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Shoes Like Vessi

Shoes Like Vessi

Did you know Vessi shoes are 100% waterproof sneakers? If you are in search of such safety and slip-resistant shoe options, within the post we will scrutinize some of the best shoes like Vessi. Vessi footwear is an outstanding brand that crafts innovative, all-in-one, multipurpose sneakers for men and women.

The new player in the market has been sought in recent years due to their quintessential features such as waterproof and lightweight. With this kind of shoes, you won’t fear rain, mud, or snow; thus they are ideal for mixed-weather vacations.

Most people fill their closets with an array of shoes to cater to different weather conditions, but with shoes like Vessi, you don’t have to undergo the hurdle of having to switch shoes occasionally. Before we peruse other footwear alternatives let’s discuss a bit about Vessi brand sneakers!

What is Vessi footwear?

Vessi Footwear is a brand that designs high-level shoes to withstand the toughest conditions. The footwear brand was founded by Tony Yu, Mikaella Go, and Andy Wang in Vancouver, Canada. They are made in Taiwan. Vessi brand launched its shoe campaign in 2017.

If you are regularly caught in a sudden downpour, look no further Vessi sneakers are your ultimate solution. Vessi shoes integrate 100% waterproof fabric directly into the knit. The breathable knit lets the sweat and heat escape so as to keep your feet fresh while keeping the water out.

Vessi footwear wove fabric layers for extra stretch, moisture-wicking, antibacterial soles, and a slip-free Herringbone grip. The top layer features a nano-filtering membrane. All vessi footwear are unisex. Examples of exquisite Vessi shoes in the market include;

  • Weekend sneakers
  • Cityscape sneakers
  • Everyday sneakers
  • Everyday slip-ons

Features of Vessi Shoes

Lightweight: With Vessi shoes, there is no need for clunky rain boots.

Breathable and 100% waterproof: Its fabric layers “Dyma Tex Membrane” allow heat and sweat to escape

Creature-free: Vessi sneakers are 100% vegan. The footwear doesn’t use any animal product in its process.

Comfort: The attractive Vessi sneakers are crafted to fit and be worn in all types of weather

Pros of Vessi Shoes

Sustainable manufacturing process

The easy cleaning process for all sneakers

Patented waterproof technology designed to withstand tough weather conditions

Distinct and trendy styles versatile for most lifestyle


Sneakers are limited to narrow sizes

Shipping is limited to select countries

Lack of retail store


Here are best Vessi Alternatives

Gumshoe Footwear

Did you know gumshoe is the world’s first pair of footwear made with 100% recycled chewing gum? Recycled Gum-Tec compound is used to make soles of these shoes. Gum collected from the streets of Amsterdam is collected and used in the shoemaking process. Buying and wearing gumshoes contributes to supporting the solution of alleviating kilos of gum that end up on the streets.

The gumshoe footwear is designed in collaboration with Gumdrop Company, designer Explicit Wear, and the Iamsterdam marketing organization. To craft four pairs of shoes, it uses around 1 kg of gum. The gum-tec compounds are formed as granules then molded into the sole of the shoe. Gumshoes are available in bubblegum pink/black, or red.

Allbirds Footwear

Allbirds is a footwear brand that launched shoemaking in March 2016. It works in partnership with Adidas. Allbirds shoe brand delivers comfort in a soft, silky-smooth new material. The light and breezy sneakers are crafted with environmentally friendly natural materials like merino wool and eucalyptus tree.

Allbird shoes offer flats that don’t bring about blisters. The insoles offer a decent amount of arch support. The sneakers are available for both men and women. Examples of common allbird sneakers include;

  • Wool runner
  • Tree piper
  • Tree dasher
  • Tree runner

Adidas Game of Thrones Edition

The Ultra boost collection was released in 2019. Adidas in collaboration with the iconic HBO franchise Game of thrones designed a collection of six different colors that represent the noble families and the warring factions of the tv-show. The Adidas games of throne sneaker collection include;

  • Ultraboost Targaryen
  • Ultraboost White Walkers
  • Ultraboost Stark
  • Ultraboost Night’s Watch
  • Ultraboost Lannister

Puma Fi

Puma is one of the giant shoe companies that has initiated several innovations in the sneaker evolution. Puma Fi footwear is designed to enhance mobility and smart training. The shoe is crafted with a breathable upper to enhance comfort.

The lightweight footwear is ideal for fine-tuning performance during workouts and light running. With the integration of the state of the art technology, Puma Fi comes with a smart sensing capability that learns the shape of the foot.

DopeKicks/8000Kicks Explorer V2

The footwear brand was founded by Benardo Duque Carreira. The footwear brand is well-known for creating waterproof hemp shoes. The shoes are crafted of the firm and natural cannabis hemp fibers. It designs natural shoes which are durable, vegan, and eco-friendly.

Dope kicks partnered with Portuguese manufacturers to use soles of old shoes to develop a sturdy foundation. The shoes feature environmentally friendly credentials, non-deforming naturally cushioned surface, recyclable rubber soles, and cork insoles.

The hemp fibers are separated from the bark then carded into strands. The strands are cleaned to remove impurities then processed using the steam explosion technique for wove-ability. The hemp fibers have minimal impact on the soil. 

VIA Waterproof Knit Shoes

VIA is a footwear brand that designs eco-friendly 100% waterproof and breathable knit shoes. The shoes are made from recycled ocean plastic. One pair of VIA shoes directly helps in recycling about 30 grams of ocean plastic.

The shoes are easy to clean and are designed to fit all weather conditions. Examples of common VIA shoes include;

  • Early bird
  • KS special

V-TEX Shoes

V-Tex is a shoe brand that designs waterproof sneakers. V-Tex footwear is one of the best waterproof shoes to be made. The sneakers incorporate both casual and elegant looks with lightweight features.

The brand designs nanotech knit shoes in Taiwan. They come in an array of colors. Examples of V-TEX shoes in the market include;

  • V-TEX V-Shark
  • V-TEX V-Dolphin


Vessi shoes and alternative footwear incorporate a lightweight sneaker style. The shoes are designed and woven to ensure dry feet in all wearable life. There is nothing worse than wet or soggy socks hence counter the hurdle by choosing some of the mentioned waterproof shoes above.