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Red Wing Vibram Resole

Red Wing Vibram Resole

Red Wing has been offering some of America’s most durable and stylish boots for over a century now. Designed to last for years, gaining comfort and patina, Red Wing boots are constructed using hard-wearing premium leather that makes them classically stylish and ideal for the workplace.

Red Wings boots’ sturdy soles, premium leathers, triple-stitching, and welted construction make up for boots that last a lifetime. Reading on the company’s website, it takes more than 230 steps to handcraft a pair of Red Wing boots.

However, contrary to their well-tanned leather uppers, some components will need replacing at one point. The most common replacements are laces and soles, both the insole and the outer sole. The outsole is the stiff platform or bottom of the boot, while the insole is the piece of padding that is slide inside the boot.

Basically, when you treat the leather in the right way, for instance, by conditioning them regularly, they will certainly last a long life. However, the sole will need a replacement at one point.

Certified Red Wing Repair Center

The good news is that Red Wings boots are developed with Goodyear Welted sole that makes it easy to resole. It only takes a few steps to keep the boots in a perfectly usable condition. The first step is to check, resole and repair the boots before the damage becomes irreversible.

Besides, Red Wing Shoe Company operates their very own repair shops to show an impression of their work and capability with their customers.

In the Netherlands, for instance, Wijsman is the certified Red Wing Repair Center. So if you ever need to have your Red Wings boots re-soled, more would like to have some customization done on the shoes, you can simply stop by the store and deliver your old pair.

When Should Red Wings Be Resoled?

As stated before, Red Wings boots feature one of the most durable constructions around. While the uppers are well-tanned and meant to last a lifetime, Red Wing boots’ soles will eventually need a replacement.

Remove the old insoles from your Red Wings boot and check it for wear. You might notice some discoloration, protruding padding, or oddly worn areas. Get new insoles, either a replica from Red Wing or aftermarket inserts such as those offered by Dr. School or Superfeet.

Slide the new insoles into the shoe and smoothen it out with your hand. If it jams or binds in part of the boot, you might have to trim it with scissors. Be sure to make small cuts at a time and continue checking for fit until you’re satisfied the insoles are flush with the bottom of the boot.

Coming down to outsoles, your boots will need to be re-soled if it develops extreme wear or holes. This might involve taking your boots to a professional cobbler or shipping the boot to Red Wing repair’s shop.

Note that repairing the outsole is an extensive process and requires advanced equipment. We, therefore, recommend that this should only be performed by professionals with years of experience.

With their repair shops, Red Wing promises to handle all types of repairs using genuine Red Wing components and Vibram original sole units to ensure a professional finish. The company also provides easy-to-use, budget cost, and delivery services.

Can All Red Wing Boots be Repaired?

This depends on how the shoes were made. Any boots made using Goodyear welt construction can be repaired, in absence of any excessive wear and tear. Therefore, not all Red Wing shoes can be re-soled. You may have to contact Red Wing Shoe Company for specific questions regarding your style of boots.

Boots with cracked insoles, extremely torn leather uppers, or worn through linings usually cannot be re-soled. Again, if you’re unsure if your boots can be repaired, be sure to contact Red Wing Shoe Company or deliver them to your local Red Wing Store.

While you can have your boots dyed, Red Wing can only dye your boots in black. The minor stitching on the boots can be fixed, but this depends on where the repair is located.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Red Wing does not replace the worn-toe area of the boots. However, they can add an after-market toe protection (tuff toe), so you might want to keep that in mind.

It’s also good to consider if your local Red Wing repair shop will fix your boots if you’ve had them repaired by another repair shop.

Reading on their website, there’re cases where Red Wing cannot repair boots that have been attended by another shoe repair shop, of course, due to the way they repaired the boots. Thus, it’s best to call or email Red Wing Shoe Company with specific questions.

When shipping your boots, Red Wing Shoe Company recommends that you remove any laces, footbeds, and other personal items before sending your boots in to repair shops. They state that they might not be able to return any of these items.

If the boots cannot be replaced after sending them in, they will be sent back to you with a letter explaining why they cannot be repaired. The company will also send back your check.

The Bottom Line

Red Wing boots are made from some of the most reliable materials around, which makes them perfectly usable in almost any outdoor activity. They do last a long time and thus the need to replace some components. While outsoles are the most usual replacements, it’s always important to check with the company if your specific style of boot can be repaired.