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Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants

Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants

Up till now, men and women have been donning khaki pants for both casual and formal occasions. Khaki pants have taken their place in the modern man and woman’s wardrobe and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Compared to jeans, khakis are light, breathable, and quite easy to style. It is a highly adaptable piece of clothing that can be worn to almost any occasion provided they’re well-styled and matched with the rest of the outfit.

Also, coming down to clothing items to match khakis with, the list is endless. This has made them a favorite for many formally and informally employed persons. To get the most of khakis, matching them with suitable accompanying items is important, and shoes are no exception. Below we discussed some of the best shoes that you can wear with khaki pants.

Here are Best Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants

Derby Shoes

The Derby shoes have some similarities to oxfords but the aesthetics clearly set them apart. The derby pair employs the open lacing style while their academic counterparts use the closed lacing style.

The oxfords are quite formal and serve polished formal outfits better. The Derbys are the exact opposite, they are less formal and they utilize colors quite well. A pair under this brand worth looking at is the Florsheim men’s Montanaro cap toe dress shoe.

Florsheim Men’s Montinaro Cap Toe Dress Shoe

Those looking for a pair to bring out the best in their khakis would be wise to consider the Florsheim men’s Montanaro cap toe dress shoe. They are available in three different colors although most customers prefer brown. Reviews have rated this pair very high among khaki pants wearers.

To ensure all-day comfort, they are equipped with memory form technology. The shoe is not only suitable for occasions but daily use as well.

The synthetic sole could use some improvement but that is a small price to pay for the comfort and style they offer. A combination of khakis and brown Florsheim men’s Montanaro cap toes will have you looking sharp all day.

Brogue Shoes

The brogue shoes bear a design and built that makes them suitable and a choice for khaki wearers. The perforations on their surfaces give them the name. The style used is called broguing.  They are categorized by the degree of broguing on each pair.

 The classes are quarter brogues, semi-brogues, and full brogues. The last class is also called wingtip. A little formality coupled up with style makes this pair worth any khaki wearer’s dime.

Stacy Adams Men’s Dumber Wingtip Oxford

If you are a fan of screaming aesthetics, you will not find any brogue pair better than this one. They are available in five colors, a pair for every khaki pair if you wish. You will fall in love with the comfort-oriented construction.

The shoes are made of leather with careful measurement to ensure a perfect fitting. To add to the comfort features, they installed memory foam cushioning. The target for these shoes must have been the all-day wearer since they are incredibly lightweight.

The shoe, like any typical shoe creases over time. The good thing is that it somehow blends with the shoe’s leather making it relatively unnoticeable. Besides it is a known fact that maintenance of leather shoes is a skill and task on its own.

Chukka Boots

This is yet another excellent option to match your khakis with. If you are wondering what to wear, just grab your khakis and a pair of chukka boots. Just ensure the khakis are well-tailored and the chukkas of a darker shade.

A well-designed suit jacket would be an added advantage.  The high ankle boots are mostly made of leather or suede; these two materials are very wear-resistant. Fashion experts have praised the vibe chukkas have with khakis so much that we could not ignore them. The Frye men’s Murray chukka should be a good choice for a chukka.

Frye Men’s Murray Chukka

Of all chukkas, the Frye Murray is relatively stellar. This pair combines both quality and esthetics. The rubber sole is stitched to keep it in place and also improve on the comfort aspect. With this pair, you get peace of mind and but at a price. You will have to part with quite an amount to walk away with it but the price is worth it.

Chelsea Boots

With the slide panel and close-fitting features, Chelsea boots are quite easy to put on. You should not expect laces on the Chelsea boots but they fit perfectly. For any man intending to make an impression, investing in a pair of Chelsea’s will serve him right.

 Most people will advise that Chelsea boots are too casual for khakis but with the right color selection, this belief does not hold. Experts recommend non-common colors to set you apart from the crowd.

The brand has invested in improving its shoe’s comfort features and reliability. For khaki wearers, we recommend the Scholl’s shoes men’s credence Chelsea boot.

Scholl’s Shoes Men’s Credence

This shoe is the perfect depiction of style, comfort, and usability all in one. The suede finish is all you need to leave a statement wherever you go. They have memory foam that does more than just offer comfort; it makes you want the shoes.

The rubber sole in the shoe is built to withstand the test of time and at the same time contribute to aesthetics. They come in two colors but for khakis lovers, we recommend tan suede. It blends well with the khaki fabric. The pair simply serves the user perfectly in terms of style and reliability.

Bottom line

Simply put, Khaki pants are exceptionally versatile and an adaptable piece of clothing, perfectly usable for people with style. They are easy to style and will be among us for longer than we’d possibly think. If you’re planning to keep a pair of them in your wardrobe, you may want to consider a couple of these shoes to match your occasions.