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Shoelace Alternatives

Shoelace Alternatives

No matter how much you want to resist it, fall is just around the corner- but it’s no secret that most people are often excited about wearing fall boots on a daily basis once again. Although it’s easy to have your eyes on a bunch of the new shoes available online, chances are you still have some pairs from last year that you’ll still be rocking as well.

That said if you’re considering adding variety to your current footwear collection, changing up your shoelaces can help revamp your style as well. So here we discussed some of the favorite ways to do it:

These are The Best Shoelace Alternatives

Parachute Cord

Well, this might sound quite somewhat strange, but a parachute cord is an excellent alternative to regular shoelaces. What’s even better, you can find it at your local craft store in a ton of different colors like olive green and mustard yellow. You’re bound to love the fall feeling that the green evokes. Of course, it’s subtle, but it brings a nice change to your favorite shoes or boots.


If you’re a crafter, chances are you already own a ton of ribbon. Ribbon often works seamlessly with a cool pair of feminine boots such as the minimal lace-up heel. Plus, they add a little more girliness to your footwear.

Suede Cord

This is yet another fun alternative that can be found at a craft store. We really like the workwear vibe it delivers to a pair of boots. A suede cord can change up the entire look.

Twine and Charms

Most people have been using twine as shoelaces for years. We love how it adds a vintage, worn-in feel to a fairly new pair of boots. For a modern look, you might want to add a little feather charm to one of the laces. If the twine is too thick to thread through the eyelets, you can simply tie the charm to the twine with a little piece of thread.

Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

No tie laces are associated with benefits that not too many people are aware of. In most cases, laces that come with new shoes are extended in length based on specific shoe size. The bigger the shoe/boot, the longer the laces. This makes it rather hard for some of us to keep the laces off the ground in an attempt to prevent tripping hazards.

While the benefits of no-tie shoelaces for the younger individuals are obvious, there’s a learning curve that comes with tying the shoes, and toddlers may not have the capacity to learn such art for a few years.

So here, we attached a quick rundown of some of the elastic no tie shoelaces that you can buy. Although they’re available in many different colors and forms, there’re many components of a no-tie shoelace that shoppers should keep an eye out for. Thereinafter, we’ve discussed the various crucial factors to think through when buying elastic no-tie shoelaces.

Best No Tie Shoelaces

If you’re looking for the best-rated elastic no-tie shoelace, you should check out the Lock Laces. We read through various reviews and found this one to be the most highly recommended both in review count and average rating stars.

Best Budget No Tie Shoelaces

Still, going for the best price is a simple yet good idea. With a price of $5.94, you’ll hardly come across any other elastic no-tie shoelaces cheaper than the Aiboxin Shoelaces. It might not be the best idea to go for the cheapest option out there, but the Aiboxin shoelaces deliver the best mix of quality and price.

High-Quality Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

You’ll hardly go wrong with the saying “you get what you pay for”. If you want to invest in premium high-quality no-tie socks, then you might want to choose the most expensive item in the range. The Lock Laces Shoe Laces One Size Fits all are currently offered at $15.99.

How To Find the Best Lace For Your Style

Perhaps the best part about the wide range of no-tie shoelaces is the ability to differentiate the products. Most brands create colorful models that make it easy to distinguish the combination that matches your needs.

While younger children enjoy laces that are colorful and flashy- which might be a little skewed for the younger age demographic, adults can as well benefit from brighter colors. Considering certain situations, having a large collection to choose from can be helpful.

For instance, there’s a large demographic of individuals that love to run. The fact that morning run occurs before the sunrise, the sky still dark and gloomy, having reflective offerings will keep you visible in these circumstances, helping both the morning running session and driver.

When it comes to standing out, blaze orange laces, for instance, can make a great addition to any hunter’s wardrobe. They’ll make you stand out at a far distance and even keep you safe while in the woods. Note that color configurations are a great way to keep your travel safe.

Also, the best laces should remain off the ground and prevent you from tripping over them- which is something that can’t be said for regular shoelaces. This again leaves you with a second reason to opt for the best no-tie shoelaces.

Some are often concerned with the laces and their ability to meet their wardrobe preferences. Good laces usually make the shoes more comfortable and usable for a longer session. There are several companies that are currently offering designs that will match some of the most branded footwear types.

For instance, the LatteGo laces deliver a line that mimics the outlay of laces on Converse shoes. Note that you don’t have to compromise the look to meet the necessary safety measures, especially with offerings from these different no-tie lace providers.

Other reliable brands include UNMAKER and AKTIVX Sports. They provide laces that usually benefit the Adidas, Nike, and Under Armor footwear brands. They maintain the same design alongside some of the most beloved styles to ensure satisfaction.