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Best American Made Chukka Boots

Best American Made Chukka Boots

Getting the best pair of boots for your feet can be quite difficult. The market is jammed with footwear options made for different purposes, which makes it rather hard to track down the best deal. However, when it comes to boots, only a few models can contend with the versatility level offered by Chukka boots.

What is Chukka Boot?

The three major identifying features of chukka boots are ankle height, thin outsole, and the absence of a line. Different chukka boots include different lacing systems, details, panels, and materials, but almost every chukka boot you will find on the market will include those three features.

The uppers of these boots are mostly made from suede or calfskin. You can also find chukka boots in a variety of sole options, though the most common is leather.

Stylish, functional, and timeless, Chukkas are quite possibly the only boot style that can be used all year-round. The good news is that several footwear brands are known to offer this timeless style, but going the extra mile and buying a made in USA Chukka can make the difference in the performance and durability of your boots.

Chukka boots are known for providing a subtle way to achieve a unique and sophisticated sense of style. You can easily pair dark leather Chukkas with denim in the fall or have it with colorful suede in the spring. Those who are worried about quality should be grand as nothing beats handcrafted American-made Chukka boots.

Thus far, if you’re looking for quality made in America Chukka boots, we have you covered. We reviewed the best Chukka boots that are well made right here in America. They are all well-made, durable, and most importantly comfortable to wear for lengthy shifts.


Here are the Best American Made Chukka Boots

Red Wing Classic Work Chukka Boot

Red Wing Heritage‘s line of boots includes rugged work footwear: Classic Chukka. This boot boasts Red Wing’s signature Atlas Trend outsole that’s known for its excellent cushioning and pliability.

The leather uppers are derived from oil-tanned leather: rugged leather usually found in most Red Wing Heritage work boots. Another impressive thing about these American-made Chukkas is that the footbed and the stated uppers are designed to mold to your feet over time, delivering a customized fit that only gets comfier with each wear.

Oak Street Bootmakers Campus Chukka Boot

With their Campus Chukka boot, Oak Street Bootmakers works to deliver a versatile dress Chukka boot that’s ideal for both office and happy hours. The Campus Chukka is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Every chukka is constructed with calf suede uppers, oiled leather soles Goodyear Welt construction, and calfskin lining. The presence of Goodyear Welt construction means that this boot is fully recraftable. The company offers their American-made suede chukka boots in multiple color selections and fits so you’ll easily find a pair that sure to fit your personal style.


If you’re looking for something as tough as you’re, then be sure to consider the Wolverine line of boots. This American-based footwear brand has secured a name for itself with its great selection of super-sturdy work boots, most of which are recognized for weather-resistant and shock absorbing technology.

Although these boots are not quite among the best for any beauty contest, there’s a substantial charm to their rugged look. You’re likely to be impressed by the brand’s 1000 Mile collection that includes excellent models ideal for most outdoor and casual activities.

The Red Wing Weekender Chukka boot is also designed to demonstrate a casual style. The whole thing is lightweight and can be worn with or without socks. It is an excellent year-round casual boot that can be resolved: thanks to the stitching down construction.

Rancourt & Co. Blake Chukka Boot

As one of the oldest footwear manufacturers in America, Rancourt & Co. offers a signature Black chukka boot that’s consistent with quality and craftsmanship.

One major highlight about this chukka boot is that it has been developed with Horween leather that achieves a beautiful patina over time. The company provides their signature made in USA Chukka boots in a variety of suede and leather colors for just about any occasion.

Maine Mountain Moccasin Dress Boot

As the name suggests, Maine Mountain Moccasin focuses on excellent craftsmanship and is meant to deliver moccasin shoes and boots. Their dress boot is a moccasin style Chukka, developed with the finest leather and carefully handcrafted in their small factory in Lewiston Maine.

Coming down to quality, the attention to detail with this boot is incredible. The boot is fully lined inside using oat skin while the Horween uppers and Vibram outsoles come in handy for its signature look.

Allen Edmonds Nomad Chukka Boot

Allen Edmonds is one of the reputable footwear manufacturers that require no detailed introduction. With their Nomad, this brand brings us a versatile suede Chukka boot that sure to match with almost everything from trousers to denim. What’s more, these boots are recraftable- thanks to the Goodyear Welt construction.

We also appreciate the fact that Allen Edmonds only employs the highest quality leather in the making of their boots. If you’re on the hunt for stylish and versatile made in USA Chukka boots, then you’ll be wise to give Allen Edmonds a closer look. Their boots are available in navy, cream, and snuff brown.


Ever since 1901, Chippewa has managed to remain relevant in the footwear industry by adapting to their times with classic craftsmanship. When it comes to boots, Chippewa breaks down the variety by offering four distinctive class categories: Original, Outdoor, Filed, and Road.

These selections are a tribute to the loggersloggers’ engineers and mountaineers that led inspiration to the Chippewa aesthetic while giving room for contemporary buyers to achieve the specific type of boot they want, whether sleek or the road or rugged for outdoors. While prices vary across the categories, Chippewa boasts a very active sales portal.

Their Original Chippewa line, in particular, brings classic heritage-style shoes and boots for those interested in quality and craftsmanship. Also, you might want to check the Suburban Chukka if you’re looking for an American-made Chukka boot that is both comfortable and functional. Every Modern Suburban chukka is developed using full-grain Horween leather and built to last for years. Not seasons.

Timberland Men’s Classic Waterproof Chukka Boots

While Timberland has actually been around since 1952, it was until 1973 that the company staked position as one of the most popular American boot manufacturers in the game with its popular waterproof boot.

The best-selling men’s Chukkas by Timberland boast the same qualities as the famous six-inch premium boots but in a shorter silhouette. With a unique yellow exterior, this boot excels as a popular go-to for adventures over the years. Timberland remains an instantly recognizable brand that doesn’t fall short on both form and function.

Gorilla USA Chukka Boot

Still, under Best American Made Chukka Boots, Gorilla USA specializes in achieving the perfect balance between comfort and ruggedness. Every boot from this brand is handcrafted in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. Buyers will easily notice the attention to detail in each model.

Another best thing about Gorilla USA is that their boots are not only made in America, but they’re also reasonably priced. Their boots are offered in both full-grain leather and suede options.

Nick’s Handmade Boots

For some elegant, custom-made boots, be sure to consider Nick’s handmade boots. As the name simply suggests, this company is all about delivering perfectly usable footwear that’s 100% customized for their unique everyday needs.

Though the company emphasizes constructing professional-grade work boots from the ground up to every individual customer, they also provide ready-made boots for those looking for something a little less specific.

Note that the customization often results in a slightly higher price tag compared to other options on this list. That said, it could be an excellent investment for those planning to wear their boots day-in-day-out.

Helm Garza Chukka Boot

Well, our list thus far might suggest otherwise, but the fact is an American-based boot company need not to be 100+ years old to be noteworthy. In fact, several new class boot manufacturers hit the market in the past decade and have already proven that. Among the best under that category is Helm. This company has been exerting a modern spin on classic boot silhouettes since 2009.

Today, Helm offers stylish made-in ISA chukka boots that integrate roughout uppers with lightweight sneaker-inspired wedge soles. Their Garza Chukka Boot, in particular, is a true casual boot that is designed to be comfortable, yet rugged enough to bear life’s adventures.

The stated Roughout leather refers to a full-grain leather that’s waterproof and durable. One thing we like most about Helm boots is that they are developed with Blake rapid stitching. That means the chukka is resolable and can last for years. Also, their footwear line feels both fresh and familiar, with a large variety of options perfect for just about any occasion.


Carhartt is one of the most popular workwear brands in the USA. The company has been offering beloved jackets, coats, overalls, jeans, shirts, and hunting gear since 1889. Based on the numerous positive customer feedback, the company seems to prioritize functionality over passing trends, choosing to build tough products that may or may not incorporate all the bells and whistles in terms of whistles.

With their extended line of work boots, the company delivers with both form and function. They provide some of the most durable options on the market. The boots are not designed for any beauty contest, but they’re meant to last through whatever challenges they might face.

Thursday Boot Co.

Thursday Boot is yet another relatively new boot company on the scene, though it has already emerged as a leading player in the American-made space. With this brand, you will find durable boots that are fashion-forward. This allows them to transition seamlessly during performances.

Thursday Boot Company Men’s Scout Chukka Boot is one of the best models that make the company stand out among its direct competitors. The boot has made with 100% leather and comes with a durable rubber outsole that is ready for anything. The shaft measures approximately 4.5 inches from the arch while the platform comes in at approximately 50″.

For a perfect fit, Thursday recommends ordering the size you typically wear in a leather dress. This Chukka goes well with almost any outfit. It’s a hand-sewn boot that boasts the highest quality Tier USA leather, round cotton laces, and excellent stitch-out construction. Plus, they’re durable and water-resistant.

The Bottom Line

Chukka boots are nearly everywhere. They are a staple gentlemen’s style meant for great outdoors. If you’re looking forward to adding a pair of leather or suede chukka boots to your closet, we highly suggest that you give these handsome boots a try.

Perhaps the most common style benefit associated with chukka boots is versatility. Three of its main features- ankle height, thin sole, and absence of lining make these men’s boots appropriate for almost any occasion. They are stylish, durable, and can be laced up alongside different outfits.

You can wear chukkas with your favorite denim, cords, or cotton twills, and a button-down polo shirt for a casual night out or on the weekend. Elevate your outfit with a V-neck pullover, quarter-zip, or blazers as the weather or occasion demands. Your chukka boots will also work well with jeans for a casual look especially if you want something to loaf around at home or for errands in town. A pair of jeans, ideally with a checked shirt pulled on over a tee will also work well with Chukkas.

The options for casual wear or tailored models are plentiful with variations on the uppers and detailing like eyelets and laces. Take a look at the above selection of Chukka boots for an overview of the options available.