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Keds Sizing

Keds Sizing

The most important criteria you should know before buying shoes is the size of your foot. Have you set time to measure your foot’s size at any local shoe store? Well, that is essential if you’re looking forward to purchasing a shoe that matches your actual size. If you get a bigger shoe, you will struggle walking, either way, if you buy a smaller one, it will compress your feet, and you might end up with serious foot problems. Therefore, if you understand everything about yourself, you will guard your body against any detrimental impacts.

When it comes to Keds sizing, you need to understand that Keds is ranked among the first affordable and comfortable sneakers manufactured approximately 105 years ago. The company is still relevant up to today. In every shoe store you visit, you will probably come across a wide variety of Keds.

Keds are versatile and accessible sneakers with comfort superiority. It has inspired many women to be what they want and to go whenever they wish to visit. The brand is evolving each day, and today it’s still the iconic silhouette that ruled the shoe industry in the 20th century. However, since Keds is expanding its styles through limited-edition collaborations with other partners, you need to know the right size that will suit you as a modern woman.

Here is a simple guide to help you in Keds sizing:


Keds Sizing  Chart

US Size




Inches Centimeters (cm)
5 35 8.46 21.5
5.5 35.5 8.66 22
6 36 8.85 22.5
6.5 37 9.05 23
7 37.5 9.25 23.5
7.5 38 9.44 24
8 39 9.64 24.5
8.5 39.5 9.84 25
9 40 10.03 25.5
9.5 40.5 10.23 26
10 41 10.43 26.5
10.5 42 10.62 27
11 42.5 10.82 27.5
11.5 43 11.02 28
12 44 11.22 28.5


It’s believed that Keds are slightly smaller in size than the other normal shoes. However, its true size corresponds to what it’s in the chart and fits all ages. The style of these champion sneakers is remarkable- little girls feel pretty well with them. It can be worn with either a dress or a jumper. The T-strap and Keds’ sturdy nature help kids climb up the rocks, jump, run, and even play any game.

You might feel that Keds are rigid at first when new. However, with time, they will stretch out to get more comfortable. The interesting thing about the brand is that it offers arch support. That is paramount in helping you avert various foot problems, especially if you have a flat foot.

You can be amazed at how your foot size and shape is changing very fast over the years. You can’t wear the same shoe size year-in, year-out. You will need to buy another shoe to remain as relevant and fashionable as you need. If you’re ordering Keds online, it can be a daunting task when choosing the right size. However, with the Keds sizing guide above, it will be pretty easy for you to pick the proper size you won’t regret once it’s in your home.

Because it’s the current trend that most people order their things online instead of visiting the physical stores. You can keep a foot measuring device to help you when you want to order your favorite Keds. Measuring devices come with different interpretation approaches, but all are cheap and simple to use. Use it in measuring the length and width of your foot. Once you get the findings, refer to the guiding chart, and you will indeed find the best Keds.

Keds are made from the vulcanized rubber soles that protect a human’s foot from the extreme temperature changes experienced on the pavements. If you also lack the right body mechanics, for example, weak muscles and joints, you need supportive shoes like Keds. Unfortunately, the non-supportive footwear will speed up the emergence of foot problems like neuromas, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. As you plan to buy your ultimate Keds sneakers, remember that you need to pick the right size. You’ve learned about the Keds sizing. Now, let’s take a deeper look into the general quality of Keds.

Keds and Quality

Over time Keds has stood up as a mobility champion. It is the most preferred sneaker that has managed to overcome various revolutionary changes from the new shoe brands such as Canvas and Vans. The Keds sneaker can be worn by athletes, First Ladies, and actresses, among others. It never selects a specific group with special behavior. The mission of Keds since its invention Is to empower ladies first.

The simplicity, versatility, and attractive design of Keds have won the test of time. Now the company is still making other immersive innovations to keep the brand interesting and fresh. Have you seen the new brand of Keds for modern women? You can’t afford to miss that. The new collection of Keds comes with a wide array of styles, including flats, lace-ups, boots, and slip-ons. Different kinds of materials such as wool and leather have been used nowadays.

When you get a new pair of Keds original, you are ranked as the most adventurous human in the platform of sneakers. It counts owning Keds. Their quality never disappoints, they are light, and their style builds glittering shoes that you wish to travel with each place to brighten your day.

Keds are ideal for value-conscious people.  Most styles have an average price of $50, with all the ranges capturing either the modern or classic silhouettes. Along the line of cost, you can wear Keds with anything casual. You don’t have to spend extra money buying another pair of shoes that match what you’ve in your wardrobe.

The durability of Keds is among the factors that make it special in the market. It has three lives, each time you wash, it will cost you one of them. However, you don’t have to worry; the best walking shoes can withstand harsh environments. They are typically timeless if the size is still fitting. Whether it’s Keds or any other type of shoes, always make sure that you wear good quality stuff with the right size.