sheepskin. Therefore, while Bearpaw boots do not have the twin-faced sheepskin that defines Uggs, they have a sheepskin lining that guarantees users’ comfort. These boots are also heavier than Ugg boots as they have a sturdier rubber sole and more durable.

Extra features of Bearpaw boots

Technology has been of great advantage to Bearpaw as it has enabled them to create a line of boots with extra functionality. Uggs’ stumbling point has always been how they do not fare well in extreme temperatures, especially when worn in wet and muddy areas. To solve this problem, Bearpaw has created boots that feature:

  • HiberTech technology that supports active temperature conditions at sub-zero temperatures.
  • NeverWet technology that provides extra protection from extreme weather conditions.
  • Superhydrophobic technology that makes the shoes easier to clean and keep in the best condition as it repels stains from liquids.

Can you wear socks with Bearpaw boots?

There has always been a debate about whether sheepskin lined boots are meant to be worn with socks or without socks. Bearpaw boots have been caught up in this decades-old struggle that has seen divergent opinions rising depending on preferences and traditions. However, as consumers become more liberal, it has become acceptable to go either way. The simplest and most accurate answer to whether you should wear socks with Bearpaw boots is that it all depends on your personal preference.

It is not written in stone that everyone should wear socks with Bearpaw boots; neither is it a rule that Bearpaw boots cannot be worn with socks. There are pros to either option with the die-hards who insist that these boots should not be worn with socks insisting that:

  • These boots are comfy and cozy because of the sheepskin lining. As such, there is no need to wear socks.
  • These boots have been designed to keep your feet warm, thanks to their layering and design.
  • These boots are meant for use during the cold weather, and there is no need to go through the trouble of investing in socks.
  • These boots are sturdy, and if you settle for the right size, they offer a perfect fit. In turn, one does not need a pair of socks to feel great while wearing Bearpaw boots.

On the other hand, there are lots of people who prefer to wear socks with Bearpaw boots as this complements the qualities of the boots by:

  • Making the shoes more comfortable.
  • Ensuring the shoes do not slip off while one is walking in them.
  • Keeping your feet sweat-free, thereby eliminating the chances of having smelly feet or boots.
  • Holding the upright shape of the boots, making it harder for them to slouch.
  • Keeping your feet extra warm, especially when it is colder than usual.

What are the best socks to wear with Bearpaw boots?

Since Bearpaw boots have a sheepskin lining, when you opt to wear them with socks, it is best to go for wool socks that are not too thick. This is because socks made from wool are great at insulating and will keep your feet dry even if they become sweaty. The best picks for Bearpaw boots are:

People Socks – Premium Merino Wool Crew Socks

These quality merino wool socks are one of the best pairs to go for if you want to keep your feet warm and dry during the cold season. They work perfectly with Bearpaw boots since they are comfortable and highly functional socks that you can wear all day. The best part is that they are budget-friendly socks that do not compromise on the high quality of merino wool.

Tipi Toe – Knee-high Wool Blend Calf Socks

These knee-high socks by Tipi Toe are a fun option for all those days when you want to wear Bearpaw boots. They are a great pick not only for their extra length but for their thinness that offers a comfortable fit when worn with these sheepskin shoes. You will further appreciate that they do not sag as they have an elastic band at the top that holds them in place when pulled up.

Wigwam- Ice socks

Wigwam specially designed these socks for the cold winters, and while they have a thicker fabric, it amazingly pairs well with Bearpaw boots. The best part is you can wear them without requiring any shoes.

  • EnerWear Bright Colored Merino Wool Socks

If you want to add more color to your style as you wear Bearpaw boots, then you will love the bright colored merino wool socks by EnerWear. They are perfectly shaped for the feet and are neither too thick nor too thin.

J.B Icelandic Classic Winter Socks 

There is no better way to battle the coldness of winter than to settle for the J.B Icelandic classic winter socks. These thermal socks produce the desired warmth at all times and are a perfect combination for your Bearpaw boots on those cold days.


It is up to you to choose whether you will wear socks with Bearpaw boots or not. There is no harm in settling for any of these choices as these sheepskin-lined boots are designed for comfort and warmth. However, if you choose to wear them with socks, it is essential to go for premium quality socks to ensure your feet stay warm and comfortable.