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RM Williams Alternatives

RM Williams Alternatives

R.M. Williams is a well-known boots brand named after its legendary founder Mr. RM Williams. Founded in 1932, the company is now continuing with 9 decades of success as a legendary footwear brand around the world. Their boots are still constructed using a single piece of leather that enhances the style while increasing the durability of the boots.

We definitely believe that if you invest in a pair of high-quality boots like RM Williams, you’d surely make a statement of your personality. Available for purchase on a range of the best Australian boots, RM Williams’ are ideal for almost everything from hiking to working and even when you want to look stylish.

Currently, RM Williams is largely recognized for its leather products. On the flip side, however, their boots surely take the cake. RM Williams boots are that they aren’t cheap, and can really put a dent in your wallet, costing up to $1050 a pair.

So that’s why it’s a good idea that we got the best RM Williams alternatives for you. We researched some of the best models under this category. And aside from being of competitive quality and price a number of them have been around for ages and have played a role in cultivating an identifiable style of versatile footwear.

Here are the Best RM Williams Alternatives

Bruno Marc Men’s Suede Leather Chukka Ankle Boots

If you’re looking for a trendier alternative to RM Williams, then you might be impressed by these Suede Leather Chukka Ankle Boots by Bruno Marc. It’s a premium suede leather boot that definitely gives the posh vibe that you might expect from RM Williams. The whole thing looks very similar to the craftsman boots from RM Williams, making them an excellent alternative to RM Williams.

Coming down to wearability, the boot is easy to slip on as the pull-on tugs add to ease. Moreover, the man-made sole is durable, and given that they’re made of suede and leather, these boots offer amazing flexibility. While they’re surprisingly cheap, you have a lot of variation to choose from.


  •         Easy slip-on
  •         Premium suede leather
  •         Durable and flexible

Blundstone Dress Series Chelsea Boot

Another excellent option for boots like RM Williams. The Blundstone Chelsea Boot features a design that’s so comparable to the classic Craftsman by RM Williams. The uppers are made of 100% premium leather so you’ll have quite the same sophistication of wearing a pair of RM Williams’s boots.

The overall design is impeccably the same and you’ll also find the pull-up and the pull-on tags quite handy. The removable footbed allows for customized comfort. The midsole s made of PU whereas the outsole is made of TPU, meaning the boots are flexible and durable. Moreover, the shock absorbency is perfectly agreeable and you can get these boots in 7 colors. Plus, they’re cheaper than RM Williams.

Clarks Women’s Taylor Shine Chelsea Boot

The Clarks Taylor Shine Chelsea Boot is one of the best boots for the ladies. Made of 100% leather, this boot isn’t only similar looking to the original RM Williams, but also just as a chick and comfortable. They boast the good classic easy slip-on style with stretchy panels on the side.

While RM Williams are known for their great comfort level, these boots too really excel in comfort with their soft, cushy features. You’ll definitely look elegantly stylish while wearing these boots. The only catch, though, is that these boots are only available in 2 variations, black leather, and tan leather. Needless to say, they’re budget-friendly compared to RM Williams.


  •         Removable footbed
  •         Shock protection
  •         100% premium leather upper
  •         Comfortable PU midsole and TPU outsole

Adams Women’s Andi Chelsea Boots

Spotting a brilliant twist in the classic RM Williams design, the J. Adams Andi Chelsea Boots is yet another choice that you should consider. Why we love these best boots for ladies- they come with a stylish and sophisticated block heel, even though the rest of the design is pretty much comparable to RM Williams.

The upper is made of synthetic material and the outsole is developed out of rubber. While they’re easy to slip on/off, the boots are chic and versatile enough to go with different outfits. They are available in two colors; black and white and the price is cheap enough for the budget crowd.


  •         Easy on and off
  •         Chic and versatile
  •         Block heel
  •         Comfortable and durable

Dr. Martens Unisex 29276 Crazy Horse Chelsea Boot

Aside from being one of the best alternatives to RM Williams, this pair boasts a ton of great features. The style and design are very much like the old craftsman boots by RM Williams, yet they’re easy to slip on/off with a pull-on tag.

These boots are made using leather and suede, employing Goodyear Welted construction. So in addition to great flexibility, you can also resolve these boots when the time is right.

The footbed is carefully cushioned for excellent comfort, and the outsole is oil and fat resistant and offers sufficient traction on slick surfaces. Similar to other models on the list, these boots are available in 5 colors and the price is surprisingly lower than RM Williams.


  •         Sufficient traction
  •         Easy to slip-on
  •         Made with leather and suede
  •         Slip-resistant outsole

Thursday Boot Company Duchess Women’s Chelsea Boot

We really like how simple yet trendy this pair of boots is. It’s a great RM Williams lookalike, mainly because of the classic slip-on design and the pull-on tags. Constructed using leather, these boots come with a supple glove leather lining that guarantees maximum comfort.

The insoles are antimicrobial to protect you against infections and odor build-up. The insoles also play a great role in absorbing shock and excessive impact during movements, befitting various activities throughout the day.

The outsole is meant to provide adequate grip so you can walk with ease. The boots are flexible and durable enough for most outdoor activities. They are available in 7 colors and are cheaper than RM Williams.


  •         Antimicrobial properties
  •         Shock-absorbing insoles
  •         Great outsole grip
  •         Durable and flexible
  •         Made with high-quality leather