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Shoes like Veja

Shoes like Veja

Are you in search of environmentally friendly sneakers? Shoes like Veja are made with raw materials sourced from organic farming. Within the article, we peruse some of the most stylish and durable shoes like Veja. Keep intact!

The popularity of Veja sneakers has made way for other sustainable sneaker brands around the globe. The sustainable sneakers are made with high-quality recycled materials, sustainably sourced leather, and organic cotton.

Veja sneakers are popular on the feet of fashion’s most influential. The simplicity and nonchalance of sustainable sneakers make them a reliable wardrobe staple. Shoes like Veja and other brands across the world are trying to limit their environmental impact.

What are Veja Shoes?

Veja footwear is a sustainable brand that designs sneakers for both men and women. The French footwear was founded in 2004 by Sebastien Kopp and Francois-Ghislain. Their collections are retailed in more than 45 countries.

Veja luxury brand sneakers are made in Brazil. The sneakers are crafted with premium quality to ensure long-lasting. Veja sneakers come in many styles and colors to suit your preference.

Veja sneakers are crafted using vegetable-tanned leather. Veja also utilizes recycled plastic bottles to make a waterproof mesh (B-mesh) on some of its collections.

Veja shoes are branded using the iconic V on every pair. Examples of the most sought-after Veja sneakers include;

  • V-10 leather white Nautico Pekin
  • V-12 leather white jaune fluo
  • Condor 2 Alveomesh white Pierre natural
  • Esplar leather white

Features of Veja Sneakers

Arch support: They have elevated soles that provide ample support while walking.

Durable and eco-friendly: The sneakers are made from environmentally friendly, recyclable materials.

Clean, classic, and contemporary style.

Looking for classic sustainable sneakers to wear during summer? Incorporate some of these brand sneakers in your closet. 

Best Veja  Alternatives

Cariuma Shoes

The Brazilian footwear brand believes in creating durable but eco-conscious shoes. The brand was founded by former sneaker industry executives. Its collections feature low-tops, rubber soles, and canvas upper.

Cariuma shoes weave sustainability without compromising style or comfort. They use organic cotton and ethically sourced rubber. Integrating minimalist aesthetic, Cariuma sneakers rivals Vans in terms of comfort.

With both high and low top classic styles, Cariuma sneakers are designed to cater to casual and everyday sneakers. An example of its popular sneaker includes Cariuma oca low stripe white canvas sneakers.

Taeger Footwear

Taeger shoes are a high-end Dutch-designed sneaker brand. The footwear brand crafts some of the freshest sustainable sneakers from premium recycled and renewable materials. Taeger’s shoes are clean and uncomplicated.

The brand uses Ecopell Nappa in its products. A chrome-free, vegetable-tanned leather. The Nappa leather is used to make the upper part of the brand beautifully minimal. Taeger sneakers are unisex and season-less. An example of a classic Taeger sneaker is the Cupsole sneakers.

YATAY Footwear

The brand was founded in 2018. The Italian-made label designs its products intending to achieve high-end eco-friendly consumers. Its collections are certified 100 percent vegan. For sustainability purposes, Yatay plants one tree for every pair of shoes sold.

Yatay brand crafts its sneakers integrating advanced green fashion technology. Yatay sneakers come in an array of colors and sleek silhouettes. Their collections are lightweight, breathable, and cruelty-free. An example of a stylish Yatay sneaker is the Neven Low.

Po-Zu Shoes

The label was founded by Sven Segal. Po-Zu brand produces footwear made from natural and sustainable materials. Their comfort is engrained for a good fit on the wearer’s feet.

Po-Zu footwear is some of the truly unique pieces that integrate fully vegan styles. The brand offers a diverse array of quintessential styles. An example of a classic Po-Zu sneaker is the Sneak-V.


The American manufacturing label was founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren, Serge D’Elia, Gordon Lee. Vans sneakers are one of the classic and trendy footwear. They come in different prints, patterns, colors, and styles.

Vans sneakers are made with a more sustainable approach. Their collection unarguably fits both casual occasions and outdoor adventures. Examples of trendy Vans sneakers include;

  • Slip-on’
  • canvas SK8-Hi
  • Skate Sk8-Hi


The vegan footwear brand has been in existence since 1988. Komodo crafts its sneakers in Bali and India. It designs eco-friendly fashion by integrating either recyclable or renewable materials in its sneakers.

Komodo sneakers are known to be made from plastic bottles and responsibly sourced fabrics like organic cotton. Their sneaker collections are 100 percent vegan and made from recycled rubber.

Komodo footwear is ideal for summer excursions. Most sneakers feature eco fiber uppers, recycled PU insoles, and upcycled tire soles. Examples of Komodo sneakers are the free Tibet sneakers and Eco Sneako.

Thousand Fell Sneakers

Based in New York, Thousand Fell is a sustainable footwear brand. The footwear brand crafts sneakers that are stain-proof, water-resistant, odor-resistant, and fully vegan. Thousand fell sneakers induce comfort as you walk or in yoga.

The super sleek sneakers are made from sustainable materials thus they are breathable and durable. Some of the best seller Thousand Fell sneakers include women lace-up and men’s slip-ons.

Toms Footwear

The footwear label was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company designs an array of trendy shoes and sneakers for both men and women.

Toms sneakers offer a variety of everyday styles and classic trends that are versatile to fit most occasions. Its products are made of vegan material.

Toms shoe features a latex arch support and a durable flexible outsole. An example of Toms sneaker is the V-shaped canvas exterior.

Allbirds Footwear

The label is a New Zealand brand focused on designing quality sneakers. It was founded by Tim Brown. Allbird sneakers feature sustainable elements and eco-friendly materials. The sneakers are made with high-quality sustainable materials such as ZQ Merino wool, recycled plastic shoelaces, and eucalyptus tree fibers.

Allbirds sneakers are designed to blend in comfort. They are crafted with breathable and waterproof elements. Allbird sneakers cater to the casual aesthetic array of runner esque styles. Examples of classic Allbird shoes include tree runner, wool piper, and wool lounger.


Sustainable shoe brands integrate materials such as recycled cotton, hemp-based fabrics, vegan leather, and synthetic rubber in their sneakers. Sustainable sneakers are perfect for casual engagements, running errands, part-time adventures, or training work.