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Vans vs Keds

Vans vs Keds

The battle between Vans and Keds has been around for some time now. The bigger question is, do Keds and the Vans fit in a similar class? Vans are robust sneakers compared to Keds. The waffle sole of Vans makes it heavier than the Keds. Vans are specifically designed for skateboarding. They were initially created as deck shoes to be used in boats. Keds sneakers, on the other, are light in weight. Currently, its contemporary design has been improved to favor women.

We can’t deny that Keds are comfortable, but the Vans still have the same high-end comfort. However, are the Keds sneaker Vans knock-off? No, though Keds have been in the market for many years, Vans are slightly better. However, Vans fade when washed, and they lack arch support. In addition, Keds have fabric on the upper side, thus difficult for them to stretch.

Before we get into a conclusion on which footwear between Vans and Keds is better than the other, let’s first discuss each brand separately:

Vans vs Keds: Overview

About Vans

Vans is the world-renowned rival of Converse and Keds. It started small, but it’s now accomplishing bigger goals in the market.  The family of Van Doreen never imagined that at some point in life, the Vans sneakers would be the most coveted brand by executives, editors, celebrities, and influencers.  People like Vans because of it’ wide variety. Its comfort cannot be doubted.

Vans brand was established on 16th March 1966. Paul and Jim opened a store that was solely dedicated to selling sports shoes for the skaters. After the Vans brand started selling in large numbers, one of its founders tested the prototypes as a professional runner. It won the hearts of many people that could engage in different competitions. When the US Defense and Airforce departments ordered the brand in the early 70s, Vans became extra popular.

If you’ve once followed the success story of America, then you will come across Vans. The footwear is constructed from the vulcanized rubber that offers strong grip and immense support to the skater. The vulcanized rubber undergoes two processing stages. The first one is baking, where the rubber is subjected to intense heat and compression for a cure. The second step is called steam baking. In steam baking, the raw material is expertly assembled, and its strength is confirmed. The shoe needs to be durable to prevent easy break-ins.

Vans have an impact on the environment. It seems to slow global progress since it uses few eco-friendly materials. Additionally, its products don’t minimize packaging or textile waste. For that and other reasons, the impact of Vans on the environment is not good. The good thing about Vans is that they have good quality, and they are fairly priced in the market. It’s easy for Vans to go green and maintain their reputation of meeting their customers’ preferences.

About Keds 

Keds are proper sneakers like the Converse and PF Flyers. It’s referred to simple canvas sneakers. The Keds brand is well-comfortable for people of all genders, but they are not the running shoes like the Vans. They were produced explicitly as basketball shoes.

Keds got into the market in 1916. That is approximately half a century before Vans were invented. In the 1920s, Keds were worn by the national and international champions in tennis, college athletes, and Olympic soccer players. They are referred to as sneakers because their sole is made up of soft rubber that is also light.

These days, women match Keds with fashionable skinny jeans. Wearing fitting jeans with stylish sneaker-like Keds started in the 1960s.  There are also Keds meant for men, and they go handy with almost everything. Keds are typically slip-on sneakers that can effortlessly create a unique dressing style.

Organic cotton is used in the construction of Keds. Therefore, the entire collection is better for our environment. It also guarantees ultimate safety to your family members and the coming generations. Since its establishment, the cushioning of Keds has never changed. It’s the same satisfactory quality that even people in the 20th century used to experience.  Another interesting fun fact about Keds is that it offers arch support. That is very key in helping individuals with flat feet escape some of the serious conditions associated with flat feet.

While the Keds Company values when the shoe gets versatile and sleek, comfort is also among their top priorities. Keds is offering the perfect deals for shoe lovers who are budget-conscious. The whole composition of Keds includes recycled rubber, organic cotton, and non-toxic dyes.

Like the other canvas sneakers, Keds need some break-in. Therefore, the rubber soles ought to get the right size of your feet for a proper fitting. Of course, Keds are not rigid like the Dc and Vans. However, it would help if you practice these tips before taking your new sneaker for extended day walks:

  • Bend inwards and outwards for some time as you twist it gently.
  • Wear a thick pair of socks, then move around with the sneakers. The socks should cover the toe and the back.
  • Stuff a piece of cloth, paper, or other material inside the Keds and leave them overnight. Repeat the same until the upper leaflets are completely expanded.
  • Go for the slip-on Keds if you need more freedom for the ankles, instep, and quick on-off.

The Difference between Vans and Keds

Vans are usually bigger than Keds. When it comes to the aspect of comfort, Vans are more comfortable than Keds. They are primarily meant for skateboarding, running, and the other kicks you can perform around the beach.

Keds have better durability compared to Vans. That is why they’re majorly recommended for basketballers and tennis players. They play on a rough surface; hence their shoes should resist regular wear and tear. In addition, the Keds brands lack the waffle sole used in Vans, therefore, making them lighter.

It’s okay to wear both Vans and Keds without socks. However, when breaking in the Keds, you might consider wearing them. The color you can choose from these footwear brands depends on your preference. Their styles and color codes vary. Always know that Vans are meant for running and skateboarding while the Keds for playing either basketball or tennis.