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Brooklyn Boot Company Review

Brooklyn Boot Company Review

If you’re searching for a pair of the highest quality boots, constructed using the finest materials to make you feel well served, be sure to consider Brooklyn Boot Company. There are various reasons why the brand’s shoes stand out from the flooded market of shoddily-made leather boots.

While American-made shoes are recognized for quality and reliability, Brooklyn Boot Company specializes in top-quality shoes at a price Americans can afford. Some of their models such as the Women’s Brooklyn Bots are comfortable regular shoes.

They are designed with a stylish pointed toe and block heel. Some of the Brooklyn Women shoes also feature a faux leather finish with side zip and pull-on tabs for easy dressing.

Brooklyn Boots Overview

First, Brooklyn Boots are made in America in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. The company borrows its name and inspiration from the manufacturing history of the New York Borough. They deliver high-quality boots at an affordable price by doing away with the middle man. There are no retailers involved in the process.

Purchasing boots directly from the company means that buyers will get to save a good deal of money. The company does not only invest in making high-quality boots, but they also take pride in the culture and the history of American production.

The shoes are made using a traditional, time-tested 125 step process and a supply chain that ensures all closures of production take place in America. The final product is a reliable and stylish boot crafted with the best materials and offered at a rate that Americans can easily afford to pay.

Brooklyn Boot: Brand’s Overall Score

Brooklyn is a smaller men’s boots brand that compares to other boot brands. When compared to other men’s boots labels, Brooklyn appears to be a mid-range performing brand within its category.

Aside from being a smaller company operating the e-commerce site, offers its products and services in the men’s boots industry. It also, though occasionally- provides discount codes and coupons to its customers. The company has a good rating among shoppers and scores decently against other brands in the men’s footwear industry.

We have reviewed Brooklyn Boot Company by comparing it against various brands, and based on product and store aspects such as a variety of sizes and environment-friendly products. Some of the Brooklyn Boot’s strengths are:

  •         Good foot support
  •         Sturdy and reliable soles
  •         Suitable options for cold weather
  •         Good product guarantee
  •         Excellent customer support
  •         Availability of contact information

Brooklyn Boots: Construction

Brooklyn boots are crafted using the best leather materials available and are labeled using names that are 100% American, such as Barking Roughout, Night Wolf, Grey Grizzly, and Bison Pull Up.

One of the most popular models from this brand is Rough Lands. This boot has been made using real American Bison Pull-Up cowhide from Colorado and designed to look as though the best of American work boots.

Whether you’re planning to wear these with jeans or chinos, it doesn’t make any difference: they will look incredible the whole time. They’re They are offered in a variety of colors and are as comfortable as they’re good-looking.

Also, if you’re looking for something a little more casual, check out the Cooler’s: It’s a tan leather shoe, hand-sewn in Maine that is comfortable, stylish, and simply classic.

Similar to Rough Lands, the Cooler works as well with any dress code and is a worthy investment from those $50 canvas sneakers. So go ahead and grab a pair or two from Brooklyn Boot Company. They have some awesome deals currently going on that are certainly worth consideration.

Here are some of the best Brooklyn Boots available on the market:

Brooklyn Boot Men’s Watermoc

A gentle rain of small drops never hurt anyone, especially not with these waterproof boots. The Brooklyn Boot Men’s Watermoc is a commuter-friendly style, which is fully Gore-Tex, so your feet remain cool and dry all through. The stylish moc-toe is equipped with a rugged outsole for extra traction, making up for a perfect hybrid for city walking.

Brooklyn Boot Men’s Outlaw

Not quite a full boot and not quite a shoe often viewed as a dressier version of a high-top sneaker. Brooklyn Boot Men’s Outlaw, which was featured in David Hart’s western-inspired Fall/Winter 2015 collection, is quite the incredible opposite of an outcast. It has a transitional power that works best with almost any clean tailored look.

The USA-designed footwear has Goodyear Welt Construction, meaning that it’s just not a good-looking accessory, but built to withstand bumps along the road. Moreover, it has a non-slip tack that keeps you upright throughout.

Brooklyn Boot Men’s Cooler

This is yet another classic boot, hand-sewn with high-quality leather and materials. The Brooklyn Boot Men’s Cooler features a rich warm shade of tan leather that complements anything from jeans to khakis, navy, and patterned shorts.

The Bottom Line

Overall, based on online research and other Brooklyn Boot reviews, Brooklyn Boot Company is 4.0 out of 5 stars. The company’s review score is based on customers’ overall ratings, brand popularity, price competitiveness and of course the quality of features it offers to customers.

We have also ranked based on the type of features it offers and rated on a 5-star rating benchmark. Based on these factors, and other Brooklyn Boot Review, the company earns an overall score of 4.0 out of 5 points. The company’s review score also factors in its popularity, which falls between the mid and lower range in comparison to other competing brands.