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Best Socks To Wear With Uggs

Best Socks To Wear With Uggs

Uggs are back with a bang as it is only a few years ago when most fashion analysts predicted they would fade off. But, these unique shoes have re-emerged in the fashion scene, and anyone who is not in the Ugg party is definitely missing out. Still, there are lots of opinions about these boots that have been spread over the years and become accepted as the truth. As a result, many people are overly cautious whenever they think about wearing Uggs as they are unsure of what to expect.

The truth about Uggs

Far from what most people expect, Uggs are not ‘weak shoes.’ Yes, the original Ugg boots are soft as they are made from Australian sheepskin, but they are not the kind to wear off after a short period. Instead, these boots are made from natural sheepskin for comfort, warmth, and extra cushioning. This is because sheepskin provides natural insulation to your feet while allowing them to breathe, so they don’t get sweaty.

Original Uggs also have a fur lining and soft, flexible outsoles that make them so comfortable you will not want to take them off. Since these boots are incredibly warm and fun to wear, they are the best choice during the cold seasons. Nevertheless, this does not make them a reserve for fall and winter as you can wear them any time of the year unless it is too hot and you need lighter footwear.

Note: Uggs are not to be worn in bad weather, especially when it is raining since they are not built for use in wet and muddy areas.

Should I wear Uggs with socks?

A question that has been a debate for decades is whether you should wear Uggs with socks or not. Well, a straightforward answer is that it all depends on your personal preference. The reason for such flexibility is that the sheepskin and fur used to make Uggs are a perfect layering for your feet. This is unlike most types of shoes that are near impossible to wear without socks.

The pleasure of feeling natural sheepskin on your feet and the warmth that these shoes provide further make it easier to wear them without socks. However, there are no restrictions that you do not need socks, plus lots of people find it better to wear Uggs with socks.

What are the best socks to wear with Uggs?

There are various options to settle on if you are looking for the best socks to wear with Uggs. According to the experts who make original Uggs, the best choices are to go for socks made from natural material such as bamboo, cotton, or wool.

To save you from the frustrations of second-guessing the best options in the market, here is a list of the best socks to purchase:

UGG classic boot socks

The UGG store has you covered with their classic boot socks made of 58% Merino Wool, 38% Nylon, 2% Elastane, and 2% Polyester. These cozy socks pair with Uggs perfectly as they are breathable and designed to enhance the experience of wearing sheepskin boots. You will appreciate that they have a ribbed trim that holds them in place when pulled up, preventing them from slipping into the shoes.

Three Street Warm Thermal Socks

While these socks are not made of cotton or wool, they are a favorite pick as they are seven times warmer than cotton and softer than wool. The special high-technology fibers used to make these socks make them amazingly warm even when extremely cold. They pair perfectly with Uggs as they are lightweight and enhance the comfort and warmth of these boots.

Gellwhu Cotton Knit Boot socks

These knee-high socks come with a lovely lace trim design that adds extra fun when you pair them with Uggs. These stretchy and breathable socks are great for the cold seasons, just like Ugg boots, making them a suitable pick.

Carhartt Women’s Knee-high socks

The wool-lined construction and length of these socks are what make them perfect for pairing with Uggs. These socks are highly recommended for women with sweaty or smelly feet as they incorporate fast dry technology and antimicrobial technology. They also have a top band that provides a comfortable fit that is not too tight when they are pulled up.

UGG Women’s Beatrice Boot Socks

Another classic option from UGGS is the Beatrice boot socks that pair almost too perfectly with Ugg boots. The construction of these socks is such that it is not too thick nor too thin, making them a good fit for these shoes. They are also warm and cozy when worn, features that make them a must-have during the cold season.

Hugh Ugoli Bamboo socks

You can never go wrong with Hugh Ugoli’s bamboo socks, thanks to their versatility. The remarkable properties of bamboo fabric plus the outstanding craftsmanship behind their construction makes them a suitable pair for all those days you want to wear Uggs. These all-season socks are very breathable and will not make your feet stuffy, making them a great choice for those days when it is not too cold.

Anatolian ultra-soft bamboo socks

These unisex socks are loved for their soft feel and thin construction that makes wearing them fun. Since bamboo fiber offers natural ventilation and excellent moisture absorption levels, it will keep your feet dry and free from irritations. The Anatolian bamboo socks are a great choice if you are after an all-season pick that you can wear whenever you feel like without worrying about quality or comfort.


The notion that you can never wear socks with Ugg boots has long been disapproved as there are lots of great pairing options for these shoes. When searching for the best socks to wear with Uggs, it is critical to factor in the material used in their construction, thickness, and length. Generally, it would be best if you settled on socks made from natural materials that will be soft and comfortable when worn. You also need to ensure the socks are longer than the boots and offer a good fit, so they do not keep slipping in as you walk.